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  1. It seems like I read somewhere that Ch.3 was about 80% complete...I have no idea where I saw that though. o.O
  2. Ren

    Battle Reports

    lol, yeah i've had that happen too
  3. I have to agree with MB, when's the next one?
  4. Alright, this must be a bug or something. I'm not idle, I keep moving around. But, I only get the reports that I'm being attacked A. about 20 seconds after it happened, or B. if I specifically look at the battle page to see if i've been attacked by anyone new. It'd be nice to know when my creatures aren't half dead right before I walk into the loreroot guardians. >.< Any suggestions?
  5. I wish I hadn't stopped drawing.. I'd take a good week or two of drawing a lot to get back into the swing and try to draw these for you gals. =/
  6. wait, it IS what and NOT who?? cause i originally thought heart o.o
  7. @14th what am i I can't help but think this would be the perfect set up:
  8. Ren

    bug report

    Reading through the code...this is nothing but the chat window.. and even there at the bottom it's got code for an alert to tell you to refresh the window (which i can only assume would clear the "cache" of the coding on the chat window. kind of like the cls command..) "Error message: Sounds is null" appears to be our actual error. it's telling you to refresh the page because the sounds did not properly load. in programing, you can set up safety nets of sorts so that certain messages come up to tell you what went wrong. I don't know why the sounds didn't load, but that appears to be the
  9. if it comes first and follows after, it just means it's following the cycle and is about to come first again.
  10. oh yeah... lol. and wow, now that you mention it...that's not a loophole at all. lol, that's just the exact same way the game will normally run off your principles.. okay, problem solved. good work glaistig
  11. Okay, I just tried it out again and at first I thought it definitely accumulated. I chose Dark when all were +1. I chose it again the next time and it was +2 but all the others were +1. The next time all were +1 and it was +3. After that it went back to +1 though, so I chose Transposition, but at the next choice the +2 was on Time. So, they fluctuate just as they should based on your decisions, but there is most definitely a loophole that lets you choose the same principle multiple times...however I'm not sure how long it lasts. what happens if you never choose a third principle right up
  12. Ren


    Which is what the report said at the top in big green letters, but we BOTH got the message in bold black saying we were penalized for losing the battle.
  13. edit: just realized what i said. nvm
  14. yep. i meant he can't do it til he figures out what to do to get into the willow shop
  15. welll.....then what about when you reach 100 wins but not the exp? the way that is, the creatures would stop getting exp at max wins...on the other hand, 100 wins isn't max like exp, so nevermind. just a thought, lol
  16. Ren


    Right, that's what I'm saying. No healing or damage was done throughout the battle. And also like I said, there isn't really too much point in having a tie because the only plausible time it will happen is with two healers not healing, which will probably only happen if two people are goofing off like I was. That's why I say the only reason to fix it would be for OCD cleanliness of the coding. lol
  17. my answer: you won't be able to until you figure out what you need to do
  18. alright, thanks for that clarification.
  19. I'm trying it out again shortly. Give me a few min
  20. Ren


    I know, there's no point for it, but I did a healing rit when both our rits were already full life, so no damage or healing was done to either side. Thus it was 0% v 0% and while the attacker was told he won, and the attackee told he lost, the little stats report says "you were penalized 1 honor point for losing this fight" for both players. Shouldn't neither player be effected by a tie? For all practical reasons I know this makes no sense, just wanted to make sure it was a known fact.
  21. ROFL that's funny although I was just rethinking the strategy and I can't believe how simple the answer is that I was overlooking. XD
  22. Okay, so following the story you get to the end and need to get 280k exp and 100 wins to advance to next stage, right? And while you're looking at the page where it tells you what you need left and tells you your Current Experience. Mine tells me I have roughly 190k current experience. However, the total experience we have is an accumulation of our creature's experience (from what I've seen and read). Thus, do to sacrificing some creatures and using healing rits that end in negative experience, I can click on my name and only see 100k exp. Which one do I need to keep a better eye out for
  23. so, can you get more honor still since you broke the limit?
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