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  1. The cupon is supposed to be usable as either 30 silver or 2 gc, it says so in the description, that's why I used it as that. I sent all what I listed above already.   Do I still need to go and get 2 gc  for this?
  2. Paid in 28gc, 30 Silver Cupon and 5 gold note.   EDIT: I'll be staying at the meeting of the roads, but since I'm busy IRL I'll probably not be active, at most idle.
  3. Oh, the 13th actually exists for me then. Just invisible.
  4. Ah yes, I mistook 2 rows for 10.   As in, I originally had 12 slots, after the gift, still have 12.
  5. Not totally sure if it's intended or a bug, but I lean towards intended limit-   the erolin device has a maximum capacity of 10 slots apparently, I picked up the erolin christmas gift earlier today and it didn't increase the capacity by one heat orb, as it should have.
  6.   Not quite true, it would be possible for him to gain points for the crown, then he would be another contender. Though I do not expect that contest to end, it's been dragging on for a long time.
  7. May I get a clearer definition as to why mirror was used in this example?   I usually believe it is not a good idea to use strong metaphors especially when people easily get confused or mislead. Especially when questions are phrased, this can lead to non-"canonical" answers.
  8. Question: What do we do if we get more than 7 similarities/differences? Are we supposed to cut them down to 7 only?
  9. I can also sell them to you, have all of what you're looking for. Though it would help if you let me know when you're online so we can meet up.
  10. Depending on the cooldown of production, amount of items and decay of items this seems okay.   However, I would suggest using the maximum stat of a person and not the current amount...else we will probably have cases where someone uses temporary boosts followed by these items resulting in effects that would probably be unintended when giving these items out.
  11. I'd suggest the slow growth of a pet rock using resources.   You could make it either be a crystal or maybe something like a sandstone.   If it's a crystal, you have to keep feeding it with water+something dissolved in it, but I don't think that is the best.   For sandstone or so, I think I'd suggest using a heat pebble and sand, plus heat. Creating a heated pet rock? Or something of the sorts, makes much more sense too for it to become a pet then, no? Maybe some wiiya sooner or later too at some stages to keep on growing.
  12. As above, if anyone remembers. Or has noteworthy impressions from that question.
  13. No. I was not lucky, I worked for mine too- I got mine for the creature with the ID 666666.
  14.   Be glad, it was announced and not a bug- been months though. (Nobody remembered that?)
  15. As I said, I think it's similiar to the GoE. The middle, 0x0, but with the additions to MD and so on the actual middle isn't there anymore I think- thus creating a midpoint that has been shifted. I haven't precisely counted the rows and columns yet, but if Myths numbers are right, then that's even more reason to assume it is like that.   Per se you could define two midpoints: One point of origin, and one point of the middle of the results of changes (for whatever reasons).   As for the labyrinth and the actual reason why it has been shifted or is in this state, that's a whole ano
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