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  1. Ren

    Help phrog

    This does not mean you have to stop thinking of ways to help. Just that you won't see the results for a bit.
  2. This is something the Archivists do. You can certainly come work for us, should you desire. Though the actual physical proof will take more time to appear, since the Archives themselves are not open right now.
  3. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    >.> I can't have so many threads running at once Pen. The story is confusing enough with 5 branches right now. The Adventure Log really isn't just a random mentioning of things..I'm actually trying to create a story from it with the things that do happen. Just making a list of people who got updated would make it kind of the same thing as the thread where Manu tells us who got what...As they become part of the story, they will get integrated, but I can't just randomly throw everyone in at once. At the end I may make a post where the Festival comes to an end and many people gained wo
  4. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    Okay, I'd like to point out that now I'm going at about 4-5 posts a day. I can't move faster than this. It won't leave room for proper development. And, I won't sit on to keep updating it all day for everyone. They tend to get updated around 11:30 am CST (GMT-6)
  5. HAPPY Days!! ....oh wait, that's the wrong song. Happy Birthday!
  6. *cough*profile shows scrolls*cough*
  7. Ren

    Help phrog

    Before you guys get too out of whack with the angiens giving "light" business. When he says "please light...please light.." he's still trying to get his drachorn to light the wood on fire. He's not calling out for that light.
  8. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    Alright, I tried to make a good blend of those things. Now what?
  9. -when you're trying to do a historical research paper, and try to seek out your local legend teller. -when you get on to tell people you don't have time to be on right now -When you're impatient at the traffic light, and try to release your heat to make it go faster.
  10. I want people to bet on racing grasans! And attend Knattish concerts! and play cards with their archers! and go fishing with their winderwilds! and tease the goat. and have picnics with the tree... and attend the house of liquid dust as a haunted house. and put RJ and MB in a gladiator arena. and get wodin struck by lightning. and get more people swimming in the white lake. and race mattresses down more stair cases. and launch buckets of water over the gates of marind's bell at the newbies. and play beach volleyball with some water beings. (=P) and throw paper at the goat. and throw
  11. Oh, I never did post those skill gains I made one day...I copied it into my military ways and beliefs though... regeneration +1.21 energeticimmun +3.969 tradesense +1.936 briskness +2.221 initiative +0.171 defence +1.748 attack +1017.09 power +0.043 luck +0.739
  12. Ren

    Manu's Real Form?

    I feel like the odd ball out...He seems like a well thought out person to me....or is that just because I talk with him fairly regularly? o.o;
  13. Whooo, first comment... *leaves a stamp with the Archivist's label on it* B-)

  14. Also not required. That's just the excuse for people to go around and ask.
  15. Alright. What rule says an RPC has to make a quest to make his/her document available right now? There are other things RPCs set up quests for. Some give wishpoints. I can give information. Morgana can give keys. simply can give trips. We don't have to set up a specific quest for these buggers until we want to. Just because now you see a specific pretty piece of paper you can get from us, that does not mean we have to set something up for you to come try and snatch them with.
  16. I'm looking into your work now. Come visit the Archivists in the MDA Lands.
  17. You know you've been here too long when: -you read this page and scroll to the bottom to go "Oh! Manu's reading this post! If I say something, I'll get noticed!" ;
  18. The Legend Speakers is a guild branch from the Archivists that centralizes information about lore from Magic Duel and tells their tales. They also document new stories for telling later. Leader: Yami no Sakura Members: Calyx of Isis
  19. that's not a slip...he's saying king of Marind's Bell..... pun off his name, perhaps, but not a slip
  20. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    lol...MB, don't worry, I plan to send you after him sometime, too.
  21. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    Glai, I'd like to point out that phrog was punctuated correctly the first time as *phrog* (though now he's .phrog.) but, as it's a story being written, those *'s and .'s mean nothing, so he gets a capital P and becomes Phrog. The same thing happened with alche and Alche. And BLACKTHORN and BlackThorn(which also resulted in a name change). Depending on the punctuation of the name, it may get changed to look better in the log. And yes, the updates do come in spurts. I'm trying to fix that, but the reports I get that tell me what is happening are also sporadic. But, I have a whole course
  22. Alright, I'm long overdue in here. I've been working with the AL quite a bit lately, trying to get a feel for how things flow. But yeah, please let me know your feedback, so I can hopefully get better at this. Some of you probably notice the extreme style changes from time to time...that's because 3 different people write things into the AL, and each of us has a different tone. As a note, I'd like to add that the "interactive style" tends to be a little more light hearted and amusing because I'm poking fun at the things people do in the game. Please, not too harsh, I'm new to this...
  23. :D Seriously MB, we're are too alike in some ways...
  24. which isn't participating, it's just going around and attacking people then going "damn!" when someone else attacks you back. same as regular life....why does it seem like i hate this contest more with every phase of it...
  25. Yep. I haven't mass attacked anyone for heads. thus, i've taken it upon myself to see if i am able to place/win in this contest. you can help dst, by not taking my pretty heads, please lol
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