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  1. According to Bored, when I went to check the status of the recipe that was not yet complete, it tried to put a literal newline in the chat, which broke the chat.   Steps to reproduce:   Open the cake tin. Start making cake. Add some ingredients (but not all). Click "Check status" on the cake tin.
  2. apophys

    WTS Various

    1 rainbow candy each for joker, other sharpie, and imps. (Slightly more than 0.  :ph34r: )
  3. I'll start by offering a gold.
  4.   Transaction complete; thread can be closed.
  5.   Yeah, this is what I'm expecting. It was surprising for me to hear a price quote of 3 gold (a quote I didn't even ask for), so I supposed that age is somehow more valued nowadays. I'd sell the guy for anything really; he's useless to me right now.     I used to sell heated remains back when there were more people to train with. Will contact you once I have a new batch available.
  6. Just for clarity... *lick lick*
  7. Creature collection's getting cramped. Selling a very old pimped grasan.   ID: 607375 Age: 1967 (as of May 17) Stored heat negligible.   Partial-CTC identifier: CTC607375ZIJON11MDC     I heard that the age would make it worth a minimum of 3 gold, but this isn't likely. I will sell it instantly for 8 silver. But I'm not in too much of a hurry; feel free to bid less. I'm open to alternate payment methods or a trade.   EDIT: edited to be more realistic.
  8. Could we not flame each other in a thread dedicated to respect?  :huh:
  9. There was an older forum before this one. :p
  10. (Part of) the solution: get mp3s into alliances. As such trainees, they certainly wouldn't be out of attack targets.   Maybe designate a special alliance with special rules for training up mp3s. Possibly have every mp3 start life in such an alliance. An alliance that cannot be entered, can attack each other inside it, can attack other allied MPs, cannot be attacked back across MP.     I am very strongly against grindable NPCs. That would make MD lose its essence. Recognizable dummy alts would basically be NPCs. Tweaking existing mp2s would be somewhat fine because they a
  11. In a much better game, but still long (~4 hours), our winners for #2 are:   1: Sir Blut 2: Lintara 3: Witty LeWat everyone else: Aethon, Change   Grats!
  12. In a match that lasted almost FIVE HOURS, we have our winners for the first round:   1: Change 2: Aethon 3: Sasha Lilias everyone else: Orvid, Rophs, Assira the Black   That was agonizing. :o Congratulations, and have a good sleep!   Need to change some rules for round 2. >.>   Partial log (first 3 hours, as much as fit in a PM): [spoiler] [23/04/15 02:49] :Aethon settles down as he waits [23/04/15 02:50] Masked Figure 4939074:I hope more people come... >.> [23/04/15 02:50] Masked Figure 4939074:I know it's a slow time in MD <.< [23/04/15 0
  13. Items:   Rutabagas (hydrogen cyanide) Old potatoes (solanine)   cheese grater knife mortar and pestle water small bottle
  14. No more shall you observe the sun Or gaze upon the moon Your constellation's tale is done Your sight no more attuned   Your memory lives on in those Of us who can recall And tell to those who haven't heard The name of Bootes at all.
  15. I found a clicky which I presume to be the first one. It reacts to the password, but gives no further information. It's coded by StrongWilled Legna and has 30 lines of code.   Bug, or wrong clicky?
  16. Whoever is present at the moment of the activity will be playing a group version of Word Chain.   The rules are simple: - Each player states a word that begins with the last letter of the previous person's word. - A player cannot repeat a word used previously by anyone. - The player has 30 seconds to think of a word. If he cannot, he is out, and the next player's turn begins. - If a player provides an invalid word, he can retry, within 30 seconds of a verified challenge. - Time limits will be waived for technical difficulties, but don't abuse it. - A player can have up to 3 retrie
  17. apophys   51654   EDIT: currently named: Masked Figure 4939074
  18. I also experienced extreme lag for the arrow to show up. I thought that something was wrong when I did the steps correctly and it didn't show up. I sat and waited, only because I heard Chewy say earlier that it would lag. It took half a minute or more for it to finally show up.   I was doubting that it even would show up at all, and that the lag would cause my triggers to run out. Frustrating.
  19. apophys ID 51654 AD: 773 Citizenship: Lands of the East   530 briskness (before armor), 577 with armor
  20. I find it interesting when I see examples like these. It gives you a snapshot to an older time. :)
  21. On ITC transfer: : apophys aquired Top Spender Ticket Should be: : apophys acquired Top Spender Ticket [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  22. I also want to participate, since I managed to fix balance and regain honor in time.   I'd like to avoid losing my status as an East lands citizen without alliance, though.
  23. [spoiler] ░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▄██████████████▄▄░░░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░██████░░▀█████████████▄░░░░░ ░░░░░░░▄█`
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