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  1. Where have you been I miss reading the diary of an alchemist :(

  2. This aren't precisely bugs, but more side effects of the new system: The new system of mp2 players appearing in Golemus has brought with it a complete seal of the island. Where once the way out was open for any who found their way in, there is now no way to leave for most people. The problem, however, is that some people do manage to find their way in, and are then locked inside until someone can be found to take them back. I'm mostly talking about people using the "jump to leader" option, and finding out that their leader is in Golemus, possibly logged off, and they have no way back. T
  3. *Tremir* #51274. I lost my avatar, and the avatar shop now says I can pick a new one for free. I don't really want it back though. I'd rather wait and pick my new avatar when he next batch is released. Also, my Live Help tag changed to a Moderator tag. everything else seems to be in order [color="#0000FF"]Post your tag so Shoeps can fix it. Also if you had a description...add it also. dst[/color]
  4. I used a Wodin's Guard illusion, and got stuck with the description after ending it. It's still there even after casting and ending 2 or 3 more illusions.
  5. [spoiler]Soldier of Loreroot name and title overrides Tainted Warrior name and title, but Tainted avatar overrides Loreroot. there should probably be a check to prevent taking both at once[/spoiler]
  6. A small update on the spells issue: It seems that spells cast on someone under an illusion are problematic. The player's original name doesn't work as a target for the spell, and spells cast on the illusion name seem to work.
  7. OK. From the test's start, I've seen the following: [spoiler] 1. the Lifestealer illusion's elemental is an egg. not sure if this is a bug or not, but it's rather useless. 2. I can't make rituals with summoned creatures. I go through the motions, click the create ritual button, but no ritual is created. 3. spells don't always work under the illusions. this includes my spells and the illusion's spells. It seems the the Book of Healing spells don't work, and the Wodin's Guard spell does.[/spoiler]
  8. What happened to the Golems? This is Golemus we are talking about, so we should have Golem-type creatures. We even have Golem's Mill. Anyway, here is my creature: level 1 Creature name: Spirit Serpent (reptile, serpent, ghostly) My name: *Tremir* Description: ghostly snake-like creature Main Power: weaken defense Story: The faded remains of the ancient Feathered Serpents is little more then a memory of what it once was. With no physical form and no very little power, there is little it can do right now. But who knows what will happen when it starts to remember? level 2 Creatur
  9. How could I forget the Heat questions? What is Heat, how to gain, lose and store it, etc.
  10. The following are questions that I keep hearing: "How do I attack people?" "Where can I find creatures to attack?" "Where can I find new creatures to recruit?" "how to creatures gain age?" "how to upgrade creatures?" "It says that I need x vitality to upgrade, and I have enough, but I can't upgrade" (confusion between "upgrade costs" and "needed to upgrade")
  11. Mini quest 6 riddle: The first of these was posted on my comments page, but it was never posted here. The elemental riddles: Each of these riddles has an answer. the 4 answers are related, and describe a process. What is the process? 1. I flow from the Earth like Water. I bring Fire, and in it's wake I am naught but Air 2. This Air, born of the meeting of Water and Fire, can even move the Earth 3. Water turned to Air turns Earth. in turning, Earth creates Fire 4. Fire flies through the Air, from one part of the Earth to another. But beware, lest it touches Water. answers: [spoiler]
  12. the Imperial Aramor has better vitality then the standards, and it raises initiative for other creatures in the ritual. In addition, at higher levels, it boosts the abilities of level 1 and 2 creatures.
  13. that does narrow it down, but it still leaves a lot of people, some of whom already have to deal with metric tons of PMs every day. I don't even know if it's someone who makes sense for a specific spell, or a central person who will concentrate all "enlightenment" PMs And you do realize that you're on that list, right?
  14. that's really unhelpful, Ren. Do I just go around PMing every RPC I see with my theories? that's a really annoying way to do stuff. to me and to them. From what I understand, I'm supposed to reach an "inner enlightenment" to get those documents. However, somebody needs to judge that enlightenment. Whoever this turns out to be, he shouldn't be kept a secret. this isn't about finding the one person who can teach you. it's a question of someone judging that you've reached an inner understanding.
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