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  1. Yep, Glaistig, is right. More adepts faster you heal your creatures. Now I can heal any creature with one click
  2. I think what Kentor meant that after dying creatures can forget the ritual, but player (character) should remember what it consisted of. And in case ritual was broken player could remake it with only one click, provided that all required creatures are alive... Of course we all agree that we need menu where we could create rituals without a target, but with such "template" button game wouldn't be that realistic. In other hand maybe there could be such button/template thing for remembering just creatures that participated in that specific ritual, but not their actions and targets... But it's
  3. OK, maybe it's not difficult to understand, but that way would be prettier This all game is really nice to look at do why not combat logs too?
  4. I'm talking about the first part of combat log. Isn't there any way of improving it? While in the game, or outside the game lots of people asked me what this text means... At first I didn't understood it ether, but good people in forum helped me How about text formating? What is logsize for? Or strategy? Or actionnr? Or something? And that array part? For example instead of array part display something like this: "You gained: 300 Value points and increased Briskines by 0.002 Power by 0.1" And just don't show any of null values. Less text, more clarity... Casualties: Enemy:100%,
  5. SnakeDoctor

    Story mode

    Continue with your story mode, explore lands, find friends, experiment with different kinds of rituals... There are a lot of things you don't know
  6. SnakeDoctor

    Story mode

    I think you're talking about your creatures XP. You gain XP for them only for won fights for creatures that were alive after fight. There is also your character XP. You gain XP for your character even if you lose a fight. It depends on how much damage you made to your opponent. Click MD Shop and there will be your total XP. It should be 280k.
  7. Isn't it 401 rule? Ok then where is the fun of BATTLE? I love huge battles, that's why I gathered so much xp... If everybody get some losses by spaming you with single creature attacks and then hide in sanctuary? Afraid of getting out and getting character xp for loss...
  8. Then it makes no sense... If I win, lets say without any losses: My character get xp and my creatures get xp, this is great. If I loose, let say no survivors left: My character get xp, but my creatures don't, ok, I'm ok with that. This is the idea of the game. But I always have to balance my fights, so I have to loose! In order to avoid xp gain upon loss I must create defense rituals with only one creature and 0% VE bonus... So I need lots of different rituals, with different creatures set to defense... Only this way my character won't get xp if I loose the battle... Am I right?
  9. How come I gathered ~150k exp and reached XP cap in MP3? And I saw other players with 220-250k XP and still in MP3? I know that my char reached max xp cap - 280k xp. But why such huge difference? My char - 280k and my creatures - 150k. I did not sacrificed any creatures I did not fought any fights with life steal I did not participated in any healing rituals. I checked my fight logs - I always got positive XP. I always was outbalancing my fights. By that I mean my won/lost fights balance was always around -20. I was doing this on purpose so that I would not get extra xp form fights, tha
  10. Just one question: Answers of these riddles are in game or in real life?
  11. Hi all... here is the thought... I think it would be cool to review already created ritual, no editing, just review. For example - I usually have 3-5 different rituals (different targets, different creatures, different actions) at the same time, but I tend to forget what is what and it would help A LOT if I could review created ritual before combat. Lets say by hovering a ritual there could pop up a tool tip with info like this: *Creature* - *action* - *target* Or something in that manner... What do you think about that?
  12. I think the spoiler/hint in the game is quite clear. I think I already know the "right" ritual for those guards. And it's just because I read info below the creature avatars. And one spoiler in this topic helped to make my mind. As soon as I get that creature - I'll test it
  13. Thanks for warm welcoming I'm almost MP4 my self And I really don't remember where I've clicked the link But I think it was a banner of some sort...
  14. I'm playing here 4 days now. And I'm sooo exited!!! This game is wonderful, amazing, awesome, simply the best browser game I ever played! I'm really glad I accidentally clicked link to this game
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