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  1. Alisa

    Story mode

    yeah i saw txs. But like i cant level up my creatures anymore now that i got max :/ .
  2. Alisa

    Story mode

    ahm guys is the max 100+exp? I just saw a couple of 280 k persons that are mp3... How come mine cap is only 110 k ? Is that some bug or? Maybe it is cause i didnt finish the story yet? Can some1 pls verify this for me txs I fell a bit noob now lol
  3. Alisa

    Zero gains?

    huh guess no1 knows ^^
  4. Alisa

    Story mode

    guys i just got mp3 maxed out in pretty much 1 day LOL. Can some1 check if it is some sort of a record or? BTW this game is really too easy :/ and now i have to just wait for the story to end and then i guess replay it to be mp4? BTW the exp max kinda suck and it really low, i mean i got it in ONE day so much for long time playing and stuff . Can some1 pls increase it or something it is just to low
  5. Alisa

    Zero gains?

    i took the longest one 6 minutes in tutorial. And all it write is energy imunity :0 defense :0 etc..
  6. Alisa

    Zero gains?

    I finished story first time and then i restarted cause i messed it all up And i cant recall is getting for instance energy imunity increase by zero normal? IT happened 3 times that i got zero stats... Why would they be there if they are zero? Anyone else got same?
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