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    apophys got a reaction from Lazarus in Avatar Tutorial for Windows   
    There was a request for an easy-to-use GIMP tutorial to make raw avatar scans upload-worthy, so I made one.
    GIMP is free software; go to [url="http://www.gimp.org/"]www.gimp.org[/url] to download.

    I start off by cropping and resizing in MS Paint, because it's waaaaay easier to do this in Paint. Then I go to GIMP for contrast and transparency.
    This tutorial is complete with all of the steps I use for my own uploads, so it will work for yours.


    Copy the image file to have a backup.
    Right-click the image file and select Edit, it opens in Paint by default.
    If you have lines or stuff (for example from lined paper) obscuring your drawing, use the eraser tool to get rid of them. Don't worry about the white space left behind; whiter-than-paper stuff goes away with contrast.
    If you need to stretch or compress the image to make it look better, now is the time to do so, for minimal quality loss. Either Select All (Ctrl+A) and drag the selection handles, or use the resize functionality.
    Select All (Ctrl+A) and drag to the top left corner to cut off extra space.
    Click outside of the selection.
    Drag the bottom right corner's handle to cut extra space off the canvas.
    Maintaining aspect ratio, resize to 100 pixels wide. If it turns out to be more than 160 pixels high at this point, undo (Ctrl+Z) and resize to 160 high instead.
    Using the bottom or side handle of the canvas, increase the space to 100x160 pixels.
    Select All (Ctrl+A) and drag the image to the center.
    It will certainly look weird at this point, having bars of white, but they will disappear with contrast in GIMP. Save (Ctrl+S) and close Paint.

    Right-click the image file --> Open With... --> gimp-2.6.exe (a newer version may be named differently)
    Image --> Mode --> Grayscale
    Colors --> Brightness-Contrast
    Increase the Contrast slider until the background is uniform, then fiddle with the brightness and contrast until it looks good. With my scanner's images, I normally have to change the contrast about 60 and the brightness about -30.
    Image --> Mode --> RGB
    Colors --> Colorify (NOT Colorize; they are different) --> Custom color --> enter "f1efd6". This is the color Mur specified; its purpose is to make the avatar blend better with the background of MD.
    If you didn't draw the MD letters somewhere on your image, add them now with the Text Tool. It's in the toolbox on the left; click it and click in the image where you want to add text, type in "MD", pick a font and size it.
    Layer --> Transparency --> Add Alpha Channel
    Select --> By Color --> click on the backgound, hit Delete (or cut with Ctrl+X).
    Save As... --> Select file type (by extension) --> GIF image --> (converting to indexed by default) Export --> type in author name in the comment box and Save.
    And you're done. [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img]
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    apophys got a reaction from Witty in MD's "Believe it or not"   
    There was an older forum before this one. :p
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    apophys reacted to Chewett in "The Warden"   
    It is an interesting idea. It could work but it would need to work alongside other roles since there is not enough people in jail.

    To those that worry about people being subjective.

    Everyone is subjective, some people can remove themselves from the equation and make them appear fair. However generally this means they are unfair to themselves but this is generally tolerated.

    It doesnt matter that there is no one who is absolutely fair becuase thats impossible.

    In short, ignore those who tell you the role is pointless as you cant find a fair person, they are being naive, we have given many more important and powerful rules to those who are considered biased.

    And please people, dont just shoot down an idea becuase you dont "get" it, its rather rude.

    I spent a decent amount of time coding a whole new "punishment" interface for PoE for her dream role which includes punishment such as stat damage, temporary bad effects and similar. Repurposing a similar item could be interesting to see.

    I like the idea, sounds pretty cool.
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    apophys reacted to Aethon in "The Warden"   
    With the new "rules" (if that's the correct term to use) about respect and such I'd like to propose a new method of "punishment" or "law enforcement" for those cases where a "resolution" can't be given.
    The Warden
    A title that should make even the strongest of players tremble at it's speaking!
    This person would work alongside judges to make sure the fate or punishment of a player is carried out. The main purpose of "The Warden" would be to transport prisoners to and from the prison. Once there, The Warden oversees their stay and has "control" over them - like how dream weavers may have control over those they put into dreams.
    Behave badly, try to escape, throw abuse or generally upset/annoy The Warden, or anyone else, and you'll face the wrath. This could be a longer conviction, lowering of stats, etc. Behave well and show repentance then perhaps your life will be made easier and you'll be spared some time. The Warden (is the name and the big bold lettering scaring you yet?!) would have no say in the punishment of a "criminal" until they are in their domain. Small alterations to their time (a few days - a week) could be granted by The Warden but for larger alterations/punishments The Warden would have to confer with the judges.
    Obviously, as this role would be (what I assume to be) an "official" role there would need to be some monitoring involved to ensure The Warden was doing their job correctly. Like in all prisons The Warden would be given a little leeway as to how "rough" he can be with his inmates (*)  but should also keep a level of dignity and respect.
    This idea would allow for real cases and punishments to be taken into consideration, enforcing the rules of "respect" through the public/judging body, rather than expecting Mur or Chewett to deal with all cases thus allowing them to concentrate on others matters. 
    This is merely a brief description of the idea I've had in my head since the announcement and, as always, opinions are welcome. I would ask however that we try to keep ideas constructive and NO FLAMEWARS (I add this as it seems these "flamewars" spring up as randomly as spots on a pubescent teenager!)
    Beware "THE WARDEN"
    Thanks for reading,
    (*) Tongue in cheek joke!
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    apophys reacted to vladan in Imagination Quest! (WP)   
    Sooooo, after some time of struggles and indecisions, I've decided to draw Witty :P
    Premise : That's not an evil look, I've just figured you as a brave woman ready to guide newbies and oldies to the right path.
    It's almost summer but I couldn't get nothing out of my mind than a winter look. 
    I hope it's not too sketchy
    Cheeers folk!

