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  1. On 3/28/2019 at 4:21 PM, Imperius said:

    I see Ivorak from time to time, I think he's the only active one left of the Archivists.

    I'm very inactive (and even less so as an Archivist), but I suppose that still means I'm far more active than my fellow Archivists. That said, I'd like to see the Archivists live on in some form. If anyone would like to join the Archivists or has requests / suggestions for the work I should be doing, always feel free to send me a forum PM.

  2. "I dream of a military-industrial complex"

    In which resources are consumed by the machines1 of war2. Competition driving cooperation and innovation.3


    1. Metaphorical and also physical, e.g. siege weapons.
    2. Or other forms of land vs. land competition. Building the largest tower to be the first to reach the heavens, interregnum arms races, exploration expeditions (sailing or mining), alchemical research, hunting the snark, slaying the jabberwocky, building the largest botanical collection, breeding a better elucabration, ritual sacrifice of cake as a summoning ritual, competing to host the biggest tea party, an international legislative body (known as The Absurd Assembly) playing nomic4, etc.
    3. A long time ago I wrote a little bit about how competition makes things more fun (in an essay that is equally about rules as a leverage point). Or at least I tried to. You can read that essay here.
    4. "Nomic is a game created in 1982 by the otherwordly philosopher Peter Suber in which the rules of the game include mechanisms for the players to change those rules, usually beginning through a system of democratic voting. Nomic is a game in which changing the rules is a move."

    P.S. Of course, we need a more general economy as well. But I think competition can be a driver for that, as well as something that consumes resources in large amounts.

  3. I'll help with documentation.

    And I propose we use GitHub (accounts are free for public projects), so that anyone can contribute but with all changes being reviewed first. MkDocs (https://www.mkdocs.org/) with the Material theme (https://squidfunk.github.io/mkdocs-material/) could be used to make everything look nice once all the text is revised. (I believe this is what https://uber.github.io/react-map-gl/#/Documentation/getting-started/get-started is using if you want an example).

  4. On 10/12/2018 at 7:45 AM, dst said:

    7zip. Freeware and highly versatile.

    Alas, I have a Mac. But I finally found a free program to extract the archives, so all's good.

    Ungod, I like the banners idea. Would love to see more banners, heraldry, signage, etc., for the various alliances, lands, and other factions in MD. And events too.


  5. I want to hear more about how this tool works (i.e., how it's accessed, reliability, skills required, limitations on use, etcetera).

    Also, can someone refresh my memory on the difference between fillable clickables / combiners. And are all combiners "forked combiners" or is that a subset? Looks like the latter, because I just found a reference to "progressive combiners"? Also, which of these are shared between players and which are for individuals? Or is this a setting per clickable/combiner?

    I would also be interested in seeing a third option in the middle: not individual, not global, but team (or alliance, or land, or tag, or...).

  6. @Pipstickz "Why?" Because I envision a MagicDuel with more intrigue and plotting and cooperation (that last one seems a bit odd in the set, but I believe cooperation is most meaningful in the face of difficulty/opposition). I think better defined social structures are important to achieve that, as written rules/treaties/alliances help make clear the constraints of situations and provide leverage for changing that structure. (Jo Freeman's Tyranny of Structurelessness, Donella Meadows Leverage Points, and Patricia Stokes' Creativity From Constraints might provide more insight if anyone would like to discuss further. But I'm not here to assign reading that I haven't done myself. :P)

    I also think, given the relative dearth of active players, it could be useful to less active or newer players to be able to find out who leads a land without querying all the veterans they cannot find. It also serves as a small reminder of the power and responsibility land leaders have.

    @Fang Archbane From that negative rep, looks like you disagree? I'd like to hear why; perhaps there are repercussions to added clarity I haven't considered.

  7. I propose that we:

    1.  List current land leaders atop "View Citizens" section of each land's "Citizen Voting Forum".
    2. Additionally, or alternatively, logs of citizenship/leadership/alliance membership changes in the Log Review Room.
    3. Special papers for land leaders (attached to their person as are Comments on Self / Alliance Leader Statement / and other papers) for land announcements and land laws/policies.
    4. Also display the contents of these land leader statements (with date of last edit) in a screen available in each land and/or together on the bulletin board.
  8. 3 minutes ago, Chewett said:

    How often would you want them sent?

    I think monthly would be ideal. Or if they're entirely automated, maybe allow choosing an interval?

    I'd like to see (non-system) announcements, quests, and PMs. If greater than n announcements, show only the m most popular ones (by likes)? For PMs, just show a count of unread, or a list of senders (to encourage people to login to read them, and also so that I feel comfortable forwarding such an email).

