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  1. Umm. I logged out as "Wodin's Guard", and can't get back in.... I tried both as Wodin's Guard and .Bootes. and Nothing gets me back in... I'll keep trying.... Edit: List of Things I've tried: .Bootes. Wodin's Guard Wodin's_Guard Wodin's Guard Soldier G355 Wodin's_Guard_Soldier G355 Soldier G355 Soldier_G355 ... After that I was Temporarily Banned
  2. Those are Pretty Normal, and do Not relate to Illusion testing. If you won a battle that gave lots of Honor it might have put you a little over 5000, it doesn't happen often, but it does on occasion. You do get Loyalty per Day, but a few things consume loyalty such as MD Shop Items. (There might be More in Depth Reasons, but I'm not Sure). [b] We should try to Leave this Space for Illusion related bugs, so Please do not post here till the Tests start and you are Actually Signed up as a tester. Thanks.[/b]
  3. The way Manu thinks I would not at all be Surprised if there is an MP0. The Mind Power levels are more like Levels of Existence, or something. I'm pretty sure Wodin and Knator Commander were MP1.
  4. - You try to Legally Change your name by Explaining to the judge "My Parents didn't pick a good Role Playing name" (also: The judge Agrees, but only if you give him a Wishpoint) -You ask your Astronomy Teacher what he thinks is causing the New Movement of the Sun... -You see people on the Street handing out Pamphlets, and you rush over to ask which Inner Magic document they Have... -You try to decide what to Rename your Pet when they "Upgrade" - After reading the Assigned Chapter for class, you ask your Teacher what Stats Bonuses you received - You can&
  5. Bootes

    Adventure Log 1.1

    filk, You can Read the Whole Log, all the way up to Day one... Click the Adventure Log link at the Top of the Screen, then Click the "View All" button.
  6. - While Buying Something you Realize that you don't have enough Cash. So you Tell the Cashier to please wait Till you Regen more... - You Have to Explain to your Literature Teacher that you Only read one Page of a Book per Day so you can Gain the Meditation Bonus. - While Getting a new Dog, you ask the Owner how many Wins it will need to Upgrade. - You go to your Local Travel Agency to see How many WishPoints a Cruise Costs... - You start Digging a Hole in the Park by Your House... When the Authorities ask you why, you Answer, "I wanted to get the the Secret Shop."
  7. Here's some More... - You start Narrating your Actions while Doing them. - You become Convinced you just Need the right Herbs to talk to Trees... - When you Meet someone New, the first thing you ask is, "Can I see your Personal Papers?" - While walking around you Occasionally stop, Claiming that you need to wait to Regen more AP. - As you Read the Daily Paper you think "Man Today's Adventure Log is so Dry..." - You start Claiming that you Spoke to "God" recently and he Said, "Please be Patient, Updates are Coming Soon" B)
  8. Here's some that I have to Deal with... -You start Using the same Random Capitalization in Everything you Type B) - You start Announcing to Strangers that you Have a Quest with Rewards... - Everything you Learn in School makes you think "How can I turn this Into a Quest?" - You Keep thinking How much your Power Stat is Going up While Working out - You Stop Keeping Track of Time in Hours and Start Keeping Track in Terms of 3k VE...
  9. Bootes

    MD SHop bug

    I can't be sure when I bought it, within the last month at least. But I know I got it because the Extra Features area is almost empty for me, and I can't add more than the 5 friends I have.
  10. Bootes

    MD SHop bug

    I too have this problem. On both my accounts, TheNinjunny and Bootes.
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