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  1. damnit, i didnt know this, just killed the game for me, my avy was epic anyone know who has it?
  2. I had an old gold clown avatar and when i logged in the game after a while of not playing, it was gone. I didnt trade, sell, give, or anything, it was stolen. Somebody know the reason for this? If you see it around, whoever has it is a thief.
  3. Espartano, could you msg me in personal and explain me in PORTUGUESE exactly what is the problem? Maybe I can help. Right now it's all very unclear...
  4. basic question: where do can I find you in the game so I can PM you? Not a quest person, this is is the first one in THREE years that caught my interest.
  5. how did you end up on my profile?

    i've never seen you in MD. not that i recall.

  6. pois é. tive que falar, achei o comentário dele indulgente. mesmo que seu o inglês não fosse bom (não é o caso) ninguém tem o direito de cobrar que seja melhor. até a history line do jogo tem sérias falhas de formulação de frases. Algum dos seus avatars está no shop? Gostaria de ver.

  7. [quote name='I am Bored' date='27 April 2010 - 10:58 PM' timestamp='1272416298' post='58742'] now, you are good at drawing, now all you need is slightly better english skills, and you will have lots of people coming to you for avatars [/quote] His english is just fine, your comprehension that is limited. Portuguese, being latin-derivated, allows us a more extensive knowledge of the latin-derivated structure of English, of which I find most english speakers lack. To a master of language, we would be speaking intellectually. To the commons, just badly. It's a shame. Bem-vindo Throm, é bom ver um brasileiro ativo por aqui. Há anos estou perdida sozinha nesse mundo frívolo de "princesas" gordas e "guerreiros" viadinhos. Esse povo não têm nem senso de humor. Me mantenho quieta quando jogo, o que é cada vez mais raro. Boa sorte, espero que você tenha muito lucro em cima deles. Te vejo por aí.
  8. I'm brazilian and speak english quite well, so I can help. I´m also a very old player.
  9. I still offer my help translating.... for Brazilian portuguese...I think there might be more brazilians than portugueses on the game... EDIT by Chewett: The idea is you contact us if you really want to do this. Email Mur.
  10. I'd be perfect for it if only it were brazil portuguese. Still, my english is pretty flawless, so translating would be a piece of cake. Let me know if you need my help.
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