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  1. Actually, after looking at it for a little longer, seems like the only thing that this type of creature would acomplish would make battles more noob friendly, especially if they are wanting to kill stronger people. mp3 and mp4 are pretty much already noob friendly, battles are simple and everything, and if you ever got to mp5 (where this creature would actually do something), everyone would already have good battle knowledge, and a gambling creature would just make everyone just rely on rng (random number generator), than actually coming up with good rituals.
  2. I havent had any trouble with captchas yes, and dont black and white ones exist as well? if colorblindness is the issue here, then that might be a good idea to look into.
  3. If it sounds too strong, make it so you can only have one?
  4. Describing how a creature is different from all creatures is a little more important than listing a large list of numbers, so im going to skip all of that. This creature is basically a monkey-like creature, that lives in the trees of loreroot. Hopefully this isnt too hard to add in MD, but basically, the trickster just does a lot of random things, either to your own army, or theirs. When you choose targets for the creature, you can either choose "Random-friendly" or "Random-enemy", or just have it be completely random and happen to either army. This is because the only attack that it does
  5. [spoiler]I am often traveled, Whether it be around, in, or on me. Even after my raging moments, People still continue to use me.[/spoiler] Im not exactly the best poetry person, but i can come up with things thatll cause you to think.
  6. You have probably been seeing me talking about getting murdered all the time since i've gotten back, and there should be a way to get back into the fighting scene without having to constantly rely on tree rits set up for you. There should be a place where the weaker MP5s can gather and do battles at their own level, which would make fights more fun and skill related, instead of just getting murdered in one hit by the stronger MP5s, or hacking at trees all day long. It wouldnt necessarily have to be weak people only, any Mp5 can come if they use weaker creatures so they can be upgraded or som
  7. There are sections in the forum that go along with the 4 main lands of magic duel, and you can share your role there, but where would i put mine if i don't belong to any of them? It takes place in the underground caverns, which is closest to marind bell, so i guess i can just put it in there? It probably doesnt really matter where anyways, its just the forums.
  8. If non fighting guilds are given too much defense, or just not being able to get attacked, then resource gathering would be too easy. Two ideas i have might be somewhat good: 1: If you are collecting resources in your own territory, such as cutting a tree in MB, you will have higher defense, but you wont gather as much resources. Then, if you want to be able to gather more resources at one time, you will have to travel to other/enemy territory, where your defense bonus wont be as high, but youll get more resources. Just because youre in a non fighting guild doesnt mean you should have to sit
  9. I think being anti-social irl makes it harder to roleplay than having a role where you cant talk, since thats part of my problem... i just want to talk normally.
  10. I kind of figured it would get implemented even if i didnt say anything, but its always nice to talk about stuff that hasnt been implemented yet.
  11. Ratsplat


    I've noticed that pretty much any place in MD that has a few sentences describing the area or a creature or something else, there seems to always be typos or improper uses of english. Is there a way I could possibly fix them? An example: Elemental version V: [b]<Removed Description>[/b] I'm not sure if someone else already has this job, but if not, i wouldnt mind taking the time to go through everything and fix the typos.
  12. There should be a mining guild, or some way to mine, to go along with the recently added woodcutting guild and woodcutting/resource gathering. Forest like areas wouldnt be very good to mine in, though places like golemus, necrovion, and hopefully the underground tunnels under MB (since my role puts me in that area). You would be able to mine different types of ore of course, maybe fossils, lost equipment... anything youd think you can find in a chunk of rock. This stuff would be used to make equipment, enhance your creatures, stat boosts, etc...
  13. I think my main problem is that im not social enough. i dont think ive ever written anything into the live chat box before. Asking people if i can fight them and stuff is probably what im going to have to do.
  14. I had played the game for about 99 active days and got to mp5, then i stopped playing for some reason. Now, i return and there seems to be so much new stuff i dont even know where to begin. Before i had stopped playing, i kind of started making my role, but i never really got into it. I seem to just wander around randomly, attacking people who i think i can beat (my fights are balanced too). Before I left, there seemed to be more mp5s that were at my level, but now it seems like im the weakest mp5 out there and there isnt anyone i can win against, especially when my VP is at 0 all the time t
  15. When i said [spoiler]"More to a cave system that only berserkers have access to"[/spoiler] I meant stuff will be added to [spoiler]"the caves under marind bell that only people have done a puzzle have access to"[/spoiler], not an area down below in the caves that only certain people can enter. Im also not talking about an alliance of rodent people, mainly just people who stay underground. The underground areas could also be expanded so it is under loreroot,no man's land, etc. There would be one entrance to the underground in each area. People in this alliance would obviously get bonuses for
  16. After being away for 6 hours and having 20k creature and vital energy disappear while in a dojo, i noticed two bugs. The first was that the double sword icon on the left kept blinking yellow which indicates someone attacking you. When i clicked it, it kept showing the same person. A few seconds later, it blinks again. When i check the log, they really only attacked me once. It finally stopped blinking. Another bug that annoyed me was when i was trying to make a ritual, but it didnt show the top 5 creatures that i have, which were my strongest.
  17. Only thing i dont like about roles is that if youre talking to someone in your role voice, and they dont know anything about roles, they think youre crazy. I ask people if theyve seen any rats anywhere, and they usually dont answer. Has anyone here seen any rats lately? i need to kill so i can collect stuff for the next heads contest. Mainly tell me if theyre around marind bell, i cant much farther since i havent bought a certain type of armor yet.
  18. Hopefully there isnt anything spoiling in my role either, and if there is, just pm me or post here with the exact wording and ill make it less of a spoiler.
  19. I'm looking for an avatar that has a rat in it, and my name is the obvious reason why. Currently there are no avatars available, and i think i saw a rat one before, but it disappeared before i could buy it. If i was a good artist id just draw myself one of a flat looking rat, but it would look more like a smudge.
  20. I would like to apply, because my role makes me live very close to the dojo, so ill always be local if a problem arises.
  21. I didnt realise this until after i made my role, that it adds a lot to marind bell that isnt here yet. Itll be easy if you read my role first, but ill just say a few summarized things. It will add: [spoiler]-More to a cave system that only berserkers have access to. -Descriptions to an equipment set that looks like a sun and you get it from a hidden store. -New buyable creature, most likely a rat. -Possibly romance between two role players, yet the real life people behind them wont actually "love" each other, just their ingame characters. -Where trophy heads come from and how people get
  22. Im mainly suggesting this because of my role but anyways, This should be a new creature that you can buy after becoming berserkered and walking down some stairs next to some tents. Since i live in the dark all the time and hunt rats everyday, i finally caught one to grow it and it became a mighty warrior. I hope that i will be able to catch more and sell to others who venture down here. Their descriptions would also be written by me.
  23. During MP3, after i waited 24 hours for each story thing, it usually said that i gained 1.9 "max action points", yet i always stay at 100, which i believe everyone always has. does this 1.9 go to something else or is it just there?
  24. I dont know if you already can, but if you cant, then this will work. You should be able to buy or earn more cointainers to carry more heat, since currently i only have 2 that i filled up very easily doing something in MP3. Maybe the max number you can buy/earn is like 5 or something?
  25. There is a very easy way to make all the spots black except one...
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