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  1. Karak

    Lost skill

    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I used to have access to the back entrance of Loreroot (acquired from the wishshop)  I no longer seem to have this ability and I wasn't sure who to direct this to, so have lodged it here.   Thanks for your help in fixing.   Karak
  2. The East seemingly lies dormant. What ill shall we expect. Prepare!

  3. The winds of time have whistled a merry tune

    1. ChildOfTheSoul


      Merry and melancholy.

    2. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again.

  4. The winds sigh, the forests creak, the realm sleeps awake. The Goddess whispers to us in our dreams.

  5. Perhaps the Goddess tempts us with desire ...

    1. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      desire, to overcome the fear of failure

  6. Chaos... Order... what is living?

  7. Fair one, hast thou found the followers of your role, life and wonder?

    1. keida


      Not just yet but thats to be expected. What of you?

    2. keida


      Not just yet but thats to be expected. What of you?

  8. Wonders what our webcam pictures say about the conditions we entertain the realm in.

  9. The Goddess has blessed the realm with night once, when shall we see the moon again!?

    1. Maebius


      when we bind ourselves a WaterBeing? ;)

  10. Are all so faint of heart that a challenging quest is beyond them?

  11. I think a reward is suitable but based on active days rather than anniversaries. As activity is more an indicator of commitment. As for alts, perhaps if it were permissable that under a system of honour we could link our alts to our main account then elect which alt between them recieves the WP garnered by the main account. This system, to be successful, would rely on others not abusing this linking to target alts or devine another's purpose for playing multiple identities, particularly those who convincingly play alts that have not had their common owner linked.
  12. Captain of the Full Moon who captures my deepest adoration and strongest regards!

  13. What is it that have women wanting to smooch you all the time?

  14. Oh my Gosh! What a cutie!

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