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  1. Well, that's a lot better than I thought I did... Thank you for running this, dst. I always love trivia.
  2. The acorn is shaped like a Klein bottle[1], defying our standard sense of shape and form, with engorged eyes embedded all along its body. It's upper orifice is full of teeth-like claws (or bear claw-like teeth?) in a pattern much like a lamprey[2]. The combination of these three features allows it to find its prey easily and then devour it repeatedly in a never-ending cycle. It moves around (slowly but indefatigably) by flailing its long reptilian tail. It will get you, eventually, if you ever stop fleeing it. And alas, you cannot take the fight to it, because it is armored by endless lay
  3. @Ungod, when you say blueprint you mean a basic shape or form to build off of? If so, a sphere.
  4. Reed - roots that extend into the core of the earth Koi - giant eyes that threaten to push out of the head Oroboros - this creature doesn't just have itself by the tail, it has eaten most of its body several times Geese - yet to hatch, the egg has several shells, like a matryoshka doll Bear - with long claws that act as stilts, this bear stands taller than the trees, eating is difficult Earth - a salty essence, no essence of clay or humus
  5. Mersenne primes Venus flytrap Piranha Tuatara Hooded pitohui Wombat Wind Escher geometries Reed Koi Oroboros Geese Bear Earth Medusa Reed Eel Snake Mud wasp Spider Water
  6. Mersenne primes (why must such abominations lie so near perfection?), Escher geometries (one does not like to be lost and confused), the gorgós Medusa (Loreroot is a much more sinister place than many imagine).
  7. One issue with a sublease is that the third-party may be the one that isn't trustworthy. It may slow down the process of getting the item back, especially if the original lessee doesn't have a similar contract with the sub-lessee. Or perhaps you don't want to work with certain individuals. This helps prevent them from going through a friend to get their hands on your item. --- On a separate topic, what's the preferred method for signing contracts? I'm thinking something like this process: Agree on a contract informally through PMs Once the text of the contract is agr
  8. EQ24584696099 Nice quiz! Tough questions (though too focused on combat oriented aspects for my liking), only got 20%.
  9. I might even be okay with rules that favor citizens over non-citizens, but they should be well defined and posted publicly. Other lands could respond by banding together to deplete resources in lands that do this, passing harvesting restrictions of their own, or even placing trade embargoes against foreign citizens. Methinks kings these days really need ought read more Machiavelli or something.
  10. I think the idea of personal tasks is at odds with a points system. If the tasks benefit the task-giver then there should be a transfer of value.
  11. I really like this idea, and I want to see it developed further, whether it receives official support or not. I like Aeoshattr's idea of this being a function of the LHO or a similar group. That wouldn't prevent others from creating small quests for new players, but it does create some accountability for (and organization among) those who would be able to give out points. And this group could enlist the help of others (generating mini-quest ideas, or helping out enacting those mini-quests). For reference, here's @Assira the Black's initiative is called the Masks of the Mist Booth, an
  12. This is great! One thing I might note, perhaps under accessibility, is that while registrations are necessary or helpful for some types of quests, they should be avoided for others, since often many people cannot commit to things in MD ahead of time (because of things like changing work schedules, childcare needs, etcetera).
  13. Aethon, when I said I'd collaborate with you on plushies, you told me the money you got from selling them to would go towards the horseman auction, and that creature would be considered part of the MDA treasury, for quest sponsorship... Maybe you plan to use the money earned for a similar purpose. If so that's fine. I just think you may need to consider your actions and communications more carefully going forward.
  14. Trivia is happening now, as soon as enough players show up to participate. Kyphis is only free until 03:00 ST so better head on up to the Archives (Indexed Room of Memories) if you want a chance to win!
  15. I had an idea, but first a question: will all first level resources have to be processed with a fillable into second level resources before they can be used in a cauldron/combiner? If yes, ignore, but if no, then I have another question: Could a large number of items be combined in a cauldron for something big for a land, rather than specifically a player? Could a huge amount of water be used to build a moat around Tempest Fort? Or could a windmill be built in Loreroot or Marind Bell from 20,000 lumber (or is lumber going to get processed into planks or something?). Etcetera. If
  16. 5 Fat → (Cooking pot) → Tallow Tallow can then be used by another fillable clickable or an item combiner to make candles/torches, soaps, pemmican, lube, or salves for blisters. 40 Tree bark → (Mulcher) → Mulch Mulch can be used for gardening purposes (bushies, the community garden plots, etc.)
  17. @Myth Is scrolling really that much trouble though? Lots of scrolling is preferable to increased line width. The shorter line width greatly increases readability.
  18. Are you saying for a constant number X of unidentified herbs you'll get some Y herbs of a random type, where Y is decided by the rarity of that type? And that you if you have a Book of Herbs item, then you can select the type rather than have it selected at random for you? I like that idea.
  19. I miss Pamplemousse...

  20. I'm not sure yet, but I think in a week or so I'll really like it. The post text editor is much cleaner.
  21. I really enjoyed both of Shane Carruth's movies, Primer and Upstream Color. Originally a software developer, Carruth developed Primer on a tiny budget of $7,000 but it hardly shows except for the credits (director, producer, writer, actor, music, editor). Forever awaiting his biggest project, the now abandoned A Topiary.   Also recommend films by Tarkovsky, though I can only remember seeing Stalker.   P.S. Loved Inception the first time (though a bit bewildered by the diagrams that kept popping up everywhere. It really wasn't that hard to follow). It bored me a bit the second tim
  22. You haven't addressed some of my questions (which is fine, because they were addressed to everyone and are more a list of "things to consider" than "this is how you should think about this issue"). Though you've probably answered them (I see all that text there :P ) but I don't understand what you're saying exactly.   In 4) I distinguished between the land and the people of the land. Someone might be admitted to Necrovion citizenship because they're friends with some other Necrovians, but the land should still be able to reject them in some sense (I see lands in MD as self-aware in some
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