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  1. Even if we could chat with other people that are waiting in the same chaper then there would be some more interacting. I enjoyed reading through the adventure log but finished it pretty quick. How about if you could duel your own creatures against eachother, with no skill or exp change. This could go along the same lines as creating rituals without actually fighting other players. It would give players a way to try out new strategies and keep busy without throwing off gameplay.
  2. Storyline waiting... I know you can click continue now and not have to wait the time to gain extra skills if you want your character to be weaker than they could be. I personally can not gimp myself like that. I don't think there is anything wrong with this system but i fear that the wait alone will bore and discourage many players. It's fun the first time through the story as it's fresh and intriguing but when you have to replay the same storyline when advancing another MP level it gets tedious. Even taking a different path it still feels the same. The free roam mode is great but I am talkin
  3. Hey everyone! I'm still fairly new and am starting to get the hang of this. But everything that I have seen so far has been fun and interesting. I really like the balanced combat system and the interactive storyline. I hope to see you all in the game and I'm sure I'll need some help here and there
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