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  1. Happy birthday Nelya, my dearest friend.

  2. altough you probably will never see this, happy birthday...

  3. *screams* What has Peace done to you! Your avatar frightened me!

  4. Replied Chewett, sorry for the delay...
  5. Hello Chewett. I think it can be a very great idea, try just to meet me ingame, i would like to speak with you a little before beginning this project but if you are really motivated, there is no problem for me ! I m waiting for you ingame. BTW, if some people want to help him in this project we can create a team for this ! Lady NelyaSetesh
  6. Very well, Send me your contact( yahoo messenger for exemple) into a pm ingame or on the forum please
  7. Hi everyone, From now, I manage the translations teams :lol: == FOR PEOPLE WORKING ALREADY ON A TRANSLATION == I need to have a list of all people working on the different translation of MagicDuel. Please send me your contact by private on the forum or on the game. (.NelyaSetesh.) with your playername, the language in which u translate MD and all the ways i can contact you please == FOR PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO JOIN A TRANSLATION TEAM OR BEGIN ANOTHER TRANSLATION == Contact me on the forum or ingame (.NelyaSetesh.) and indicates me in which language you want to translate MD. In the two cases, people who do great work will have rewards on their game account of course. So don't hesitate to contact me .NelyaSetesh.
  8. Hum very well Venger, So what is the purpose of the Guardians of the Root ? Our alliance has been formed to protect the beautiful region of Loreroot, we are not an army, just a defensive force, we dont want to do war, we prefer doing some research about nature... But if someone, or something, wants to attack Loreroot, we are ready to find and destroy them. We are peaceful first but we know how to use force to protect us. Actually Wodin and me have signed an alliance traity between our two alliances. I don't recruit anymore for the moment but if you want to bring something to Loreroot alliance don't hesitate, i m always here to hear you. Lady NelyaSetesh
  9. Hi everybody, Today begins a new work : the translation of MD in french. There is lot of work to do and it wont be easy but it seems to be interesting to MD to have a french translation to bring french community. For the moment i m alone on this project so it ll progress very slowly. If someone is interesting to help me in this project, please contact me ! In all cases, have a fun on MD and good game !! :lol: NelyaSetesh
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