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  1. I think I just thought of something new to draw! ooooh!!!
  2. This is mostly just amusing and I wanted to share it. If it happens to you, a simple refresh will clear things up. Thing is, when the online area names refreshed, i was missing from it. lol
  3. welcome. i already "loled" at you
  4. I'll send you a message saki. it was your idea, so i don't know how you forgot it
  5. I don't have anything to add Grido, only to emphasize. Manu has a lot of things he's trying to juggle right now and doesn't have time to edit it, but to fix it would mean someone having access to the server which is a BIG no no.
  6. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    I have sent a message regarding everyone who posted above this point. Your friends lists should be working again soon. Additional people with this same problem should continue to post here, and your problem will be mailed off within a couple of days. (I normally check the forums every day, but there are random times when I'm gone for several at a time) Thanks, Ren
  7. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    Actually, if anyone is having this same problem, post it here and I'll send one message instead of spamming poor Manu.
  8. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    This problem has occurred before. I'll send a message now, Venger. It should be fixed soon.
  9. welcome. here's a list of people who bite in the forums: Glaistig Morgana Le Fey Metal Bunny Grido Yami no Sakura other than that, enjoy.
  10. Ren

    Reset Waiting

    aye, i assumed that much. i was mostly posting so it's definitely known
  11. ROFLMAO. Saki, I LOVE how it turned out! You gonna do the one I think you are next? which reminds me, I need to come up with something else to draw myself. O.o As for poking fun at Wodin, I think his sense of humor doesn't mind too much
  12. I just reset my mp3 character and the wait I still had stayed with me. o.O
  13. lol, it was entirely supposed to be amusing. as for wodin...i don't know if he's even seen it and glai goat, my sister told me that it only works when i scan from Word.... lol?
  14. Ren

    Ap overload?

    I don't know how that happened to you Morgana, because Wodin has healed me several times and nothing else ever happened. Not to mention, I've never actually EVER seen AP go over 100
  15. not to be a stickler Morgana, but it should be e-mail
  16. OKAY! I finally got around to just doing it. Any of you seen me running around like a maniac attacking every MP4 in sight because I've been granted Wodin's army and power? Well, in honor of every one of those times and every one of those times to come, I present Wodin: The Most Powerful Drug. Okay, guys I haven't drawn anything in over a year. Please go easy on the bashing. >.<
  17. Ren

    free credit bug

    i noticed this same problem, but i also noticed it only happens when i'm at full ve/vp. hope that helps
  18. Not Bulgaria sorry, but welcome! if you've got questions, ask away
  19. WOW! LOL! I LOVE that saki! Way to make fun of me for trying....
  20. Welcome! as you may have noticed, we're a lively bunch of jokers and funhaving people.
  21. yes, this is an issue we discovered that has something to do with the mozilla engine. go idle > log out is currently the way to do it. That or logging out and deleting the site's cookies which is more time consuming and annoying.
  22. lol, well even late welcomes are worthy of gracious "Thank you"s Thanks.
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