    Or maybe these are better off as separate emails. One for announcements of updates/quests monthly or so, and PMs emailed as sent (maybe that's too costly), or daily/weekly digest.

    If separate, you could also make the latter a paid shop feature, if you wanted. Would prefer announcements were not, since that's a good way to draw people back in after they leave for a while.

  9. I read through this quickly, so I may have missed if anyone suggested this, but as a core value of MD is in the other players, I measure time as interactions between players and other players or players and the environment. If no one is present, time might as well be standing still.



    "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"


    There are, of course, things that happen if no one is present, but nothing too important.

  10. I don't think the drop in resources once they become too overgrown makes much sense in many cases (from a "why" standpoint).

    What if overgrowth increased AP requirements (like viscosity does) instead?

    Maybe some other effects too (though this is far more complicated) depending on the resource: bones -> plague infection; water -> flooding and crop failure, mitigation through development of waterworks; stone -> avalanche resulting in road blockage; herbs -> all herbs in scene turn to weeds; lumber -> deadfall, small chance of dying when passing through; etcetera).

  11. Lately, I mostly log in and log out unless something particular is happening. I think: no point sitting around if it's going to lead to skill damage. It's silly because it means I miss out on conversations, which are probably of more value than my pitiful stats, but I guess I can't be rational all the time...

  12. 13 minutes ago, Blackshade Rider said:

    I think it would also be slightly unfair if a king were to make every scene have a payment. But I like the idea as said above with the scene before the shared tools being locked and one has to pay something you can harvest with one of these tools. 

    This would be unfair, especially if unannounced. If I pay a silver near the entrance to a land I wouldn't expect to pay it at the next scene as well. Especially if I had to pay to go back as well (which shouldn't be a necessary condition but could be depending on how tolls were implemented).

    I'd also be peeved if I was found to be in a specific location and then tolls were raised around that location to single out me in such a punitive manner.

    If this was implemented we'd need some basic rules on it's use (with great power comes great responsibility). And more rules could be implemented socially through treaties, threat of retaliatory action, etc.

    One guideline I have in mind is that tolls should be about access, not about containment. They shouldn't be used to imprison players (though this might be useful in certain cases, preferably pre-approved) but to regulate access to tools, resources, locations, transport, etc.

    To expand upon that last parenthetical, maybe players could sign up for a quest in a certain area and not be allowed out into they've solved the quest (murder mystery in one of the mansions in the East maybe?) and receive an item with which to pay the toll. Or a mission for new MP3s that disallows them from certain areas until they've proved their mettle.

    15 hours ago, Pipstickz said:

    But pass papers only work on the gate, whereas this concept could apply more broadly and could have great implications for two lands' (not any specific two lands, in general) abilities to be allies or enemies. I'm 90% sure Ivorak had pass papers in mind when thinking of this.

    And yeah, I had forgotton about pass papers, but I think both concepts (and the interplay between them) are interesting.

  13. I want to see both more cooperation and more conflict between lands.

    I'd like to propose that lands/kings should be able to implement toll roads (or bridges/gates/doors/ports/etcetera). On attempting a movement to another scene the player would be prompted to pay the toll, if they decline they are denied access and remain in the same scene. Payments should go into land treasuries.

    This would be a pretty powerful tool, but other lands could respond in kind or even declare war. Hopefully we'd end up with some treaties preventing certain tolls.

    This concept could be expanded in that "Location X" requires the possession of "Item Y" without actually requiring that item to be given up.

    Any thoughts?

  14. By the way, just noticed this: https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4056


    The Shmsh Dwelling
    Next to the Aramory in Nomans land, you can find a Shmsh Dwelling where you can create your own little Shmsh larvas to grow. the shmsh will require second level resources, those produced by the Grasan industry such as Fat, Skin, Solid stench but also a byproduct that appears in various other places or from expired products, Garbage. With these 3 ingredients, REGARDLESS of their qantity, you can obtain a Shmsh Fenth. The fenth will require a bit of rainwater if you wish to bring it to life and get your very own Shmsh to raise and educate. For feedback regarding the cost of obtaining this crit, or anythign else, please use the forum. Currently there is a situation regarding the availability of Wiiya in the realm, the main ingredient to obtain all those nasty Grasan products, but it will soon be resolved. Enjoy!
    Note: Thanks go to Junior for helping me setup and test this dwelling. Any issues about it (there might be some issues currently) please discuss them with him first.

    So perhaps not a shared item (I'd prefer that it wasn't), but it sounds like Mur had in mind some other way to obtain this resource at one point?

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