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  1. And if implemented, should really therefore only for MB, and only once research on the land weapon and their mechanics are fully understood and lasts only as long as the activation requirements are met. Not as something available to all lands. 
  2. I didn't have a chance to join the discussion, so I'll just pour mu thoughts here regarding crafting:   With how me (and the other crafters) have not been very active lately, it would help expedite the item creation process if there are other avenues to which people can go to. However, from personal experience I feel it's best if these are the council members instead of a new person (especially one that gets changed the moment that person is no longer fully active).   One thing that should be kept in mind regarding items is that they stand at the real reality level - they're inne
  3. Ady technically played for a very short while, I dunno bout Valy though. They're still a kind of legend on the game, though if we want to limit this to just legendary players, then perhaps they should not be counted, yes.
  4. NelyaSetesh Morrel BlackThorn GlorDamar Ady Valy
  5. I've been away for a while so I'm not sure... but is there a way to semi-permanently lock someone in place? Won't jump/chase/teleport spells and all that circumvent that easily?
  6.   Ah, I might have misunderstood when you mentioned "new features or features variations it will require" and thought I could go crazy with suggesting new features to support this.    Artworks and descriptions for the creatures are all ready, all that is missing is the combat ability/stats adjustment to current metagame (which I'm totally out of touch with nowadays). If you want to look at it, it's also on the forum private section on this link.    Most of the quest can be doable with current functions - new feature I mentioned are just suggestions but not really
  7. Progressive combiner + spells : use spells as ingredient to create an item, or even another spell. Illusion + pickable resource : illusion of resource Heat voting + progressive combiner + spells : community effort kind of spell effects (similarly can be used when you want to implement Land Weapons as usable)
  8. Wow, this is exactly what I hoped was available :D I've had a bit of the framework in mind since long ago, but I still need to flesh out the actual details. I do realize that I don't have as much time for MD, so I don't expect to actually get this selected for this particular batch, but I'm going to share the basic idea here.   What I have in mind is a game-integrated quest as a way to hand out the Golem creature as reward, and most importantly make it available even if I am not in MD anymore. Quest would include building the golem core (can be implemented as an untradable quest item t
  9.   So, is this manu dude your master or your puppet, Mur? Or maybe puppet master :p
  10. Udgard


    Golems  (I should really get back to that once I can find more time for MD)
  11.   I think you're misunderstanding what reps are for. They're not for for a person who in general dislike you to spam red on you; they're for people to voice their opinion on specific posts you make. It doesn't matter whether the person has spoken to you or not before; it's about their interaction with said post, not to you in general. In fact if someone gives you reps regardless of the post's content and just because how they think of you in general, that's the actual spamming.   Now rather than pointing out specific people, why not point out specific posts and complain about
  12. I play DotA 1 quite regularly, and random mix of other games (playing xenoblade chronicles with dolphin atm, and looking forward to the day I finally pick up that persona 3 FES again - got too sidetracked with others).
  13. I'm a bit scarce at the moment, please forgive delayed responses

  14. Udgard


    That.. is a really good piece of artwork!
  15. I marvel at some people's childishness, despite their age.

    1. Pipstickz


      People never really grow up. You are how you are and there's no easy way to get different.

  16. Outside of what probably happened to you, you have to admit it was wrong to just throw accusations to people without any proof, and repeatedly slandering Chewett when he offered to investigate your case. Taking responsibilities for your actions is the adult thing to do, and I think you should serve your punishment if you really regret what you did. I'm sure 1 month in jail is nothing compared to the emotional distress you caused Chewett.
  17. Before this spirals further, please let me explain what I think happened.   Council sent me an email asking if I was ok with disbanding the Crafters, at Poe's request partly because lately our guild only has two active members. I told council that I am ok if this is what they think is the best course of action, and explained the original purpose Kragel had when he formed the Crafter's guild: as the organization for those with item creation abilities.   With Kragel gone, there were only me left. Later we have Yrth getting the item creation interface as well, but I never invited hi
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