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    apophys reacted to Junior in Junior Wont Give Me My Creds For My Shade   
    i see no reason for this to be open redneck has received his payment as stated by our deal with no lateness.
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    apophys reacted to CrazyMike in Wp For Days   
    wow... backdated too?

    How abt back dated only to a maximum of 1 or maybe 2?

    Then everybody get 1 for every year after that.

    For those that hates vets for always getting an advantage, I think an advantage of 2 WP is bearable.
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    apophys reacted to Firsanthalas in No More Torch Competition For Allianceless Mp3S And Mp4S   

    I don't even think alts are an issue anymore. It seems that nobody enters the contest judging by the extremely low scores the past few months.
    Aside from that, I'll give you a list of problems that has already appeared on the forums.

    1. Distances to travel are uneven.
    2. Access to lands. Some lands have one point of entry, while others have more.
    3. The current setup is to be frank dumb. If a land has two very powerful fighters and nobody else, then it will be very hard to score against. Assuming that the rules were that you could only take a torch of your own land, then two people defending a land would in theory be able to hoover up masses of torches heading their way, while in return the land attacking them would only be able to score two points. Also, if a land doesn't opt to pick up torches, then it won't be scored against.
    Now, I know that is not 100% true, as you could attack another land torch carrier, but you get the idea.
    I think that one possible way would be to change the scoring. Allow a person to simply walk into an enemy scoring zone and score a point, with no fight needed. However, if you do defeat an enemy torch carrier then you get 3 points or something for each torch you get.
    4. Negative scores is a seriously bad idea. If you have a negative score, then there is no incentive to try to get out of it. You can argue that there is, but really, there isn't.

    Maybe a central point for torches could help? Like each pillar on the GOE gives a torch for each land? Just throwing out an idea.
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    apophys reacted to Chewett in Wp For Days   
    If you are giving out 4 per year backdated, then that mains im going to gain 11 WP... thats way too much, i can prettymuch buy the entire shop with no work whatsoever.
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    apophys reacted to Darigan in Lllllaaaaaagggggg   
    users are becoming objects? O_o
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    apophys reacted to Junior in Junior Wont Give Me My Creds For My Shade   
    are you assuming that i cant? Because like i've said nothing has been done wrong on my behalf, i could have easily wont the trial but my intentions werent to scam redneck and the deal has been completed.
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    apophys reacted to Pipstickz in Junior Wont Give Me My Creds For My Shade   
    Just so I can understand:

    Redneck says Junior was late.
    Junior says he was on time.

    Is this accurate?

    Assuming it is, I find it hard to believe that you were on time with your payment, Junior, considering how long it took to even reply to this topic. In redneck's screenshot (posted on the forums on July 17), you say it will take two weeks. That means July 31 at the latest, not October 4.

    So proof of payment, or a statement from redneck saying that he got the payment by July 31, would be a nice thing to have.
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    apophys got a reaction from Watcher in Junior Wont Give Me My Creds For My Shade   
    ^ Can you prove it?
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    apophys got a reaction from Junior in Junior Wont Give Me My Creds For My Shade   
    ^ Can you prove it?
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    apophys reacted to Chewett in Some Doubts And Concern With Crt Transfer   
    If you could trade across max level creatures then suddenly imagine a new mp3 gainined however many rusties and such?

    its like it for a reason
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    apophys reacted to Curiose in No More Torch Competition For Allianceless Mp3S And Mp4S   
    I agree with Kamisha on this one.

    For people who have an ally or a land, it seems more fitting that they would fight for their 'home.' A lot of mp3s an mp4s [from my knowledge,] do not have such a thing. In my experience in starting with Torch the first time, the only torch I could really get to was the one in Winds Sanctuary.

    I am not sure if that is how a lot of other non-allied people do it, but I think it would add more equality to the board.

    With the issue of mp3s and 4s actually competing in the contest and being capped by mp5s, I think that if they really want to go for the gold, and test their skills, [and are not an alt], then they should be able to. Their brazenness will be their benefit or their downfall, depending on how they play their cards.

