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  1. [quote name='Brulant' timestamp='1299640054' post='80417'] I have a question. Does the K-doc have to be related to MagicDuel in a way? Or can it just be a collection of thoughts and opinions? Edit: Thoughts and opinions is too vague. What I meant is that I'm writing mine on a specific concept that I discuss and explain, but it doesn't tie in to MagicDuel. [/quote] [quote name='awiiya' timestamp='1299640660' post='80418'] I will answer with examples: If your K doc is about like McDonalds or horse-riding, I am going to say no. If your K doc is about philosophy, sociology, or other t
  2. I'd like to join this team (and be involved in challenge creation, if there is room).
  3. I was thinking such contracts would be beneficial for more long term or more complicated arrangements. However, I cede that much of this can be duplicated by storage of data via other means. So I guess the first suggestion is mainly for polishing the system, unless it takes the turn you suggest. It could certainly be useful as you propose (hopefully preventing time wasting law suits), although if I recall correctly, Mur was against such automation of trades. Then again, MagicDuel once boasted of having no economic system. Any more thoughts? Later Edit: I realized I misrepresented my
  4. Note: I've included two ideas below that are connected but could stand more or less alone. Please consider each. Awiiya and Laphers recently posted an agreement on the forum. It made me wonder if there was a place for contracts in MD. Perhaps the forum works fine for such a function, but I would like to see as much as possible brought into the game itself. And so, my first proposal: A new type of document could be purchased from the librarian in the Archives mansion for 1 silver coin. (This price is to prevent spamming of the logs, but could be done in another manner, such as Archivis
  5. Curiose, may I ask how you define neutrality? I am in agreement that the tabloids do not seem very neutral, but beyond that I am confused regarding the definition of the word that has haunted the Archivists and Legend Speakers for so long. Long ago, when I was an Archivist, the then Mistress of the Archives, Pamplemousse, attempted to explain it to me. And for as long as I remained within the alliance I did my best to adhere to her guidelines. But it was never truly clear to me how I was supposed to act. You've brought up this issue again, and I've once more tried to understand. Howe
  6. Late yes, but too late of course not. Thank you.
  7. It all comes down to spoilers. If spoilers could be avoided, I would be in favor. For example, I think it would be helpful as a newcomer to know about the constant day. There are many small, but important, details about these lands that I forget from time to time. Now, the above example would only help those who showed up unless, of course, logs were taken or summaries written. Also, why limit it to those topics that are specifically MD? I think it is possible to avoid anachronisms and out of character chatter if we discuss such fields as philosophy, mathematics, etc. In some cases
  8. I have had the same thing, so... The loop of choices occurs in both Firefox and Chrome. I haven't used anything else to log in to MD in the recent past, but I could check if it's necessary (but as the dialogue states the story ends, the loop is not a major issue, though it is confusing).
  9. Ivorak

    Wts Various

    11 sc, for Tormented Soul.
  10. [quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1284154659' post='68172'] The current leader to revise about the guild/alliance and Savelfuser and actually take it all on board before thinking of the roles within the guild/alliance and it's own rules, regulations and history. [/quote] I believe this is the only attempt to be constructive, but I'm afraid it doesn't make any sense. Why should someone act before thinking? (As I think you seem to have stated.) I think Jazira is putting forth a solid effort, even if I disagree with a few things on a personal, or emotional, level. I would just like to
  11. I am attempting a week without internet (starting in a few hours), so I will hopefully be away for awhile.

    1. Curiose


      Have a good weeeek!

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      we wait for you here

    3. Ivorak
  12. [quote name='Chewett' date='11 August 2010 - 11:29 AM' timestamp='1281540584' post='65779'] I am Currently worried about the many conflicts of intrest that people are going to have if you are going to let people with multiple alts and multiple affliations into these NEUTRAL guilds. [/quote] I agree that a conflict of interests will certainly arise with a number of alts spread through the resource guilds. However, I'm not sure if there should a be a strict rule against it, or if it is possible to run the guilds based on trust between the members. But the main reason for my reply, is no
  13. [quote name='Novato' date='10 August 2010 - 04:10 PM' timestamp='1281471004' post='65670'] "It is my understanding that the guilds will be, in a way, hierarchical." Ok, but why someone would like to be in the base of hierarch? Why not everbody want to be in the guild that is in the very Top of hierarch? All the ideias are very good, but maybe set a real hierarch could be an issue. [/quote] The way I see it, a hierarchy (if it is to exist) has two main purposes. First, it gives something to work towards, because while social mobility is high in MagicDuel, we can't all be kings. At the
  14. It's simply a matter of embedding through HTML. Every service is different, but once you have the code, you can copy and paste it into your papers (make sure you have selected the HMTL tab first). A lot of players have been using a flash editor called Wix, a trend I believe I started. If you decide to go this route, carefully consider the size of the papers (I can't remember the pixel count) to avoid a horizontal scroll bar. I've seen several beautiful papers done with Wix; however, most are rubbish (even some of my own creations). It's easy to get caught up with flashy buttons, etc., bu
  15. I'd like to participate.
  16. Inspired by Mur's recent addition, I was thinking today of the mood panel. I like how the mood panel is a global log of "moods" but I thought it would be beneficial if players could also have a current "mood" listed in the player information box to the right of the chat. I thought that the mood panel and the individual moods should be separated (but if they could be synced by clicking a check box, that would be cool). The individual mood could be changed more frequently than the mood panel, because changing it wouldn't be able to cause mood panel flooding (a notification would come up if
  17. The Archivists have lost their purpose, and while a leader may help, I do not believe Gargant is the right person for the task. In fact, in my opinion, there are very few people within the realm that may be up to it, and most do not seem interested. [quote]Why me? - The Longest serving archivist, been around since Renavoid was master archivist - Good experience of setting up in game initiatives such as the newspaper and the end of year awards - Excellent experience of writing, both in game and out having written for the newspaper in game and as a scriptwriter out of game. - Good repu
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