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  1. Maybe Jack Willow has gone mad and wanted to build some machine that would had increase his power. That device needed energy that come from Necrovion and it would had explain location of the house. It might have some tunnel or connection with Necrovion. Something went wrong and Jack is trapped now, while machine still works and produces liquid dust - staff that might be very dangerous. We really need to make an expedition to enter the house and investigate what is inside.
  2. Can you post any hints about story to get into that specific route? I'll be advancing soon into MP5.
  3. I've reached max exp at 52 wins only at mp3. It was painful when I discovered that wins don't count for my creatures. It's not clearly announced in mp4 requrements so people have rights to complain. Especially these who are playing first character and are afraid of poweful mp4 players. But anyway allowing getting wins for people who reached max exp limit is also not good. We don't need people farming wins at mp3, let they move on to mp4 for that. I would propose to clarify mp4 requrements in the end of story for mp3.
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