    If such a thing were to be implemented, I do think that there should be a disclaimer basically stating that for younger players who are wanting to test their skills, they need to know the risks involved and cannot hold anyone accountable for competing in the contest as well.
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    apophys reacted to Chewett in Lllllaaaaaagggggg   
    [quote name='Kamisha' timestamp='1285962300' post='69475']
    I agree it might be becouse the server isnt being looked after with mur away. Also we have often had problems with the server company. They actually wipped the MD records accedently once (luckly they were backed up). This isnt the first time we have exsperanced this and I can assure you it isnt the last.

    Wtf BS is this?

    a server isnt like a child, it doesnt suddently not work, it doesnt need constant attention. There has been very little issues with this server company, they sseem pretty decent and the uptime is MUCH better compared with some others i know.

    You might be surprised... but its because people are using md... therefore it gets slower...
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    apophys reacted to SageWoman in A Letter To The Powers That Be   
    To: The Powers That Be
    c/o Muratus Del Mur

    Dear Secret Members of the Powers that Be,

    It has been long past due that a feature be created for players in regards to the Adepts Page. I have sent messages in the past to our Master, Muratus Del Mur, about this topic in years past to no avail. I now put the idea out to you.

    Consider this if you will. I have counted my adepts and I have an extensive list of 56 Adepts. Out of those 56 adepts, I have three that are active at this time, at the most 11. Some of these inactive adepts I have not seen in the realm of MagicDuel since year 3 and the early part of year 4.

    I propose, that a feature be created that players are able to kick inactive adepts after a certain amount of time; say a month for example. Like removing people from friends list, I do think a small penalty for kicking adepts should be implemented. This might insure that adepts won't be abusively kicked out of spite. On the other hand, if they adepts have been inactive for a longer time, say 6 months, than no penalty shall be levied against the player.

    I do hope that this idea has some merit to the minds of your collective group and believe that it will be a beneficial one to the players of MagicDuel. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Elder Guardian of the Root
    Hostess of the ROTM Inn
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    apophys reacted to Chewett in Armor & Weapon Boost   
    i dont really feel this makes it any more intresting, or useful. It just makes rits without ve are more powerful.

    Have you consdered how this "armor 100%" would work? the whole idea for the slider is that it will give you more stats if you put in more "power" (ve). this merely makes people who are strong anyway, be even stronger when they dont use any ve. Plus it means that tokened people are stronger as they will also gain the armor boost and their 100% tokens if they use 0 ve.

    Also capturing equipment is in my opinion a bad idea (alts/friends giving armor to power noobs up massively, want more annoying noobish Feburary's?) and pointless once you have all the equipment sets.

    i dont think these changes are A) intresting B) useful and C) rather unbalanced. It helps token people, and noobs who want to take the joy from new players.
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    apophys reacted to Metal Bunny in Wp For Days   
    B and C are not necessarily an argument against A, as it depends upon implementation. It all hinges upon loyalty, and not activity days, as the main factor that should decide upon whether or not someone should be rewarded a WP or not.

    While loyalty is hard to judge on an objective basis and measurement, one 'could' use activity days for it, by assuming that if one did indeed play for so long, that one must've done at least something. Maybe get a panel and ask for 3, maybe 5 non-alts of higher age to vouch for your activity or loyalty and get a very amount of activity days as a requirement, such as.. 500? 700?

    One can (I haven't done the math, because it's not exact science, but rather a guesstimation) reasonably and arguably attest that over such a high amount and with people of higher age vouching for you, that you are loyal and that you should be rewarded with a wp for it.

    As for B and C, I can understand that you may see these as arguments against A, but you haven't exactly argued as to why these are so bad in the first place. I can see how they could be bad, but if the implementation is right and it gives an impulse to increased loyalty and activity, and not just an impulse to log in for a minute a day to get the activity days, then why would B and C be so bad?

    You speak as if alt abuse would be the biggest and most severe problem, right at its implementation. But that doesn't have to be so, not if the implementation is done correctly.

    Also, you speak about the fact that this is favoring the veterans, and I agree, however, once more, if only A is your intention, then why not implement it in such a way that it favors veterans for the right reason, which will also stimulate newbies to become such loyal veterans.

