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  1. [quote name='Metal Bunny' post='18381' date='Oct 14 2008, 04:18 AM']Roar.. uh I mean, HIIIII~! Or how ever you animecans do it.. But really, is highschool that hard? I mean, I eased through it.. lol Am I making you jealous yet? No? I have chocolate, how about now? No? Are you even a real animecan? I havea compendium of all animes and manga around and it's inside a chocolate vault that you have to eat before you can read it all.. I bet you are jealous now >[/quote] No, I'm afraid I'm not a real animecan. I haven't seen anime in over six months... It's not hard, just there'
  2. It's Minory, and I'm alive again (ish)! I'd like to say hi to all those people who love and cherish me and who I love and cherish in return. You know who you are, lol...Though I probably won't be too active...After all, high school/rl is pretty hellish...><
  3. Dude! I'm not allowed to call her anymore! ><;
  4. Wow...This has been going on for a long time, lol. Bob FTW!
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