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  1. They are already more descriptive in the log. But since they under development, don't get too focused on it yet.
  2. It is the freeze. Ordering of the creatures and player stance matters.
  3. Looks like the freeze is stopping your auras (a frozen creature can't use it's auras), this is not a bug but might change in the future. The influences are still not showing all their effects.
  4. It has been fixed, the message won't appear for now. They will get some interesting combat rounds though (in fact everyone will) @Chewett: it started a few hours ago after an addition was made.
  5. [quote name='goldfinger earthicus' timestamp='1287397162' post='70570'] Its easy to train when you actually have creatures left to train with,but..after meatgrinders clobber me every time, i have nothing left to train with.My 20 creatures dont last long, and any rits i build up, get quickly demolished at will,including my ve which is sucked up by veterans attacking rits.when i try and get honor back, which is hard as i am -230, i run up against not trees, but maxed drachs,angiens,and store creatures. ,many of them tokened to the hilt. Its easy to say train when yoou have such creatures of
  6. Should be fixed now. Please confirm.
  7. Please see if this is still happening.
  8. Is this a recurring error? It should only have shown up briefly.
  9. The mirror ritual spell is working again, have fun
  10. I'm not sure how you are waiting for user input in mdscript, it if either when the script is run or it isn't, there is no in-between waiting for input. Like Burns said, is if-statements to detect which input was given. As for infinite loops, the script is only given a finite execution time. Imagine if 200 users had infinite loops running on the server
  11. I would love to know how you managed to get that What is your ID?
  12. Fixed, all gathering tools should be able to gather again. And resource regeneration is working now.
  13. The VE bug should be fixed. Please post if you still get it. Protect and defend had some logging issues which have also been fixed.
  14. While I can see the merit of an adept chat, this is why you are able to mail your adepts directly. If you need to talk to them in real time, there's always the ability to stand next to them
  15. As Chewett says, it's probably a Skype addon for your browser. It found a link that had a name with one of your contacts so it shows Skype options of that contact.
  16. The lag shouldn't be from the changes. There is something much more afoot. As for the work in the announcements...who knows
  17. [quote name='Harion' timestamp='1286084482' post='69540'] and just becaue i'm questioning authority im rude? [/quote] No, you are rude because of your insults to others. [quote name='Harion' timestamp='1286084482' post='69540'] or can we have a debate without anyone pulling rank? [/quote] Where was it said that Unholy funny would get banned for these comments? It is only your insults that brought about the warnings. You might not find the comments offensive but others do. You speak of tolerance, yet why should your freedom to say anything be tolerated when you can't tolerate others?
  18. It looks like your image could not be resampled. Are you sure this is a gif? [quote name='Mr VorniC' timestamp='1286041895' post='69512'] i tryed to set png format and i get a size more than 20k, do u know another format that are accepted??? [/quote] Try making it smaller (it should then say png is not allowed) If you still can't upload, use the [url="http://magicduel.com/ui/userprofile/sample_avatar_source.png"]sample avatar[/url] and export it as a transparent gif, then overlay your avy.
  19. Are you sure the lifesteal itself wasn't canceled, not the giving of the stolen ve?
  20. I think you will find the adept list a little more palatable now
  21. Wish has been added to the shop. You will have to work a bit to get perpetual balance though.
  22. Harp and ye shall receive K doc wish is in the shop.
  23. skillvampire has been changed greatly, no more 400%+ draining of stats. The battle log also shows the effects. vampiricaura was lowered and will probably be changed as well. Auras should be much more balanced now.
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