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    Winds Sanctuary

    Yea I agree, I stopped into Wind's Sanc the other day to check things out there again, only to be slightly affronted by that song ... Don't get me wrong I enjoy some of the music from the 50's, but The Doggy with the Waggly tail wears thin pretty quick.
  2. I agree, a Hate List is just so negative ... I mean who really wants to put all the things they don't like into one place just so that others can come take a gander? I like the "Extra Paper" idea, though mostly out of a lack of Other ideas...
  3. Humm, so your basically trying to build a Tank? The biggest problem that I see with the current critter is Other lifestealers, I mean this guy pretty much consolidates most of your creatures VE into itself and then forces attacks onto itself. So what happens when your opponent has even just a couple of lifestealers themselves.... Bam, end of first round you find all your creatures have lower VE then they should and this "Tank" has lost a significant portion of VE, most of which has just gone to bolster the Enemy... Won't say if this is a good or bad idea, but personally I think there is a
  4. Ok, I apologize, though Now I'm confused what point your post had...
  5. Ahh Fenrir, Akasha has been around since, like, the Beginning of the Game. Check the Old (and I mean OLD) AL's she's in some of the Early chapters. She was just absent for a rather long time. Still Some of the RPCs that are on the list are relatively new, I've been around about a year myself and there are some RPCs who joined after me. Edit: And to Watcher, Actually the Order of the list doesn't really have to do with Age, or Length of RPC service.... In Fact I have no Clue what the Order represents. However you are right that Akasha is an Ancient player.
  6. Well I suppose I can understand how you might feel this way, but the reality is you really shouldn't. Plenty of people who joined the game well after it's creation have found a place for themselves, it's really not so much a matter of having experienced MD from the beginning but of finding a way to express yourself creatively. There is no chance that all the things you might think of have been done by some veteran before you, there is after all infinite possibilities when you use your imagination (of course I can't promise that the Simpson's won't have done it before . Remember everyone s
  7. As I'm sure anyone who has gone looking for me as of late has noticed, I'm rather busy with real life and haven't been playing much. So I've decided it might be best to just declare myself on Official vacation, though I'll really be working on school. I'll still log on and check messages and such from time to time (at least weekly, probably more), but by and large I will be absent from the realm. This absence will likely continue until sometime in May, but I may get the itch to return sooner than that. It is my hope that this time awhile will make my return more worthwhile, and perhaps
  8. I didn't mean the Territory for the Bonuses. I view it as more of a Balancing, Alliances within a Land may get a Bonus for being on Home ground, but you Also have the Disadvantage when on Another's Land. Besides all I was trying to get at is the Golemus was a suggested Compromise. Like I said I agree that claiming any of the Lands doesn't really feel Right for this Idea. Meh, I feel like I'm arguing, which Wasn't what I was intending to do here at all, so I'll just stop there.
  9. I'm pretty sure this was discussed earlier in the thread, but IMO everyone pretty much agrees with that sentament. It's just that if we HAVE to choose from a homeland of one of the existing lands golemus is the only one that makes sense due to the ocean. Ideally the CB's homeland should be something like "Open Waters" it's really up to Mur if it can be something like that. (Keeping in mind that most of the reason why alliances have homelands is for the territory based effects)
  10. Well I'm out of Golemus and Enjoying the Festival. As for my Part, I will do it at Maple Road at around 23:00 Server Time on the 17th. Which is approximately 20 Hours from this post, for those who get confused by Server Time.
  11. Hehe, I find it a little Odd that I'm already on the list as a Horoscope writer even though No Body has really talked to me about it... B) I'm happy to Consult with the Horoscopes (I know quite a lot about Symbology and Astrology myself), but I have plans for a rather elaborate spin off on this Idea that I'd like to focus on. At least That I will Focus on whenever I get the chance, probably not untill I'm done with this Semester of School. The idea I'm working on is a System on Astrology specifically for the MD world. Clearly events in the AL have taken precedence over this, especially t
  12. I plan on Presenting some Moon trivia, tales, and Mythology at some point. Time and Place TBA , as I need to find my way out of Golemus...
  13. The Ninjunny was Renamed, and Restarted (Before Mur put the Limitation on Resets). That account is only MP4, while another Alt is MP3. I suppose I could Use those, but Bootes has all the Cool and Premium Creatures...
  14. Excellent, I always Look forward to New MP5s to battle with.... *Sigh* If Only I weren't Stuck in Golemus at the Moment....
