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  1. This months quiz is a little late but I have been asked to put it up. Prize is 5 silver for first, 5 silver for fastest https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/1667411/the-narcissist/
  2. Is there a suggestion about what I can do with the various people (new and old) getting stuck with technical issues and the ridddles/etc? Iv ported some of the older accounts out that didnt know how to progress because I didnt want them stuck forever.
  3. Do we feel that the GWI as it stands works stand-alone enough for people to progress? I currently sit at the dock watching and helping people as I can, but I get various PM's asking for help that I am unable to deal with because I am not on enough time as work is incredibly busy. I think currently, while a good lot of work has been put into GWI, we possibly want to consider pausing people spawning there and allow a quick way onto the mainland again while it is continued to work on. What do people think? Im wondering if we need to, for the moment, make it super easy to get there
  4. I spent an hour talking with Fang on Discord about Archery, the types of bows in standard worldwide competitions, components of a standard Recurve bow, how to make a personalised arrow legal for competitions, and discussed the meaning of life briefly. @Fang Archbane please comment a review on your learning.
  5. Its been broken since Mur did the php upgrade accidentally. I guess he hasnt had time to review it. I will see what I can do this weekend.
  6. Hey BP, iv sent a message to the people who should be on the island helping you explaining what you said on the PM. I am not sure whether I am allowed to remove you from the island.
  7. The work I will do I will ensure that I make them easy to use functions so can be converted to A25 as needed
  8. I have some plans for this. I have some ideas for different "rankings" for alliance leaders, to be specific to the alliance. Its currently in work so I will focus the initial "ranking" in land loyalty, although I am not sure about that as it "fixes" the leader as you cant easily overtake someone.
  9. Would you like me to stop the current work I am doing with alliances in favour of you doing this? Currently I have paused MD work while you worked on NPC talk but you have not spoken to me about this. The last we talked about alliances you were happy about the changes I was going to make and I had already started modifying the DB for the changes. I agree some alliances/guilds should be able to be taken over so if your tools are useful to my work I will be able to use them. I am not sure if my plans for how they can be accessed will work with your changes as I do not know what your ch
  10. The auction for all items will finish 7 days from the last bid on any item. Any time an item is bid upon, the auction will last another 7 days. This is to allow people to move their plushies to another item if they are outbid.
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