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  1. [quote]YOU PLAY? I have seen you maybe 3 or 4 times in the last months. Just logging in is not playing. There are several so called players that log in just to get their active days. Nothing much. And if you log in and sit in a deserted place "researching" is not playing either.[/quote] Yes, I play. I may have been busy in real life lately, but when I log in, I do play. I login, and then I stick around. And while I often sit in deserted places, it is not by choice. Sure, I could easily go to the GoE, GGG, or the Marble Dale Park. But the quality of interaction in those locations is often
  2. [quote]Is is THAT hard to understand that it's NOT a RPG? Or at least not the common RPC you are all used with?[/quote] That's exactly why I play MagicDuel. Not because it's not an RPG, but because it is not the common RPG I am used to. I play because it is an RPG with a community that actually role plays. PVP is certainly a large part of the game, but it isn't the game. And it is not what keeps me here. [quote]Who are the most known players? I will tell you: the grinders. Except Z and Tarq nobody from the so called "good RPers" are as known as the grinders. And they are know because th
  3. My issue is not with the reward, but rather the quest. New players should be encouraged to get their papers, but please also request that they fill them. Lately, I've seen far too many players with blank papers or papers with a promise to write within the papers at a later time. It is a waste of all our time to seek to read new papers only to find out they don't truly exist.
  4. Ivorak

    Adding Years

    Awiiya, I thought the same thing long ago, before the ancient lore was unveiled as a false history. I even wrote an article on it. [quote]Marking Time Measuring time aids in many aspects of life. Without a simple way to measure time, arrangements for any meeting would require great forethought and planning. Luckily, in these realms we have a simple universal system, a clock that tells us the hour in 24 hour time. This solves the problem of measurement for short periods of time, but what about years or even decades? There is a simple solution. The implementation of a calendar era, or
  5. [quote]For combat and stats, both Lamarck and Darwin feel equally adequate to me. Darwin never refuted that people who train become better at a skill, but he rejected the idea that if your father spent his whole life playing the violin, you would be born with that amount of experience and be a violin prodigy. He'd obviously be a good teacher and example and you might take up the violin at early age, being inspired by your parent and actually become good at it, but it is not a talent that is inherited at birth.[/quote] Of course, this is correct and probably why I lost my train of thought. W
  6. I was happy today when I looked at the active topics in the forum. However, I seldom have been lately. It seems as if half of the topics are discussing creature trades, and others are disinteresting to me, to say the least. I am relatively old (as a player) and I can remember great topics that were thought provoking. And as I remembered something I had thought about long ago, I decided to try to provide the forum with another such topic. If I fail, please pardon me. First, I'll quote the announcement Mur made long ago that provoked this topic. [quote]Improvements made to the player "D
  7. Ivorak

    The Voices

    [color="#FF8C00"]No, Parsifal. We're not here to burn witches. In fact, I see no witches. And I have [i]not[/i] in more than a year.[/color] [color="#8B0000"]You saw a witch? Where? Who?[/color] [color="#FF8C00"]Never mind that. Start planning the revival of the Phrontistery.[/color] [color="#8B0000"]But I... A witch![/color] [color="#2F4F4F"]Parsifal!!! Need I reveal your deepest fears?[/color] [color="#8B0000"]Please have mercy. Oh, Filius, I never meant any harm. I...[/color] [color="#FF8C00"]Are we going to help save Humphrey's garden, or not?[/color]
  8. After logging out it is necessary to input the name of the illusion to log back in. I used an illusion which attached "the mighty" to the end of my name. I had to type Ivorak the Mighty to log back or I got an invalid account message. Also, after ending the illusion it still register Ivorak the Mighty in the chat.
  9. Ivorak A Champion of Quetzallus I seek to return Quetzallus, a mighty ruler from long ago, to life and good health. Like Quetzallus, I seek to establish and maintain balance in these strange lands.
  10. I, too, seek to restore the lost balance. It was not originally my goal, but great beings of light, whom my lord, Quetzallus, followed and obeyed, have set it for me. I now believe the restoration of balance to be very important.
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