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  1. Would you think it should be time gated, once every x period of time?
  2. Imagine it was available at GoE if location matters.
  3. Anything. What would you pay? Items/coins/credits/creatures/etc.
  4. If you could pay something to reduce your heat, what would you consider an acceptable cost and what amount of heat would it take off you? This question relates to a new feature I am working on.
  5. Don't apologise, if its unclear to you its unclear to someone else I really appreciate these bug reports. I will spruce up Mur's wording and report back.
  6. Although it is somewhat unclear, it is not giving you more erolins but merely filling the ones you do up with heat
  7. Changed day of the dead: Day 9 - Thursday 22nd - @Ledah - Lands of the east at 7_localpub_2 Day 13 - Monday 26th - @Kaya - Day of the Dead
  8. Thanks Fyrd, that is very helpful. I will look at starting up the GWI helpers PM thread soon so if anyone wants to be involved please post it on:
  9. Can you take an image of the email please
  10. Locked as this has degraded into just petty arguments. If someone has some constructive ideas please make a new thread, I will review all constructive posts here.
  11. Pip wins, I'm no longer participating in MDB events.
  12. @Ledah has been revived so that @Granos can kill him once he loses his match.
  13. One of the things to consider that that with the wrong ritual a MP3 can be capped to MP5 without attaining the various other requirements. Certainly when we had one MP7 "helping" out newbies they regularly capped them accidentally :S Certainly some of these ideas have merit though and I will investigate them once we know what combat is going to be like.
  14. If you want over the top sponsorship for any quests and haven’t contacted me, contact me ASAP!
  15. Fang did not contact me about this quest but if he wants I am happy to sponsor 5 gold to first place and an anni to first second and third (if he wishes to accept this sponsorship).
  16. There was a comma in the first position of the token field, Does it work now? If so I will script up something to fix everyone and then review whats happening to cause that.
  17. @Muratus del Mur we previously discussed the "colours" of lands, did you want me to post what we discussed and make it "official"?
  18. What creature ID's are they?
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