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  1. Sold for 1 gold and a tree with 3 tokens. Please close.
  2. I haven't checked my Berserker's Charge access in over half a year (and now I can't really check it...), but half a year ago I was in the same boat - bought it in mp4, lost it upon mp5.
  3. Happy birthday, and I hope you enjoy your new anniversary aramor.
  4. LOL. +1 for epic joke thread. However, I don't think this is the right place in the forum for this... this place is for serious topics only.
  5. 1 silver each for water and tree.
  6. A lot more people need to sign up for this to be viable... >.>
  7. For the purpose of this first quest, "newb" is defined as mp3 or mp4 with less than 1 active year. I.e. not necessarily a true newb, but rather someone already acquainted with the game, so it's mostly geared toward advanced mp3s / early mp4s. Closer to newb than to fossil. I don't think there's a specific term for it. I checked out the locations indicated by the quest creator, and everything checked out for me personally. The bridge referred to isn't very large, but it's there. (I haven't done Ch. 2 at all yet, so I still have tents. )
  8. Not high enough yet to a bid I would actually take, but close.
  9. I found [url="http://us3.php.net/manual/en/function.date.php"]this page[/url] that details what each of the date() values give.
  10. Elemental, age 92, no tokens 21.5 million stored heat. Bid in this thread, please. Auction will end 2 days after I get a satisfying bid (which I will note), or 2 days after the last bid, whichever comes last. This thing would give me 32 power and max principles if I sacrifice it, so you'll have to beat the value of the sac bonus.
  11. After a 3-month wait, the first QCQ quest is complete, and will begin its run on Saturday, for the length of a few days. Afterward, it will remain open permanently as an example quest with which newbs can get better acquainted with the realm. Any comments on the quest should be posted in this thread. To begin, click the 2nd link on the MDP signpost (starting Saturday). Anyone may play the quest, but only a newb can be rewarded. Now I'll get to work on the second quest...
  12. Also, the mannequin does not update quickly; it sometimes takes quite a while for changes to be visible.
  13. Amo, Indy, & BFH all have ~35 adepts, fluctuating. Shadowseeker stated having 30 adepts. If all of them join the HAU, and none of the current mp6s' adepts join, there will be enough adepts for mp5s to max their crits without dropping the mp6s. *crosses fingers*
  14. Is the "2100" written meaning 21:00 servertime? I just realized I'll be on an airplane at that moment on Saturday. xD Could the fight be rescheduled, or simply occur whenever we 3 are at the MDP together before Sunday? EDIT: Fight complete; I won against Eon, both fights.
  15. apophys


    I'll bid a slightly better sharpie (claw I, firedrop tokens) for your sharpie. I personally prefer untokened, and I can't use the firedrop anyway due to principles.
  16. *sigh* How about this: I'll ask the protectors how many adepts each have, and I will only accept up to a maximum of X - 35 from each responding protector. Sound good? That should unequivocally dispel your fears. EDIT: Preliminary results are not looking good. Will get back to this once I've heard from all the active protectors. Curi, ask the newbies. It is a roundabout of the system, nothing more; they should understand the difference between a legitimate mp6 and an mp6-for-a-day, between goodwill and a paid tour. Mur stated that mp6 is something to visit for a day or week, so I didn't
  17. Peace is back, but last I heard she wasn't interested in going mp6 again. Of course you can choose not to get paid, TTL. And you aren't forced to adept to someone you don't want to adept to, either.
  18. [quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1304494947' post='83875'] [font="Book Antiqua"][color="#696969"]by minimize you mean make them drop to MP5, lose all worshipers and then asking them to come back before next "job" kicks them out again?[/color][/font] [/quote] I'm sure there is an available buffer in MD of 30 adeptable people, the losing of which will not drop any mp6 down to 5. I'm aiming for that. There wouldn't be more than one client at once, so no more than 30 adepts could be taken at once. As long as this union is not functional, there will be mp5s who try to gather adepts separate
  19. [quote name='Amoran Kalamanira Kol' timestamp='1304492828' post='83869'] There are many in the realm who ARE selfish, and that is unfortunately a quality that this current change will bring out in many players, especially those who wish to gain an achievement, or wish to max their creatures just to have them maxed. I feel that this sort of thing will hurt the few mp6 who have chosen to stay in that mind power for a reason. [/quote] Having been made aware of the potential problem of adept siphoning, I have implemented a rule that members of the HAU be adepted to an existing protector mp6 w
  20. [quote name='Mood panel'] [b]*Shadowseeker*[/b] - [i]Should I abuse alts instead? Anyone who is willing to help for a day? [url="topic/9632-active-adepts/"][img]http://magicduel.com/img/skin/default/link.jpg[/img][/url][/i] [/quote] I find this statement appalling. Would you really do that?
  21. Further applicants: please state the protector you will be adepted to in between clients.
  22. If a majority of members supported it, you could, I suppose... It's better to have 30 or fewer people at a time adepted to one mp6-for-a-day, instead of having many more siphoned off by multiple mp5s who want to go mp6-for-a-day but don't have the required number of adepts yet. The mp6-for-a-day thing is going to happen anyway; this way at least the general adept pool is less stressed. EDIT: I just got an idea. I'll make adepthood to an existing mp6 a requirement for all members in between jobs. So the union would be more or less carbon neutral, so to speak. EDIT2: Chewy, you can't
  23. The creation of this group is in response to the abandonment of the [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9182-wandering-adepts-association/"]Wandering Adepts Association[/url]. This group, unlike the other, is not created as a joke. The upcoming BHC creates a pressing need for a way to become mp6 for a day or two. The HAU will aim to fill the need, and will hopefully continue to exist permanently afterward, while trying to minimize effect on existing mp6s. Any motion can be put to a vote by 2 members or by the chairman, and if agreed to by a majority of responding members within
  24. Note to general market for judging prices - this sharpie has been bought for 10 silver.
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