  15. Having Recently gotten an iPodtouch I've thought about this as well, and it Should be possible. The problem is is that most mobile devices can't handle Flash (Though Technically they should be able to) and so you can't just play it through the Browser... at Least I haven't Found a way. Still there's probably a Way to Adapt the Game to function on such Devices, but this of course take a fairly considerable amount of Time and Effort... If MD was available as a Application for such devices I think it would gain quite a bit of Popularity though.
  16. You know I support you Moon Worshipers. Our Long Winded discussions (Mostly My Fault) in the Hall of the Sun Balcony shall Forever mark a Period of my Life here in this Land. It was Indeed a Shame to See Penelope go before her Dreams were Realized, she was Ever so Passionate about the Moon... I recall a Time when I did not believe there was a Moon in MD (for I had never Seen Evidence for one), Penelope was Quick to Silence me when I told her as Much....
  17. Humm, Humm, Some interesting Ideas some of you Have... It fells a bit Taboo for me to Post here, but I can't help myself... I just have to Share some thoughts. First I'd like to say I appreciate every Idea and Theory that people have posted here be it based in Philosophy, Imagination, or Astronomy. More than Likely a bit of all three Will be needed in the End. Now I'd like to Share some Thoughts and Observations of my Own, though not Directly Related to my Current Quest, just Some General Food for thought. To start, I'd like to go into a Bit of History. Far back in Time, so much so
  18. Lets see... Creature Wise I'd like a Wind Dragon or a Santa. I need them both to "Have them All" or at least all that are available at the moment... More than that I want some cool Astronomy Related Spells... Which really means I just need some Good Ideas and to catch Mur in a good Mood... (Preferably a Super-Power Giving Mood)
  19. Sign, I got online Earlier (While still Avoiding Studying for that Calc test), but not that it's late and I can't sleep... Bubkis... *Sigh* I'll admit that I'm bored at the Moment, but I Draw the line on catching up with the Thread (My How it's Grown!)... I might have to find another game for the Weekend whilst the Server issues give Mur a headache...
  20. Wait Wait Wait.... MD Being down for 24 Hours DOESN'T count as the End of the World !?! Edit: Lol 3 Replies in 8 Minuets... We need lives.
  21. Personally My Cold Turkey Symptoms have progressed thusly... 1) Started to Reply to Thread's I hadn't look at in a long time 2) When I realized we were in for the Long Haul I began to distract myself by studying Calculus (Truly these are Dark Times) 3) Tried playing other Online games... they paled in Comparison 4) - The Present - Now I sit with a glass of wine, slowly sipping the loneliness away whilst I periodically scan the forums... What will the Future Hold if MD does not re-enter our Lives soon? Some say Sleep filled with Troubled dreams... Others predict hours of Web Surfing
  22. Humm, haven't checked this Forum in awhile... I agree with Grido about your drawing, Syerthrix. Agnus Dei, I love your little Goblin guy, and the Lady is Sexy. The Flame Guy does feel a little Cartoony, his head Bugs me as Well. Overall Nice work though. Also, from posts I have read Mur make... MD is intended to be very Black and White. Something about letting your imagination having some room to play with adding color and Such. Similarly that is why so few places have animation. The Idea is that MD is very like a Book where you create the world yourself rather than have it crammed
  23. I generally agree with the Above posts. Alliances should have some actual community behind them, as well as a good notion or idea to back them up. And honestly I think that is how (at least the Non-Land based Alliances) have been formed thus far. I have seen too many Threads pop up of people saying "I have a great Idea for ____ Guild, anyone want to join?" and NONE of these have gotten anywhere. If you want to start an Alliance you should talk to People in the Game first, not hope people who read the forums (Not everyone who Plays the game reads the Forums) decide to jump on board with
  24. Humm, not working for me in FF. Every time I try to go to either the Homepage or the Login Page I get a blank screen. Whats odd is that it was working fine an Hour or so ago... Edit: I did try clearing Chache and all as well... I suppose I should take this as a Sign that I really should Study for my Calculus Final tomorrow...
  25. I like the new layout over all, but there's a few small things that bug me. The animation on the Left Side, it looks great, but I'm not sure why you have to rollover it to start it. The General Info page is also rather weak... I think it would be a better to have that text on the Homepage and just not have a special Section for it. Love the new Screen shots (I'm Immortalized as having Revised something about the Moon now ) And for those who didn't know, the Music is the same great little tune that it was before.
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