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  1. Lets call Him "Stumpy" ROFL.. Twiggy, Sir Bark'a'lot... Enjoy my names PS: Sorry if anyone said these names already i read the first post and nothing more ^.^
  2. Here is a good spell HinderRPC The Spell will temporary remove all combat advantage powers from an RPC for 1 hour. Costs nothing, nothing at all. Will annoy the hell out of the RPC who can annoy the hell out of other players with there combat advantage powers.
  3. Enticed by the coming of war, and the word of alliances forming i find myself at the entrance to the necro lands, talking to the leader of the alliance khal. After a brife talk i was set on a mission befor i could join the alliance and become part of a legend in this land. My mission was easy to over come, completed within 5 minuits. Here i am now, part of the necrovion alliance, on a path with the shades who first attacked me in this wretched land.
  4. ***added by chewett - some elements of this story may contain spoilers. read at your peril *** I am Robin hood, a master archer from england. Once when walking in the sherwood forest with my merry men, a strange wizard apeared and approached us. He spoke "You robin hood, King of thives, stealing from the rich and giving to yourself. This was not your role in this world, you strayed from your fate, and therefor i shall send you to a land were you shall remain" All of a suddern the wizard clapped his hands together, a lighting bolt formed between his palms and in a great flash of light, a
  5. Looking at the pictures i notice something rather intresting. The 7 small prymids. One is offset from the other 6. Maybe this offset one is a key. Does this offset one hold something different from the other 6 ?? into operating the other 6 into doing something, using 6 of the princaples, and a 7th for the one your inside, to either make a bridge to the floating one, or to bring it down. All the prymids are different sizes in hight and base area. There are good stacking games were you could possibly make one tall prymid out of the base 6, and use the 7th (offset one) to teleport you to the
  6. Pushing random idears forth here As some people should know, there is invisable ink which is only visable once the paper is heated, which can then reveal a message. If you remove the princaples Darkness, light and balance, there is only 7 other princaples, as the 3 i suggested to remove are like the good, the bad, and the ugly no sider, the other 7 relate to something different. Also 7 prymids, 6 smaller, and 1 on its own. The 6 can be stacked like this, they also make one bigger one. /\ /\/\ /\/\/\ also if there is a circle involced you could arrange them like this ( from birds eye
  7. Im an active MP4 player, and quite powerfull. I have a very imaginative personallity and a good player, willing to help new players, and well bring new idears to the game. Message me if you have any open alliance slots. ^.^ Thanks
  8. I can currently click the same link over and over, getting 0.2$ Each time.. Majour bug needs fixing, as people can get Mega $$$$$ for free
  9. ~~DEFEATED~~ enemy gets a victory 60% vs -8400% He recovered 550VE only. Sorry for no screenshot.
  10. I dont have this option, but would like it in the future ^.^
  11. would like to add killing an NPC, / player game character when trying to access an area should NOT count towards wins / losses, as im fighting him as a game character not a player..
  12. how are you suoppose to farm a creature you can only kill once ? once you kill him and get access, he is defeted untill the next mind power level ?? So i dont understand how you can say it is to prevent farming. But loss i can understand And well considering you can only fight the dude when he is online, i find it evan worse, as you said to prevent loss / farming, as you can farm losses from any player your level, as you have a time set between fights from all players, so it still makes no sense.
  13. I decided to wonder around and find a NPC which was the back entrance to loreroot. Why did all my stats be reduced by 0.2 because i lost the fight i mean WDF ? There should be some type of warning system saying that if i loose this fight i could loose stats, this is total bulls**t. This i find is compleaty unfair, you shouldnt loose general stats from loosing a fight, or if you do, you should be warned of this in advanced. I find it compleaty unfair that i lost stats without warning from combat, VE / VP / AP i can deal with, as this can regenerate, but loosing stats isnt as easy. This gam
  14. Im now MP4, and finding it VERY hard to gain honor. I have 201 wins, 230 losses, but when i was MP3, normally with this ratio i would get 15-30 honor per fight, now im MP4, im finding everyone i find ( and its hard to find alot of MP4's ) always give me minus honor, from like -100 ~ -20 neally everyone. I dont truly understand how this can be possible, can anyone explain the honor system to me if it changes from MP3 - MP4? Thanks.
  15. No what i ment was if they still didnt exist in the MD shop it would have made it unfair, and what i read somewere about them being removed must have been a mistake, if they are still there then thats cool by me. I got to the end of MP3 without understanding heat. but now i understand it, im ready for MP4 and to create some havok.
  16. I belive i read somewere that befor you could buy additional heat orbs from the MD cash shop, and can no longer buy them. Some people have 5 heat power orbs, meaning they can have like 6000 max heat i belive or higher. When using this in combat they are able to gain alot more stat gains than anyone else can gain, removing the heat orbs from the MD shop gives all old players an unfiar advantage as new players will never be able to catch them people with more heat orbs stats once being used correctly. A suggestion either remove the people who have additonal orbs and refund them the $ or make
  17. Unsure how to edit the title, but added spoiler in first post.
  18. If you die in story mode, your story ends, you can gain no more bonuses, no more VE / VP max boosts, but you have just to meet the equirements to level up.. Dieing just puts you to the end of the story were you need to get your xp / wins to continue i belive.
  19. BigC i edited some stuff in the text. From reading this, this shouldnt be a spoiler, it just says i died.
  20. Eternal Game List Used for today When i clicked on it, it said invalid link. Hope this helps.
  21. I decided to get my gf to make an account and go some quick story navigation.. This could have happened to me. ____<--- Word under here should be You not your. Good job i got her to see what would happen to me first lol..
  22. ((( ))) ((( SPOILER ))) ((( ))) Ive managed to piss someone off constantly in my story, and im sure if i continue to do so, i will get killed... what actually happens if i die in story mode ?? Does my account go poof ? Does my stats get lowered ? Can anyone let me in on this ? I would like to continue with what i am doing, just got a nice +7 to darkness from my last choice, want to continue to be evil but i might die. I read somewere that you can die, so what happens if i die lol ?? Hope someone can help me. Thanks RH
  23. This type of sacrificing should be a self ritual or something only able to be excuted in sancturys (cant spell), This means you should technically be able to heal yourself faster after combat, or if you have a low amount of AP and need to get somewere in a hurry (example use gained VP from combat) you can get AP and run there fast, with the cost of VE. This will also mean that stronger players who are going on a killing spree should be able to stay in combat to gain enougth VP, then being able to safricce some VE to gain AP to be able to move to a shop to spend the massive gained VP.
  24. VP can be gained by combat, and from moving in general. That is were you are sacrificing your AP / VE for VP. So VE / AP is already being sacrificed for VP, its the others which are not yet implemented ^.~
  25. Maybe there should be an alter were you can sacrifice one of these to gain another. here are a few examples Sacrifice 1000 VE = 10 AP Sacrifice 10 AP = 500 VE Sacrifice 1000 VP = 500 VE 10 AP (can recycle the 10AP for more VE or vice verser) Something along these lines. There are plenty of ways to gain VP from combat / moving, and being able to sacrifice AP / VE for VP i dont belive should be allowed as it will make it possible to buy higher level items much easier. Many times i have found myself with 0 VE, 0 AP, and 3000VP. Being able to sacrifice VP for VE will help alot when trying
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