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  1. Try viewing the avatar shop now please. Please note, if you do not properly save your avatar to your vault before buying a new one I will end up spending a chunk of time trying to find these again. Don't buy avatars if you don't think you have properly saved your current one. Ask if you need help doing it or getting one back.
  2. There is no way that I can help you without some more information Fang.
  3. I can confirm thats how it works currently. @Muratus del Mur is that intended?
  4. This is not correct, every bounty is an independent roll at the possibilities.
  5. Thanks for reporting this, I did investigate it and found that our MySQL server was updated last night in line with best practices. Sorry for the interruption but we need to take things down now and then for updates! As a note: A restart of the MySQL server will "log people out" and therefore MD will suddenly be deserted!
  6. I know of a potential fix, but I need to find exactly the right place to put it and the combat code is pretty damn complex. I might try it at the weekend (or break combat entirely).
  7. Its a known that it is possible to create a race condition where heads will either disappear from both combatants, or be doubled up with both "winning" them. In the past we have had 50k heads become "doubled" drastically changing the heads contest.
  8. Chewett and Mur are the watchmen, I would like to know who watches them?
  9. It looks like the server rebooted, I'm not entirely sure why as I didn't get notice of any server work. Mur might have restarted it.
  10. When a random ritual is used it is currently picking between 30% and 90% of your vitality. However I do not believe this should be the case so I will investigate this further for you.
  11. First Stage of Illusion changes – Some comments and clarification. In announcement https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/5295 I have announced the first of a series of long planned illusion changes. It has come to my attention that some people are concerned that this change was implemented without the knowledge of those who are currently using Mindpower 7. I would like to make it clear to everyone that these changes have been discussed with the two Mindpower 7 testers (although there is a caveat that I did not inform some GWI members below). When Fang origin
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