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  1. whoa... it was gone for me too...then i refreshed and it popped back up. try that oh. lol, k. that's nice to know for future reference
  2. I know there are lots of talks about rituals in random tidbits here and there, and I think I might know which ones to use. Just need to wait for the age to try it out with upgrading them all one more level. (just to be on the safe side. XD)
  3. Maybe you should ask Manu directly. This sounds like it's a bit out of our league.
  4. Ren

    Story mode

    Once you start figuring out how to do the system, it won't take too long. I've doubled my wins since yesterday.
  5. I remember when I was doing it. I chose darkness first. The very next time I was given the option of choosing a principle, i saw that I could choose Darkness again, and it would me +4.9 instead of +1.9 as the others did.
  6. So, am I right in believing Syntropy and Time are closely connected? I get the feeling that you could increase your perceptibility of the future if you have a firm understanding of the flow of time...but for that matter, I enjoy seeing the web of interconnections between all of the principles. Perhaps a combination of closest ties in the giant web is what creates the most powerful magic? I think of it as similar to the flow of chi. The correct principles can flow from one to the next to induce a torrent of destruction or an ebbing pool of gentle healing. I can see a wonderful connection f
  7. yeah, i'm going to have to look into that rit again, cause i got royally screwed the first time. XD
  8. I don't know what the big deal is...I brought the whole thing up and I'm from a southern state.......maybe that's why I actually could read it and figure out what was being said without too much difficulty at all. o.o; lol
  9. haha, Run with the head! I don't know if it's a bug or not...but If it is, cool. if it's not...looks like we're in for another war.
  10. Ren

    Zero gains?

    I think it has to do with what principles you have...like there's a situation and it grants the possibility for that skill to be raised, but because of the principle you chose, it didn't get the initial move from 0, so it remained thus after the 6% multiplier... This is just a speculation I made. I'm not claiming it's true.
  11. @.@ Holy crap it's annoying to read an accent. do you think that way? o.O
  12. Posting in the forums a lot actually helps you to learn a lot of things about the game. Other people will correct you, and when you correct someone else you really get to see how well you do, or how well you don't, understand a concept of the game.
  13. i actually would like the answer to this question too. I have the feeling I need to do something specific before I can fight them....
  14. you're creating a thinking anomaly known as the slippery slope. that is only one far extreme outcome. not enough of the masses of players will be doing what you're implying to cause everyone else to do the same.
  15. Back on topic: I think the best chance of getting more female avies will be to give specific ideas for what you mean, and possibly offer up examples of what you mean/would like to see. In my mind, the examples could be something you've come up with that you would like improved upon in some way, or other arts from around the web that help to inspire ideas. (In this I don't mean copying the pictures, because that would be unoriginal. Though perhaps you could take multiple pictures of ideas you like to combine them for something new and interesting. Sort of like cleaning an old gift then wra
  16. If you don't gain any honor when you have more losses than wins, you will never have enough honor to use because you lose honor whenever you lose a fight. If you don't get the bonus to honor when you have less wins like that, your honor will just drop in number. At least...that's what I think you meant by that.
  17. new creatures won't matter. They just get a different x value. as for healing abilities and the such, i didn't say d was the total vital the creatures had going into the battle. d was the total damage inflicted by a creature throughout the fight. all simple counters. don't get me wrong, i'm still not saying i'm for the idea. just backtracking on my words of how hard it would be.
  18. Hello and welcome! D&D rocks. Let me know if you've got any splendid ideas for campaigns.
  19. Is that a challenge? @Braiton: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
  20. Well, I was thinking about it again, and coding actually wouldn't be THAT bad. I know how I'd do it in C++ anyways, and most codes are fairly similar between languages. There would be a simple integer function that calls for a certain value, x, where x is the exp constant for that monster. For example, let's say you're fighting a barren soul. By itself it gives 50 exp (if I remember correctly) to each creature when you have a full army of 6. (obviously, 300 exp). For clarification's sake, this is level 1 barren soul which has 200v. That's simple math. x=1.5 so when d=damage and E=reward
  21. I like this idea as well....although rethinking it, it might actually backfire a little. If the coding to the game was changed such that you gain exp based on the total damage you inflict, all of a sudden you don't have to fight strong fights to get a lot of exp, you just have to attack someone with a lot of healers in their def rit. This could be countered if each individual creature had it's own different exp amount granted per damage done, but I believe that would take a great deal more coding and open up more possibilities for bugs.
  22. It's nice to know we all know our standing on Magic... :lol:
  23. I read one post and saw it as a signature and decided to take the quiz. :lol: I used to play the game and was curious to see what I'd come up as. I knew in advance I'd be blue though... It's a card game that uses colors as specific battle types. White tends to be healing, Black tends to use death, Red tends to use fire hard hitting damage, blue tends to use magic and traps, green tends to...I don't remember. :lol: I never played with green so I don't really remember how it works.. That's the basic gist to it though. A color to determine the type of attacks you'll use.
  24. I had this same problem, but also encountered a solution and a temporary solution. Using the Flock browser (from Mozilla, same as Firefox), logging out doesn't return to the 'authentication.php' but simply relogs. Clearing the cache or deleting the cookies for MD would allow the system to return to the authentication.php. However, this problem was not encountered when I swapped over and tried out IE. Clicking Resume Play after logging out took me to the authentication.php. A temporary solution that one player (I don't remember who now) discovered was clicking "go idle" and then click "log
  25. Hey, started the game about a week ago, and only just came over to the forum. The game looks so wonderful, and the system is simply amazing! I look forward to seeing how the game develops over time.
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