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  1. He hasn't logged into his forum acc for over 2 weeks.
  2. [quote name='Malaikat Maut' timestamp='1297713847' post='78854'] Being Valentine's Day proper, I figured I'd weigh in again. I've a question for those of you who readily resign yourselves to being no more than a series of chemical reactions: To what extent do we control the reactions taking place? [/quote] To the extent of biofeedback; emotion is involuntary. I.e. none normally, but we can train ourselves over time to, for example, lessen the intensity of the emotions we feel. Emotion and acting on emotion are separate things, though. Don't confuse them. I could be in love with s
  3. The flower I like most. But the stem should be behind the petal. For transparency, add a transparent layer, increase contrast until the background is uniform, select it by color, and cut it out.
  4. Re: debatable spoilers For angiens, I personally would consider it okay to spoil VE and VP upgrade costs for people who don't have them, but not win & age requirements. Why? Because VE & VP can be prepared for in advance and can take a long time to prepare; spoiling saves time for the spoilee. For wins & age, spoiling doesn't help anything. I would not consider it okay to spoil any of another creature's upgrade requirements, because they're not so difficult to achieve (in the case of regular creatures) or you should be fully prepared by the time you get them (in the case of win
  5. apophys


    [quote name='Asterdai' timestamp='1297645770' post='78842'] me playing the tin whistle, you two are officially the only people i know in the world with Ocarina's. Would love to hear you play it [/quote] Okay, Yoshi's #1. Who's #2? Edit: Ah, just noticed Z saying he plays it. And get a better camera and mic. The ones on the computer are of low quality.
  6. Pip, anyone who logs back in after a 12-month absence or so does not deserve anything back anyway.
  7. apophys


    Maybe you can try to play this song eventually. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRDCFtTwd6w[/media]
  8. Idea: a counter by each creature showing how many times it has died so far. Maybe used as a future upgrade requirement.
  9. Sasha, when you decide to stop accepting entrants, I'll join up in whichever group is smaller.
  10. It's not worth a gold to me. If that's the current price, I'll wait until supply increases and the price falls.
  11. Would you accept 8 silver?
  12. Well, yeah, but I have a mathematical mind, so my expression came out twisted.
  13. CrazyMike, you misspelled my name. Twice. I resigned my position of editor partway through the 3rd or 4th edition due to a lack of time in RL. I could return now if necessary. My lack of time was holding up the line, due to the pecking order, so I felt I had to remove myself. After the paper had died, I proposed a restructure, which was implemented, that would keep this from happening again and would also allow smooth operation with a large base of reporters. There is no need for "final editing" if a story already goes past more than one editor's eyes. A chief of staff only needs
  14. Out of those, I would personally value the GG or the tainted most. Out of what I have currently, I'd give 4 gold, 11 silver, a 30 silver coupon, and a rusty for the tainted angien. But this probably isn't sufficient.
  15. [quote name='Maebius' timestamp='1297198782' post='78653'] Hmm, see that distracting-with-insectoid-motion forum avatar there? What is it? Is it a bug? Is it a bunch of animated pixels? Is it a series of digital data-values, translated by your computer software into a recognizable object? Is it a forum avatar? Is it a vague representation of apophys on this communcation-themed website? Is it all of these? I think yes. [/quote] Yes, different views. Let's have some more. Is it a larval human? Is it a sign to kill another 1000 virgins? Is it going to pop off my screen and kil
  16. [quote name='Luke27' timestamp='1297167510' post='78639'] I personally believe in both because if we only believe in one there will be no balance. It's like science and religion. If you believe in one then you will be blinded or rather you won't accept anything from the other. Which will only cause conflict. So my point is see every little point of view before believing. Don't blindly go for what you think is "right". [/quote] By your logic, you should be a member of every religion and cult imaginable. Praise Cthulhu! How you believe in everything without conflicting beliefs is beyond
  17. Fire Starter, a song also came to my mind when reading the mood panel entry - "Who's That Girl?" by Hilary Duff. Funny how the title is the same. You're very talented, dragonrider. Great drawings. (Incidentally, how much would you charge for the top one?)
  18. [quote name='Asterdai' timestamp='1297116402' post='78603'] i dont see [...] why it actually needs to be "understood" as if its a condition! [/quote] Everything on Earth and beyond needs to be poked, investigated, and tested in every detail, for such is human curiosity.
  19. The difference between science and non-science: Science answers our current questions while posing new ones; thus we do not know everything due to an increasing pool of questions. Non-science simply doesn't answer any questions properly.
  20. Yay, my forum rep is positive again. :)

    1. The Great Pashweetie

      The Great Pashweetie

      lol... and mine continue to sink

  21. I have not seen the post in question, but the person who did it should try to use insults that don't have the possibility of starting flame wars. IMHO, "gay", "faggot", etc. are still used as insults by the general population simply because it has been done so in the past, and old habits die hard. Don't take it personally. Since being gay is socially acceptable now due to society maturing (or due to desensitization), the "insult" no longer has any bite, and thus is no longer really associated with being gay. I mean by this, you won't commonly see a comment like "Thats gaaaaay" on somethi
  22. As I have already said twice, Shadow, the entrant can run it himself. Aster, I do NOT buy quest ideas! Read more carefully.
  23. Status of current entries edited into bottom of original post. And yay, I reached my target audience - one prospective entry is by a new mp3.
  24. [quote name='Pig' timestamp='1296909361' post='78494'] For example i didn't see any river and..weird thing...i never saw any kind of animal?? ..not to mention there are no pigs! [/quote] There is a stream in Golemus (Power's Ascent or nearby) that flows down to a watermill (Golem's Mill). Animals would not want to expose themselves to view, I suspect, so no conclusion can be drawn about their existence.
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