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    apophys reacted to Witty in Imagination Quest! (WP)   
    I'm not gonna participate (for obvious reasons) but I had to join the fun! 
    I might draw more people, but I will post them after the quest is finished.
    PS: Don't mind the little watermark in the corner, it's done by the app i used to make the pic b/w and rotate it
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    apophys reacted to Witty in Imagination Quest! (WP)   
    Hi! Here's my new quest.
    Main idea: draw (or create in other ways, even cosplay) a character (or many), how you imagine them from the in-game interaction you had with them. The drawing must match a brief description of themselves physically (if there is one available) but you add the spices (aka the details)! 
    *the main focus should be on characters without too many visual references about how they look (aka avatars, comment on self pictures, etc) but that's not mandatory.
    * can be any type of drawing (yes,even stick figure if you know how to add something special to it,digital drawing, etc), can be cosplay, even a sculpture or whatever way of creating an image of one of the characters you can imagine.
    ** it doesn't have to be artistic, it's not an art contest, more like one of imagination --  Please state who you drew in the post! :D
    *** entries will be judged by myself (and 2 more judges) and the rep system on the forum (I will rate each entry from 1 to 10 and each forum rating point means 1 - what's over 10 means 10). I'll make the average between those two
    **** entries will be posted here in the comments
    Final scores:
    Assira the Black 4.75
    Vladan 9.00
    MRWander 3,75
    Lania 7.6
    Druzik 8.8
    Jester 2.8
    Ignnus 2.25
    There were 3 judges + the forum rep system, each person's score was an average between these. Blackshade rider will sponsor extra stuff to the people who aren't top 3 as well. Congratulations!
    First place: WP (blackshade rider) 
    Second place: 1 GC
    Third Place: 2 Mirrorritual stones + Water
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    apophys reacted to Ungod in Imagination Quest! (WP)   
    [spoiler]This is NOT an entry :P[/spoiler]
    This is someone you know (no need for names)
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    apophys got a reaction from Witty in Respect   
    Could we not flame each other in a thread dedicated to respect?  :huh:
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    apophys got a reaction from Dragual in Respect   
    Could we not flame each other in a thread dedicated to respect?  :huh:
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    apophys got a reaction from Kyphis the Bard in Respect   
    Could we not flame each other in a thread dedicated to respect?  :huh:
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    apophys got a reaction from Menhir in Respect   
    Could we not flame each other in a thread dedicated to respect?  :huh:
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    apophys reacted to Curiose in Respect   
    More like: Multiple experiences with multiple people were terrible. 
    I'm not saying that Chewett is some sort of perfect mortal, he is human. But that I don't typically see him going out of his way to harass someone or to be overtly obsessed over someone. 
    So, take it as you will. 
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    apophys got a reaction from No one in Respect   
    Could we not flame each other in a thread dedicated to respect?  :huh:
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    apophys reacted to Junior in Citizen Application   
    Completely disrespectful. 
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    apophys got a reaction from Rophs in Respect   
    Could we not flame each other in a thread dedicated to respect?  :huh:
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    apophys got a reaction from Kaya in Respect   
    Could we not flame each other in a thread dedicated to respect?  :huh:
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    apophys got a reaction from Myth in Respect   
    Could we not flame each other in a thread dedicated to respect?  :huh:
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    apophys got a reaction from Lintara in Respect   
    Could we not flame each other in a thread dedicated to respect?  :huh:
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    apophys reacted to Nimrodel in Respect   
    So because your experience with dd was bad and awesome with chew gave you the right to judge dd without talking to him? Lol. I'm loving your posts curi. Totally in favour of the whole respect thingy.
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    apophys reacted to Nimrodel in Respect   
    Rich coming from you considering your performances in the past. Before pointing a finger at dd you should probably take into account the kind of behaviour you've shown towards the people in md during those rage quit tantrums that you threw. I rest my case.
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    apophys got a reaction from Jubaris in MD's "Believe it or not"   
    There was an older forum before this one. :p
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    apophys got a reaction from Chewett in MD's "Believe it or not"   
    There was an older forum before this one. :p
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    apophys reacted to DARK DEMON in MD's "Believe it or not"   
    The missing scenes of the Labyrinth actually do exist and they are _very_ strange... :P
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    apophys reacted to Rophs in MD's "Believe it or not"   
    I used to be the 2nd most hated player in MD years ago under the username aaront222. First hated still goes to Fenrir Greycloth.
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