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  1. Broaden your horizons, but no one ever said you can't *specialize* in one area
  2. I'm not sure if this post will also be found. But I do a bit of writing on the side myself including slow work on a novel currently. I'd gladly offer my services to the game if it's needed. From what others have told me, I'm good at making sentences flow and sound eloquent. I do have a piece readily available if a sample is desired.
  3. Ren

    Deleting Friends

    I notice that the -20 happens only after the first time. But, after the reset, it chooses a new number to add and starts dropping 20 from there again. this last time I only gained 6 so I had 36/30 EP. The AP is subtracting as it should still
  4. Ren

    Deleting Friends

    I did it twice in a row, and so did Glai. And I actualyl did it three times in a row. After the first time it starts just zapping twenty EP.
  5. Ren

    Deleting Friends

    Okay, I did it again, just to grab a screenie for ya: As you can see, the required 20 AP is taken, but the 5 EP is...well, not taken to say the least. and actually this number is always different I noticed.
  6. Ren

    Deleting Friends

    That's what i'm saying. I was doing that. It did change that way.
  7. Okay, I needed to delete a friend from my little list, because I was just experimenting with it. I saw that it costed 20 ap and 5xpl which i took to mean EP. At any rate, I had just logged in and had 67/100 AP, and 30/30 EP. I deleted the friend, and had 47/100 AP, but 62/30 EP. o.O And i've refreshed several times. I actually do have 62 EP. Curious, no? o.O hmm...so i just tested it again, while i still had the same stats before the timer reset... and i now have 27 AP and 42 EP. o.O I want to know what it's trying to do here...
  8. Actually, I don't think there's any reason there SHOULDN'T be permanent damage. You can get negative stats from the storymode too, and it happens just because you took a wrong path in your exploring. It's good balance. Would it make sense in life if you were exploring with a knife and when you accidentally cut yourself there's not at least some chance that you could prevent yourself from being able to play the guitar for a while?
  9. ROFL! I like that one! It should seriously be used! lol i don't know how it could be said. it could be something like "Sadly, you have been defeated and gain a loss counter, but victory tomorrow spurs you on!" rofl. okay, not that, but you get the idea
  10. A new player, Sylf, had the following idea: That's actually a paraphrase, not a quote. But, anyways, I see how it's not a big deal in the slightest, but he does have a slight point...in a game where losing is good, why say it's humiliating? Thoughts? p.s. yes, i know it's not really that big of a deal or in need of dire immediate attention. lol
  11. i certainly don't have this option...tho i would like to have it..
  12. If there isn't some level of nitpickiness then there would be a great deal more people who won and thereby the prize wouldn't be worth it. Asking for a certain answer insures some sort of a barrier that lets the winners get a better prize for the more people that don't get the answer. Those who were nitpicked may feel wronged, but if they win the next time because nitpicking isn't used, then they get a crappy prize and think the whole thing was stupid because the quest before them got a better prize and it was all very unfair. ...I hope that train wreck of thought was followable.
  13. This has already come up. you just need to refresh the interface. It has something to do with FF3 that keeps bugging the sound calls
  14. technically a good idea that i do like. the problem is that would involve a whole new hell of interface chat coding with a timer that sets on each message displayed in each location on the game. not to mention the one timer we do have, the regeneration, often is slightly off due to lag. imagine all the timers lagging and freezing the entire interface. @.@ now, if there was a single timer that told us the game time along with a little blurp about what time in game the message was sent, THAT might work.
  15. btw, i was very confused when you asked me to explain how i came up with it. now that i know you meant how i decided it fit each piece, i'll be able to give a better explanation in the future.
  16. lol, don't need to worry about it so much. Seriously, all you want is a Lazy-Button. It wouldn't help the game at all and would just take up space to let you store the same rit. besides, as i understand it, in later stages you start mixing up your strategy more often otherwise you're predictable and easily beaten.
  17. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that simply isn't the case. An answer IS the secret you seek. An answer would be the overall collaboration of a clue, not the clue itself. When you say "the same thing happens when you find an answer" that is using a vague and broad definition of "answer" synonymous to clue.
  18. Ren

    0% v 0%

    hmm, it is possible that i might have them targeting Dying creatures.... i don't remember, lol. i'll consider that a possibility.
  19. Maybe Manu wanted them to look more like someone's scribbled notes than the rest of the game. XD
  20. Alright, just read this. I think it'd pretty obvious what my confusion is about. ~~VICTORIOUS!~~ 0% vs 0% Combat details (under construction). 'A' is you, 'E' is enemy Honor reward for this battle: 2 Loyalty reward for this battle: 0 Enemy was penalised with 2 honor for loosing this fight *** todo help after fight Casualties: Enemy:0%, You:0% heat You: 227, Enemy: 0 logsize:351 usevitality:50 strategy:215180 looser:E actionnr:120 rounds:15 E lost: vit; A lost: vit; Array ( [vars] => Array ( [statsVp] => 0 [statsXpl] => 0 [statsAct] => 0 ) [
  21. it's not like it's difficult to understand..you see what the stat is and what it's increased by. the rest you can write off as nonsense until you need it.
  22. I kind of thought so, but I thought the stretch to gills was just enough to make the riddle tricky I'll try to think of something else.
  23. Well, another way is to spam several attacks at once on players with low VE and no creatures. This doesn't give NEARLY as much exp and you still get your wins. As for your defense, same principle. minimum creatures and vitality for a ritual. (don't forget you need atleast 301 for a rit!)
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