    I think I convinced myself into changing my own vote from 1 wp per year, into 1 wp per 500+ days, maybe more, with the added restriction of proven loyalty.
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    apophys reacted to Harion in Sparring Ground For Weak Mp5S?   
    if you want a safe training ground
    why publicize it?

    skill damage is at 1K?
    ooh, -900 is a pretty strong number
    he must really be strong to be that confident

    fighting doesn't stop at mp5
    it's just the last mp level which can be accessed normally
    the next level needs unusual requirements (adepts)

    what's the use of alliances then if you can't train with your allies?

    i seem to be the most ignorant mp5 out there
    vote up of you agree
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    apophys got a reaction from Ackshan Bemunah in Conspiracy Theories   
    35) The errors that pop up periodically are your computer's feeble attempt to rouse you from the trance that MD puts you in.
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    apophys reacted to Darigan in Mp6   
    I've dropped mp6 due to too many inactive adepts which is fine with me I need to start training properly once more which is hard to do at mp6 I'm currently about 16 losses from stat damage so I need to work on that little problem.

    My reason for this post is that I have about 29 active adepts and a few others that pop up every now and then. While I don't have any real say over what they do with their choice of who to be an adept of I am aware there are a few people trying to achieve mp6 and a few mp6 looking for more adepts and worshipers.

    I admit I bit off more then I can chew going to mp6 when I was in the position i was in with as many losses as I had but while I was mp6 I tried my best to be around for my adepts and worshipers when they needed me or when I could be around as much as possible.

    I do plan on going back to mp6 hopefully someday in the future, it's a fun and great experience and I'd like to do it again when I'm better situated to defend myself while in highly populated areas.

    Anyway I'm done rambling I'd just like to know who is aspiring to be mp6 so that my adepts might have a wide choice of people to go to from me if they choose.
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    apophys reacted to Pipstickz in Conspiracy Theories   
    34) Your mother.
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    apophys reacted to Nera in Conspiracy Theories   
    24. If your grasan is fat, you are not getting enough exercise.
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    apophys reacted to awiiya in Wp For Days   
    I do not think that simply by logging in for a year or two one should be awarded a wish point.

    Wish points are meant to be awarded for thinking hard and working diligently, and while I do think there are meant to be certain benefits for longevity, this is not the proper way to reward our lovely veterans.

    INSTEAD: I suggest a new puzzle be created, and that puzzle be opened once every year. If you like, re-purpose the Broken Gazebo to give a wishpoint when solved every year, though I would greatly appreciate a new puzzle being created (Champion's Challenge, Mad Man's Trial, etc.)

    This would prevent active day collectors from getting a wishpoint for doing little more than existing and award those who who have been here a good deal of time and have the aptitude to solve a puzzle.

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    apophys got a reaction from Chewett in Wp For Days   
    I don't vote anymore; the temp bonuses aren't worth my time, and the action is more mind-numbing than GGG training.
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    apophys got a reaction from Rendril in Wp For Days   
    I don't vote anymore; the temp bonuses aren't worth my time, and the action is more mind-numbing than GGG training.
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    apophys reacted to Neno Veliki in Petition Against February   
    do nothing.
    different people walk different paths. just because someone is diffeent doesnt mean that he has to be lynched.
    is strength the only measurement of which mp level someone should be? if it is than lots of people should be given a chance to step one or two mp levels down...
    is it ok to ruin other people game experience? ofcourse its not. but limiting whole community because of isolated cases is ruining game experience too..

    reason for EDIT: to clear a little bit what i ment

    im against forcing people
    im against punishing the whole community for bad deeds of minority
    im for dealing with those who cause problems on purpose
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    apophys reacted to Peace in Petition Against February   
    Just so you people know, I have spotted February hidding in Necrovion. And he hasn't had any creatures to defend himself, making me think that he either sacrificed them all or gave them away or simply has them killed for now without restoring their vitality in order to fight. Saying that he continues to damage people when really he isn't, is a false accusation.

    Now, for the fact that he has already damaged enough mp3s and there is proof of it, I won't deny that. I do not know whether he has been punished for it though. Also for your information, February is only the tip of the iceberg. I bet that there are other mp3s out there, alts or not, who are already training to walk in his shoes. Some mp5s we even have now, started this way. So this is an endless chain of events. There will always be someone who targets the weaker mp3s in order to push them to mp4. February was only one of them and his issue happened to be known to the community.
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