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  1. MD Captchas have an ego problem with me D: I told me "MD"

  2. Well.. in that one Youtube video, there were two..

    Do more Mister! Be more active! D

  3. Ahem... I did THREE songs. :P And if the guitar part is ever finished, four.. >.>;

  4. Ahem... I listened to your two renditions of songs that are in MD form.. and I must say:


  5. !! If you seek a victim.. and you said so in comment form on my profile... does that mean... ! *Gasp!* I AM YOUR VICTIM?

  6. -seeks a victim-

  7. Hello person who I heard ran a spaceship into something.

  8. *writes three new songs*

  9. Someone get it over with and pick his nose..

  10. happy birthday famous one :)

  11. It's flat...do I really need to bother explaining? lol
  12. Ren

    Adventure Log 1.1

    Alright! We've started separating the AL branches up and putting them in order as well! In the process we are also reediting many of them to correct spelling and grammar that we missed from long ago. Of course, the process takes time. We only have the Golemus Wizard and RJ's Dragon quests so far, but the others are being worked on. Thanks for the idea! [url="http://md-archives.com/categories/Archives-of-Legends/Official-Documents/Adventure-Log/"]Adventure Reconstruction[/url]
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