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    I do in fact totally agree with you but when it comes to me actually going to win, it should let me and not make me retreat. It should make them retreat with me reaping all of the exp not the person who was going to lose.
  2. ZaiTh


    So if I retreat, the other person gets a lot more exp than myself. I still don't understand why? Honestly wins and losses dont really mean much in this game when you break it down.
  3. ZaiTh


    Is there anyway to take this out of game or change it? Many times I have seen myself winning then I retreated thus losing the fight. Today it came down to myself having one creature left and the other had a Grasan. I would of won but the game decided I had to retreat??? That makes no sense. Can someone maybe break it down more for me? Maybe I am missing a key element. Thanks.
  4. When I came to MP4 I was 112/110. Now I am Won: 129 | Lost: 283 I am at Max Honor but what does that really do for me? So far from what I have noticed, it does pretty much nothing for you, that most people would be bothered to worry about. To get max honor, all you have to do is sit outside of a sanctuary for a few days and get farmed. People like myself who play at work with low bandwidth are getting farmed lol. There is a huge disparity throughout MP4. I think the levels, sorry Mind Powers, need to be broken up more. Is MP5 the same way? This game can be fun but it is very limiting and w
  5. Thanks Glaistig for the explanation!
  6. Wow Snake, that is a lot of Adepts! Hey I was wondering, what all do you get with acquiring adpets? I have a ground shaking (2) and am not sure if I noticed any change to my profile except the number.
  7. One of the first things that I quickly noticed (and hated) was having to remake the rituals. I really dont understand why the game is designed this way. You should be able to setup rituals and keep them no matter if you win or lose. If you do lose then fine, bring the win/loss ratio back to zero. I play mostly when I am out to sea (Navy) and my bandwidth is horribly slow. I get cracked everytime I step out, it is very hard to get any wins. I am very tired having to make rituals and then guess what? Crack again...... This is not easy mode this is called making it more enjoyable for everyone.
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