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  1. no, they do not. you do tho
  2. the cap is where you're supposed to be to be able to advance to the next level. otherwise people would stay at mp3 when they clearly are powerful mp4. The mp3 cap is 280k. what you see is your creature's exp. click on the md shop icon and you can see your player total
  3. Venger's encounter with BigC tells us that BigC is gaining power once more. We may yet be able to bust him out.
  4. I was already talking to him, chewett. Apparently it is actually somehow lowering your total exp.
  5. Glor, I've read about, and if you'll recall from the prologue, the liquid dust forms together to create incredibly powerful shades. I believe its power originates from Necro, and that's how it replenishes itself. Kind of like a power house on the outside of Necro so the shades can exist off their land. This also leads me to the conclusion that when Jack Willow came to the House, the shades came upon him and sucked him into oblivion/necro, which he may have known and sought since he once combatted with Necro so fiercely, and may have wanted to return to that.
  6. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    chewett and Firbran, your problems have been reported. Again, anyone else with this problem, post here and I'll create a list to mail off when theres a couple of you/it has been a few days since you posted.
  7. I feel like I should point out that the little skull icon is very similar to the other alliances. It's probably just the necro symbol.
  8. *sigh* this error is floating about all over the place. please be patient, restart your browser and try again.
  9. Heh, you can't just get into loreroot because you solved berserker way. Try doing the same thing you did when you first found the berserker way
  10. This looks like two healing rits. In which case, the one that did more healing wins. (the higher negative value) and because the opponent did healing and you didn't damage them, you got negative experience because they got negative damage.
  11. The solution for these types of problems is always: "refresh. if that didn't work, clear your cache then refresh again" oddly, it gets almost all of our problems solved. O.o
  12. I believe some testing is going on that caused this error. Please be patient.
  13. The arrow is gone until you check the scroll again and it tells you to go fight the shades
  14. I believe this falls under the same category as correcting the grammar/spelling in the story mode, and there are several threads created about this already. The answer remains that Manu simply doesn't have the time to deal with correcting these and having someone else do it would mean they would need access to the server and would have to be COMPLETELY trusted. Thus, we are patient and try to decode what the occasional errors are. They may not all be spelled correctly, but I can understand it just fine.
  15. @Saki, thanks, I enjoy detail. @ Khal, lol, I loved the pun and the art is great! I laughed so hard! thanks ...is it just me...or am I in 4/5 fanarts? xD
  16. When you're stronger, your Regeneration stat will take care of this.
  17. Well, I suppose here it is...This is my depiction of Khal's being summoned to the shades. I made the assumption it caught him by surprise and he was reflexively trying to get away. As for my art, my details are getting better, but I'm still not quite in full swing yet. Comments?
  18. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    I'm trying to avoid sending single person lists. You're on there chewett. if no one else comes forward in a day or two, i'll go ahead and send ya. sorry for the delay
  19. Ren

    I'm not online??

    well, THAT could be because YOU moved and the lag time got you the report later but a curious note: this has happened twice within 24 hours of each other both in the paper cabin
  20. Ren

    I'm not online??

    Just happened again. this time with Glai goat. We all noticed
  21. hallo hallo hallo. >insert Matchbox Twenty's song "How Far We've Come" here< (for anyone who has seen the music video, this will make sense) Welcome. enjoy
  22. It says max exp is reached for this mindpower for the player that is there, but I know I've never seen that alert when I attack someone else. I think they meant Er3vos was max, so that's why Perfectra couldn't see the result
  23. Ren

    I'm not online??

    I'd completely agree with you, if I didn't know I had been sitting there for about 10 minutes and it had shown me as present before that
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