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  1. MD Captchas have an ego problem with me D: I told me "MD"

  2. Ahem... I did THREE songs. :P And if the guitar part is ever finished, four.. >.>;

  3. -seeks a victim-

  4. *writes three new songs*

  5. Someone get it over with and pick his nose..

  6. Ren

    Oi....all this poking is going to get you a "hug" ... >:)

  7. Whooo, first comment... *leaves a stamp with the Archivist's label on it* B-)

  8. All this time, and no one has commented on you yet? You're a handful. :P Oh, and... WOOHOO! *first* comment. :D

    On a more serious note (ish), Hi Morgana! :D

  9. So mean to not leave comments D: :)

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