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  1. <spoiler removed> in a fight and see what happens.
  2. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    wth? I was positive this bug was actually resolved. You don't see the [friends] tab below the chat window at all? EDIT: I now see this a bigger problem. The bug has been reported to Manu and will hopefully be resolved soon. For those of you wondering, the + add friend button is just refreshing the player info as shag said. The problem is not some error on his part, it's a serious glitch that will hopefully be resolved soon. Thanks in advance for your patience, Renavoid Master Archivist
  3. Regeneration: 558 (508.33 + 50) Energetic immunity: 586 (396.8 + 150 + 40) Trade sense: 153 (153.31) Briskness: 172 (170.06 + 2) Initiative: 116 (116.89) Defence: 1113 (656.06 + 117 + 300 + 40) Attack: 2676 (2634.67 + 42) Power: 211 (209.07 + 2) Luck: 93 (93.06)
  4. And who would make the most sense for that? I did not mean PM all the RPCs. Perhaps instead you should find the one that makes SENSE to go to with what you seek.
  5. *adds Mini-Wodin to his list* 381? Were dinosaurs even evolved yet back then?!
  6. dst, that's their own fault. False info is thrown out there all the time. I recently discovered a very very large chunk of false info that is circulating the MD world as almost common knowledge. But, someone doesn't have to ask for info as payment. They could ask for something like finding a way to kill someone. *cough cough*
  7. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    dst, please delete this topic. Its purpose is completely depleted by meaninglessness.
  8. Ren

    The Archives

    I would like to point out that I don't want masses of people streaming into the Archives and trying to fill its shelves yet. Not until I have a firmer control on how it's working. If you want to have a look, browse, but don't try anything unless you've spoken to the Archivists first, please. Thanks Renavoid Master Archivist
  9. As I see it, that depends.... ) (Mur..I'm starting to talk like shoeps....lol....)
  10. Well, Udgard, I was running around helping newbies by my first week...all the time I spent around Wodin and Jonn paid off...or something... ? lol....
  11. [quote name='Chewett' post='18101' date='Oct 9 2008, 12:51 AM']the game will continue to grow because its a GREAT game. P.S. my id is only 1619[/quote] You old geezer.
  12. Neutral or not. Morals or not. Pay-to-hire or not. How many times does it have to be pointed out that No Man's Land is NO Man's Land? Cut throats or saints. Doesn't matter. Bodda bing, bodda boom. It's not a place that those things happen. Alliances give territory bonuses. No Man's Land is NOT a territory. It's completely neutral. When Alliance members walk on that land, they don't feel any influence at all. Not healing or damaging of VE or VP. Didn't mean to try and slaughter this idea...just saying that placing it in No Man's Land is a big no no. The idea itself is...interes
  13. I would hope this game grows a lot faster than just another 100k in a year, Braiton! I'm 46797, and I only just joined in June! The game has doubled in size in just a few months!
  14. Ren

    The Archives

    We'll see.... Though, the calendar isn't exactly a piece of the Archives...though the information it holds may possibly be found therein....
  15. I'm now working very hard at getting the Archives completely up and running, but it's taking a lot of effort. I need writers and editors to start finding an Archivist in the game, most likely Logan Marquis, and applying to help out. I can also be PMed. I don't just need writers, though. What I need most are people who are studying something, and keeping track of what they've discovered. The Archives will host many things that pertain both to MD and the real world, so scholars that have something to say, by all means: say it! Let us know what's going on out there. We need articles expla
  16. Granos, I do think that is quite the point of having some documents being game secrets.
  17. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    I did not ignore your comments. BUT, I cannot really do too much about it. The point is not to make this awesome, twist and turn plot that no one can follow until the very end and then it all wraps up. It's to make a fun story that people can get into, and involve themselves in the game with. The Adventure Log is not just there for you to read and criticize the grammar. It is there to encourage you to involve yourself in the game, and find your place among the roleplaying community. It's hard at first. There are a lot of ideas floating about, so not all of them can be chosen. B
  18. Ren

    Help phrog

    Alright, spawn your ideas.
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