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  1. I'll join in. Sounds fun.   Edit: Teamed with Jester.
  2. Let me add to that a bit, more formally. A fourth problem (in my opinion the worst) is that guardianarmy uses a random set of the caster's creatures, regardless of the caster's rituals set. There was a time, long ago (years), in which it at least used the caster's def rit for the castee to attack with. In other words, when I first tested "attacking myself" at that time, I got the same ritual on top and on bottom. The change to random was unnanounced anywhere as far as I can tell, so it was surely something breaking. TL;DR: No, it is not meant to be a random rit. Example of cu
  3. Volition: 1    Activity days: 36% (A total of 751 out of 2104 days)       I almost never move from the place of highest population density. Lol.
  4. I realize it's a bit late to be saying this, but late is better than never.     I really, really like this idea, and I think the time of 24 hours is most appropriate (longer is kind of unnecessary, since you can usually log in once a day. Although me being lazy and inactive, I'd make use of idling for a solid week if I could xD). Honestly, I wanted to be able to idle for 24h way back in mp4, and I just got used to things as they are.   If people can idle for the full time until their login the next day, it would allow a community sparring grounds with casual members who
  5. My favorite quest was the puzzle gauntlet that Bootes did, where there were 5 puzzles. Solving one awarded his spell doc; solving all 5 awarded a wishpoint. One of these was a puzzle of Chinese chess to mate in 3 moves - I solved it in 2 moves. He then made a harder version, for 5 moves, which I solved in 4. The other puzzles included one that required a logic truth table to solve, and one that required visualizing the faces of a cube in space. Don't remember the other 2 puzzles anymore.
  6. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1340747771' post='116116'] Maintain button when clicked (and a box ticked) produces a "Document not found" still. [/quote] I can confirm this as well.
  7. Is there a limit to the size of the underworld? I find myself 30 floors down, with no end in sight.
  8. apophys

    Music Thread

    [url="http://ephixa.com/album/zelda-step"]Ephixa - Song of Storms remix[/url] mp3 link: [media]http://p0.bcbits.com/download/track/91a1f6df94b306632bcd9bd1ac9a7c78/mp3-128/3750196862?c22209f7da1bd60ad42305b8eb189676dff146dbd8b8dc5f7318c81cc1b15b98c0adaece77c66dd98911ce0c75a79c6d048cfa77090974911ba83a924ac8c11056b910a6beda46056f216c6523dad387582931283db84f904419b401a13dce61d55a4b465e77ef1113730937e7f187d1deb191&fsig=607980e8818a5e5021b110e677564a34&id=3750196862&stream=1&ts=1339646400.0[/media] [url="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/429515"]Solkrieg - Song of Storms
  9. After one year, a bump. Threadmancy ftw.
  10. I support this, and will join when I can. If this idea gets popular, it could become so that the GoE grindfest would be mobile on weekends.
  11. [quote name='Metal Bunny' timestamp='1309293350' post='86855'] I decided to just remove the battle stuff, because, eh, I = lazy. [/quote] Meh, the reenactions were my favorite part. :/
  12. @Fyrd - that position looks more aggressive; it doesn't fit with the purpose of the drawing. There exist many inhuman avatars, so I don't think the problem is that it isn't humanoid. The problem is probably that it isn't personified. I.e. make the bird more of a personality than an object, as what it now looks like. To achieve this, I agree with the other posts in that you should make better use of canvas space (whatever solution you use to this effect). My personal suggestion would be to frame it better: draw it from a viewpoint somewhat off to the left and above of where it is (i.e
  13. I would like to point this out: my AdBlock Plus addon for Firefox blocked all of these banners except the two wider ones. AdBlock Plus is a very commonly used addon. EDIT: it seems to block all images that are 160x600. Just checking if I disabled it correctly: are there 7 banners in the post, or is it still blocking something? Well-made banners, btw.
  14. Nim offering escort services? O_o H_H Bid on: Nimrodel Offer: 1 silver Playername: apophys
  15. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1308832864' post='86629'] It doesn't go offline. It's still there but not showing in the players' list. [/quote] Either way, it's a bug to be fixed...
  16. 7 silver for each sharpie.
  17. I'm offering 10 silver per $5 credit pack, up to 40 silver for $20 credits. PM if interested.
  18. It's a buy-it-now; I don't have very much time to wait for higher bids. CTCs sent via forum PM. EDIT: Topic can be closed.
  19. Flat regarding the universe would normally mean that spacetime is generally flat rather than concave/convex, and it is actually speculated to be so. But from what he said, it seems he means dimensions (3 of space, one of time). The paired 2's I don't recognize. Reminds me of a book about a world with a 2-dimensional surface and inhabitants. I think the title was "Flatland." Regarding the mixing of humans, I am reminded of "Evangelion," an anime and 2 movies where at the end all humans are reduced to a liquid, which retains both their mind and body, and these are all mixed together in t
  20. Sorry to revive a dead thread, but from my current testing, the bird attackbonus aura only affects lv1 creatures. I don't think this is intended. Should I have started a new thread to say this?
  21. Imp Price: 2 silver Joker Price: 2 silver
  22. I just did one of the free regeneration rituals. (tutorial set) I lol'ed. " Ritual performed successfuly, 4 of your creatures recovered full vitality. : Creature Mistress Izumi [id:657846] - Loaded:[b]18446744073709551360[/b]/1600 Vit. Creature Imperial Aramor Assassin [id:456381] - Loaded:[b]18446744073709550216[/b]/600 Vit. Creature Water Daimon III [id:647622] - Loaded:[b]18446744073709548216[/b]/200 Vit. Creature Rudy [id:696996] - Loaded:3294/4400 Vit. This powerup is for beginners and should help you untill you figure out how to heal your creatures yourself. Use it wisely
  23. My recommendation is to make the AP cost of going to the shrine 150 AP, and having it be open to the public. Or if you don't like 150, then maybe 200. EDIT: And no, I don't mean to rely on pickles. There are other ways to get large AP.
  24. Just a note on the 2 people whose coins I have still to give: Ossa (Shiona on forums) is lost in the Tribunal, and will contact me when she gets out. mocove is out of town, and will contact me in a few days. EDIT: All rewards given. By the way, I've given 189 silver equivalent, and only got 150 silver equivalent to give it out with, so I've been giving from my personal wealth. Now I need 39 silver equivalent to make up the difference.
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