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  1. I'm a consistent monthly contributor to MD, and from my perspective, the big tombola-type event would be fantastic (Option 1, variant 1). To me, I don't really spend the credits terribly often because I don't feel like I need very many things from the shop anymore. But, I still let my credits build up as support and on that basis of "I might have a use for these one day..." So, I think something really big that come about from continually doing this, but not too frequently (200 instead of 100), would be like an extra incentive to keep on. AND, say we get up to that point and get something
  2. Eh, my offer stands. ; Just as cash instead of credits.
  3. -snickers- I'll give ya 60 creds for another windy, dst
  4. I would love to offer some services to you, Curi. I'm not sure who you have that knows what, but I certainly have a handful of people I feel deserve to be remembered in some fashion and perhaps a thing or two I can tell you about them as well. fyi though, I don't check forums much. You're better off catching me at the Road.
  5. MD Captchas have an ego problem with me D: I told me "MD"

  6. Well.. in that one Youtube video, there were two..

    Do more Mister! Be more active! D

  7. Ahem... I did THREE songs. :P And if the guitar part is ever finished, four.. >.>;

  8. Ahem... I listened to your two renditions of songs that are in MD form.. and I must say:


  9. So...what about some sort of "Generator" outside the lands? That is, a small group of people that constantly seek out more wp codes that they can use to sponsor people outside the regular lands in their quests. I suspect it would be hard to set up, and harder to maintain, not to mention it would probably get "abused" by Land Alliance people wanting to use it if it worked well enough... But, unless another method is found..? Just a random suggestion. Or perhaps set up a regular barter agreement of sorts where kings give a certain number of Tasks that can be "Traded" in for wp codes, simila
  10. !! If you seek a victim.. and you said so in comment form on my profile... does that mean... ! *Gasp!* I AM YOUR VICTIM?

  11. -seeks a victim-

  12. It's the armor I'm pointing out... Straight out of the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Dungeon Master's Guide. The armor is the same in all three images, and the pose is very similar, yes.
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