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  1. Where have you been I miss reading the diary of an alchemist :(

  2. *Tremir* #51274. I lost my avatar, and the avatar shop now says I can pick a new one for free. I don't really want it back though. I'd rather wait and pick my new avatar when he next batch is released. Also, my Live Help tag changed to a Moderator tag. everything else seems to be in order [color="#0000FF"]Post your tag so Shoeps can fix it. Also if you had a description...add it also. dst[/color]
  3. I used a Wodin's Guard illusion, and got stuck with the description after ending it. It's still there even after casting and ending 2 or 3 more illusions.
  4. Tremir

    MD SHop bug

    Working fine now. Thanks
  5. Tremir

    MD SHop bug

    I just want to point out that I still only have 5 places on my friend list.
  6. Tremir

    MD SHop bug

    Still not working for me.
  7. Tremir

    MD SHop bug

    It isn't. I have 5 on the list, and can't get any more.
  8. Tremir

    MD SHop bug

    I'm still limited to 5 on my friend list.
  9. Tremir

    MD SHop bug

    Same thing's happened to me.
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