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  1. I quite agree with dst here...though, I have other reasons that have more to do with the sort of alliances being pursued...An alliance similar to the Marind Rescuers that Aqune mentioned wouldn't be bad at all though...assuming it was approached properly... The Soldiers of the Inner Sun are in MB, btw. Now...concerning the alliances...their sizes and the lands they represent become factors... The Necrovion Sentinels is a large alliance that is singular rather than many different alliances bidding for control over its land.. much like the shades aren't individuals in thought but more like a w
  2. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    Okay! I'm finally back. I'm not almighty important enough for Manu to give me an announcement like Shoeps though. Thanks for the cookie. Treehill....what exactly do you mean by changing the AL through a doc...You mean going back in time on its pages to edit it? You most likely won't get the ability. Manu is rather touchy about people who aren't the original author editing things...or so I've heard.
  3. Ren

    Oi....all this poking is going to get you a "hug" ... >:)

  4. Ren

    Inactive RPCs

    Well, it might not work quite as easily as you would like... from what I've seen, Manu also doesn't like stepping on the RPCs feet, if he can avoid it. phrog's story branch was supposed to give him control over drachorns as well... RJ wouldn't hear of it. I'm still waiting to see if Manu will give in and let phrog join the fray. The idea is that there is no ONE way to get something in the game. ANY EDIT: Thus, the system looks weak right now, but that's mostly because it's small. Give it time to grow.
  5. [quote name='stormrunner' post='21035' date='Nov 29 2008, 09:52 AM']ren you hang out in a dead girl's room I ended up keeping playing because after blowing though mp3 and 4 I ended in wind's alot started rping just about the same time wind started the first pub there(the one in loreroot now) broke just about every rule she has, still do in fact :diablo:[/quote] Shhh!! *cough*thenewbiesdon'tknowi'mlying!*cough* !!
  6. You guys are freaks. The music on the frontpage is creepy and the drawing is terrible and I am in no way addicted/attracted to this game. Where's the power switch?
  7. Ren

    The Archives

    I really need to read the forums more often. Sorry about that. You're fairly accurate in your descriptions of the Archives, bootes. There are, of course, variations left and right, but that's the gist... Of course, there should be more RL things than MD things..but I'll talk about that later. As for the dimensions...I agree with Bootes.. Particularly about the perceptions. But, can we stay somewhat on topic here please?
  8. Ren

    The Archivists

    ; Yes, what dst said.
  9. Ren


    You could certainly be eligible for the prize Bootes.
  10. Ren


    These are all nice ideas that I'm taking into account. When quests with prizes turn up, there will be a note saying so, as well as a notice of what the prize is on the thread with the quest.
  11. LOL. You didn't even see the really funny ones MB. I say something different almost every time. I think last time I said something like "*curls up on the bed, swiping hand through the air* Not now Marind...I'm tired..." )
  12. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    I completely agree with you there..I try to give people the benefit of the doubt....but it doesn't always happen.
  13. Ren


    Wishpoints are like a type of money that can get you special things in the game.. I like your ideas, but they're too complicated. In the end, I can't make custom rewards for people who solve these adventures. It requires too much work out of Manu when he has so many other things to do. But principle increases work
  14. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    Soltis I was just poking fun at your motives for posting. Again, not so serious. Udgard, I definitely agree with you..although, those come up much less often. I rather hope to make use of both the quests and the game secrets. That way we get lots of places for people to participate...and occasionally awesome results.
  15. Ren


    I am looking for a range. Thank you for your suggestions as well, Bootes.
  16. Ren


    neg...that isn't so simple... especially because the quests are too infrequent for that. It'd take a year for someone to get a gold medal because first there'd have to be enough quests to earn it, and then you'd have to make sure you were able to solve it every time there. At the current rate of only 4ish support thread quests per main story, and each main story taking around 100 pages and 2 months time...well, you do the rest of the figuring. Yes...I was considering wishpoints. They're simple and get people a more flexible prize than something like skills. But, I already told you that
  17. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    I didn't say the analogy was perfect. Although, you'd be surprised how many people don't read the AL, or even know it exists...that you can astound with your knowledge of it. haha... Anyways, you don't have to be such an extremely hardcore roleplayer that you won't acknowledge something unless someone tells you about it in character...and if you want to be, why are you here talking about this at all? It's against your character to meta-game... You shouldn't take everything I say (or anyone..) so seriously and literally. Sure, to a character, Marind's Bell might be a large town. But,
  18. Ren


    No. The MDA lands aren't just peaceful, they're noncombative. No alliance of wars will hold its base there, regardless of however holy they believe themselves.
  19. Ren


    Alright, so here's the scoop. Sometimes there are going to be really hard-to-solve quests that aren't worth merely getting a "Congratulations!" in the AL. Those quests will be accompanied with prizes chosen by myself, and reviewed by some of the other Archivists. What I want to know, is what sort of prizes sound reasonable? I know you all want credits, or something like the luck skill, but those aren't reasonable to give out on a questing regular basis. So, would you rather more frequent quests with smaller prizes, or less frequent quests with larges prizes? The prizes will be given to
  20. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    [quote name='Soltis' post='20150' date='Nov 17 2008, 04:22 PM']You'd be surprised how many people are simply unaware that the check-boxes mean you can select more than one and radio buttons are one only. Should say so in the poll somewhere, it hasn't quite become all around knowledge. -Sporadic -All 5 -2 I can explain my first and third choices rather quickly- I don't know /why/ I'm reading the log at all. It hasn't affected me in-game in the slightest, I haven't been able to participate in it, and I haven't seen it affect the world in a month or so. This is offset by my second selection
  21. Saki, have you already forgotten your addiction from just the other day? [quote]Saki: You can buy class armor by talking to the RPCs. Ren: whoas Ren: XD they're probably NPCs Saki: Sorry, NPCs. Ren: Saki: "You know you've been on MD too long when..."[/quote]
  22. Chewett:Thanks ren i have just changed your post. Please do not post here. Please post [topic="2745"]Here[/topic] to join the test .Renavoid. 46797
  23. I think your categories might be a little off... Emotional and Instinctive aren't alike at all... One is a gut reactive feeling, and is rather subconscious. The other is more like... "listening to your heart." Not necessarily reacting instinctively, but rationalizing based on what you feel instead of based on facts/lies. That having been said...I kind of think you need to make emotional into a category, and combine subconscious and instinctive... Though, I highly doubt those are the only categories available. I don't really feel up to trying to figure out what they are right now, though.
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