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  1. There will be some error codes that show up, please PM them to me.
  2. Blackwood, I think the profile counts the posts from threads that were deleted or are not visible anymore. For the member title the "public" post count is used (yours is 413). I'm not sure if this is part of the member title, but what does the row of grey/black circles under the title represent?
  3. [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1283946335' post='68035'] I have seen for about a month, and still see, Nihal's old avatar. I don't use shuffle feature. [/quote] I was referring specifically to the unicorn avatar described in Sasha Lilias' post.
  4. An avatar can't show up in the gallery if it is in your vault, please double check.
  5. The issue should be fixed, see if you can buy the avatar. Please post the error code if you can't buy it.
  6. What message did you get after buying the wish?
  7. This issue should be fixed, please confirm.
  8. @Sirthana: There is no limit on either kind of item that you can carry (for now)
  9. Also check that the WP was used.
  10. Captcha has been changed to something that is hopefully more readable. If the [reload] link does not work in your browser please report it.
  11. Does this happen only for the gold avatars or has it happened to someone with the normal avatars too? To confirm, shuffling only showed the unicorn? (that is what it is supposed to)
  12. It is easy to add a button that lets you load a new (a hopefully readabile) image, and possibly even an audio option. Would this make things better? However, it is better if the image can be readable enough not to need a reload, otherwise it is just getting in the was of humans.
  13. The uses are limited only by the imagination. Does a sword maker not used water to cool the heated blade? Wouldn't gardeners water the plants in their care? At the very least, you can drink it
  14. dst is right, it can only can be transfered using its ITC.
  15. Perhaps my memory has rusted, but doesn't a CA have less attack than a DA3? (I might be mistaking it for some other creature)
  16. If the problem is that the bots need to log in, remove it as a factor. Log them in manually and have the bots keep themselves online. You said they need to log in at specific times, so have them "sleep" when contacted at the wrong time for example.
  17. The contest was triggered prematurely due to a bug, that has been fixed. The contest officially starts as 16:00 server time. It has NOT yet started, any score or heads will be reset when it begins. Think of this as a preview on what can be done in it (those who were in or saw the first BHC will know what I am referring to) As for the attack bug, when did it first occur?
  18. I imagine that what you are suggesting is a framework of sorts. I find MDS to be extremely flexible as it is, having a framework would limit the flexibility but might be useful to novice coders or those limited in time. However, MDS is a restricted form of PHP, it might be challenging to make it without classes, are you suggesting to make a list of functions that do what you need? For example: [code] @vi = item_create('Magical Papaya', 'Food', 'eat,throw');//newItem(name, type, actions) @vr = item_action('eat'); if(@vr){ echo 'You eat the magical papaya and gain 5 energy and clairvo
  19. I agree that it makes sense for it to be a power-based ability.
  20. Rendril

    Xp Bug

    Explanations where given, there is no bug that randomly yields 2mil exp nor was there an abuse of a spell or ability. I think it is clear that you were either mistaken about the experience or it came from a battle. I find it unlikely that someone went out of their way to to dump 2mil exp on you. Also, you are not required to go to MP5, no player can force you to do that. You are not being threatened here. There will always be someone able to massacre you regardless of your MP, and there will always be someone you too can massacre. I would like to see some evidence to found your claim of "
  21. Rendril

    Xp Bug

    Exactly what power are you saying was abused?
  22. Rendril

    Xp Bug

    As Grido said, you are referring to two different stages of experience. Creature experience is not the same as your personal experience. Heat leads to getting more experience. You mentioned activating a burst before fighting the guards. That burst would have given you a lot more heat. The extra experience you gain from this is not given to your creatures, so only your personal experience would have increased. However, I don't think a single fight with the guards would have given that much experience, I don't remember how much VE the Loreroot guards have at MP4 but it is probably less than 5
  23. [b]void[/b] retrievetmp(variable $holder, [i]optional[/i] int $index) This function is an alias for [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7584-function-mds-retrieve-sessdata/"]mds_retrieve_sessdata()[/url]
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