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  1. In my opinion, you should be capable of learning everything you need to know for combat by the end of mp4, and be able to tweak and apply it in mp5. That is currently impossible, because you can't experience All targets, you can't experience freeze auras (without buying Nuts), and a few other important things.
  2. Similarly as Ravenstrider is doing, I'm charging basic creatures with XP and selling them off. Current stock: [s]- Remains (age 1) 3.7 million XP [b]Price: 3 silver. [/b][/s][b] [/b]Sold[s] If the XP hits 4 mil, the price will rise to 4 silver.[/s] [s]- 2 Remains (age 0 each) 0.6 mil XP each [b]Price: 1 silver for both[/b][/s][b] [/b]Sold[s] If they get to 1 mil XP, the price will become 1 silver each.[/s]
  3. I also like the idea; I'd use it constantly. I like to see my opponent's creatures.
  4. @ water being avvy - Try removing the nipples and/or covering the skin with scales.
  5. I know of an mp4 under construction who cannot go to mp5. Nadrolski. I bet he's kinda screwed right about now.
  6. I think we should wait until the transition is complete before judging and proposing improvements. It seems there are many more changes to come.
  7. Same. I had 3 resets, and I still have 3. I bought a rusty and rein from shop, so I know I spent over $20 creds.
  8. If the mp6 upgrade requirement stays, people will probably gather adepts to rise, max their creatures, and drop down, motioning their adepts to someone else in need. I don't like the thought; it would make mp6 less symbolic.
  9. My lv4 GG drachorn tells me I need to advance a mindpower to max it; otherwise it would have maxed in 10 days. I'm mp5. And the current mp5s get to keep their GGs? Max trees barred from mp4? wut? I maxed myself a tree very early in mp4, and 2 more soon afterward. In fact, I maxed every publicly available creature in mp4, except for angiens which were 1 level from max. I like the restriction in principle, but the specific choices are a bit too restricting. This is really limiting the beauty of the combat scene in mp4, and I see no reason for anything to require mp6 to upgrade, except maybe
  10. [quote name='Malaikat Maut' timestamp='1298901260' post='79718'] we don't have ooc tags here... [/quote] That's probably because the forum is not for roleplay. Without the sun, plants would die, the world would be extremely cold, and the population would require a very high level of technology to survive (which would make this a sci-fi game). So the sun is a prerequisite for the realm to exist in its current state.
  11. [quote name='xrieg' timestamp='1298842561' post='79694'] alpha channel added: [/quote] No, you did something to the effect of "Color to alpha." That's wrong. The "Add alpha channel" command does no immediately visible change to a picture. But it's necessary to cut off the surrounding background properly. Following from the forum thumbnail of the second pic, adding alpha channel, selecting the background by color, and cutting it off, gives this: [attachment=2616:sample.gif] Now try doing it yourself.
  12. apophys

    Prom night :D

    Nice face, crappy pic. =P
  13. [quote name='Rumi' timestamp='1298595121' post='79557'] I would much prefer to see the actual player avatar in fights and just leave the armor maniken out. [/quote] What about for people without avatars? An empty space?
  14. @ xrieg - If you follow the steps outlined, you shouldn't be getting a thresholded pic. At which point are you getting this? What file formats are you using? Could you attach it to your post, please?
  15. EDIT: regarding the posts directly above about carbon, it is a NUCLEAR reaction, not a chemical one. In helium-burning stars, helium-4 + helium-4 fuse to form beryllium-8, which fuses with another helium-4 to make carbon-12. This does not require a supernova; it's a normal stage in many stars' life. And yes, beryllium-8 is extremely unstable (half-life 7*10^-17 seconds). [quote name='Sharazhad' timestamp='1298645934' post='79600'][i][color="#4169e1"] Light is a prerequisite for life. Without it we are nothing. It is the energy source for ALL living things[/color][/i]. [/quote] It is cert
  16. apophys

    My Avi!

    If you want your current avvy to go into your avatar bank, you need to shift it there first, before you buy another.
  17. After a while, I will join the team with fewer members; as a puzzle tester, not as a creator. I have improved other people's puzzles before and enjoyed it. Looking interesting so far.
  18. Semi-flatten will remove the transparency; I've tried it. Here's a full tutorial, from raw file to upload quality: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9102-avatar-tutorial-for-windows/"]link[/url].
  19. There was a request for an easy-to-use GIMP tutorial to make raw avatar scans upload-worthy, so I made one. GIMP is free software; go to [url="http://www.gimp.org/"]www.gimp.org[/url] to download. I start off by cropping and resizing in MS Paint, because it's waaaaay easier to do this in Paint. Then I go to GIMP for contrast and transparency. This tutorial is complete with all of the steps I use for my own uploads, so it will work for yours. Steps: Copy the image file to have a backup. Right-click the image file and select Edit, it opens in Paint by default. If you have lines or s
  20. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1297963146' post='78986'] Everything is allowed, [b]just don't use spells, bursts, combo rituals[/b] and such (make new rituals before fighting). [/quote] [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1297972868' post='78987'] [log=Influence]Loading Ravenstrider creatures Loading Princ Rhaegar creatures COMBO: Adding 13171 combo vitality bonus for this ritual Applying 21% of Ravenstrider's energetic influence Applying 0% of Princ Rhaegar's energetic influence [/quote] I see combo.
  21. Me too. You can see my profile to gauge my strength. My creatures are practically untokened.
  22. I use GIMP. It's free. [url="http://www.gimp.org/"]http://www.gimp.org/[/url]
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