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  1. Ren

    Alliance Bug!

    heh, Well it is definitely confined to Alliances then..
  2. From what I can tell, this does not effect the normal players. Who else that is in an alliance has this? Our Win|Loss ratio has stopped moving. My wins and losses have been the same since yesterday when I joined the alliance and Wodin tells me his has done the same. But, I know it's fine off the alliances because of my adepts. Anyone else?
  3. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    GAH! why are some of the fixes working and others not? Sorry Braiton, I'll send you again...
  4. I myself have wondered about such a thing as this. I'm not as sure that it'd be useful, since when you want to see someone you generally see them in the game and it tells you who they are an adept of...but yeah. lol
  5. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    sent for the above people. Manu says he has fixed this bug, so if anyone JUST bought the friends list and it didn't expand, please come forward soon.
  6. I would like to change the connotation of "divine" here. Divine certainly insinuates a greater being, a god of some sort, if you will. But it can also be dark divinity with light divinity. There may well be a dark reflection of marind's chime inside of that black mirror that is Necrovion.
  7. Life can certainly be a cycle. Just as precipitation and pooling and evaporation, creatures are born, they live, they die, they decompose, and then fertilize something else which is born, it lives, it dies, etc etc etc. the natural world is very much in balance with itself.
  8. Ren

    I'm not online??

    this does not only happen in the paper cabin. the entire first line of people disappeared while i was sitting at willows.
  9. He looks like Morpheus from the Matrix kind of.
  10. Ren


    2. Guerrilla Golemicarum Leader: Wodin, Active: yes, Homeland: Golemus
  11. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    alright... i'll let manu know
  12. The shades have been sought, and discovered. It occurred to chewett and myself that we need to know more about the opposition, the Angiens. From this alone, we can hypothesize that the shades are either lying or not giving the entire truth. They tell us that they reflect our desires to balance the light. But, the Angiens are the actual light that oppose the shades' darkness, which means that humans are actually the gray area (which makes the most sense because our own selves can denote whether we are dark or light). Thus, perhaps the shades balance by reflecting only negative emotions and
  13. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    WHAA? i already got his reply that yours was fixed...
  14. I highly endorse this notion. I hate how it works..
  15. Ren


    So in other words you're screwing with the system. stop that now.
  16. I said that wrong, I did mean the shades don't stand between us and the Angiens.
  17. Ren


    If there's no button, how did you discover you could fight yourself
  18. meiche, the Angiens do not by any means stand between us and the shades. The Angiens are sort of like the natural enemies of the shades. Humans aren't the overbearing lightness that the shades seek to balance. Those with certain actions can be seen as light, but human nature also applies a balance within themselves, such that some create light, and others create darkness.
  19. Heh, K your art always makes me giggle (giggle!?!). I love it And, thanks. I'm very fond of roleplaying.
  20. Ren


    Out of random wtf curiosity, where did you find a button to attack yourself? O.o
  21. sounds like a high power stat, not a bug
  22. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    wait...so you do have the problem or you don't mysecka?
  23. Welcome I don't bite...as hard as Metal Bunny
  24. Ren

    MD SHop bug

    alright, i'm sending out the letter now. Can you guys do me a favor? When did you originally purchase the lists? Cause the issue should have been resolved already.
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