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  1. With a little effort one can take over an alliance quite quickly. The Loyalty Touchstone can be helpful, just don't forget that others might not require it on inviting
  2. I cannot think of a single part that had an "emphasis on automation". Please be so kind as to elaborate on how the player's experience is being automated. Even on the level where decisions are made it is still entirely reliant on human choice. The only part that could be seen as automated was the execution of said decisions, which frankly, is a waste of time to be done manually.
  3. Fenth's press should not show illusion creatures because you can't sacrifice them (they are illusions afterall ) What concerns me is that you became an illusion without even knowing it, what happened 6 months ago?
  4. Please remember that the rebel system is still underdevelopment. There can't be just one "rebellion resolution procedure" because rebellions can differ in both actions and goals, so there must be a human factor involved in the resolution. Keep an eye out for changes, as you saw yesterday the kingship rules were published.
  5. The ritual was allowed temporarily due to work being done on the species. It won't last long.
  6. No spells were changed to work in new the new combat. They should all be implemented now.
  7. [quote name='Akasha' timestamp='1290504966' post='72882'] Your signature photo must be removed, or resized, it violates one of the forum rules: - Signature pictures may not exceed following rules: Height: 150px Width: 500px File size: 50kb. [/quote] What I was referring to about images was what if that image has non-English text. There is not a case of that given in the rules. [quote name='Akasha' timestamp='1290504966' post='72882'] This is an international forum, therefore international language to be used, aka english and not offensive. [/quote] It is not fair to judge on the si
  8. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1290503466' post='72874'] It seems we need to define what a phrase is and what an expression is. Cause you confuse them Ren . [/quote] I'm sorry, this is not the case. I said that based on the origin of the text and length, it can be considered a phrase (or in this case expression). Please do not get into a battle of semantics where English is not the first language and the speakers must speak in English. For example you made a semantic mistake which I will not bring up, because it unnecessary and is not relevant. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1290503466' p
  9. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1290501796' post='72870'] You miss the whole point. I'll explain it again rarely this time: [/quote] No, I see what her argument is, as indicated by my first post to this thread. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1290501796' post='72870'] English is the only allowed language in the forum. Those 2 put something in another language. First offense. [/quote] And I have brought up the following: I consider the signatures short enough to be phrases (both because of their length and because they are sayings by someone else), by your own admission, phrases are acc
  10. [quote name='Akasha' timestamp='1290500791' post='72866'] [b][b]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomato [/b][/b] [/quote] Thank you for affirming my implied argument. That was: if one were to bother to look up the words they would find the meaning and know that it was not an attack on them by seeing it is a song. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1290501132' post='72867'] Rendril, that's not a phrase. That's a freaking song. Second: it is offensive. [/quote] -Phrases are not explicitly given amnesty in the rules. -Even if it is a song, I consider it to be short. 3 small paragraphs is well
  11. I take it you are referring to this rule: [quote name='Da Rules']The forum language is English, no other language is to be used anywhere on forum except in the Translation section where you may post in the language that you are offering to translate the game into.[/quote] My personal interpretation is this gets applied to [b]posts[/b], particularly since it mentions posting in a section, and since it does not explicitly include signatures. Let us assume it encompasses everything: what about images, what about songs? This is an extreme application of a rule which is not clear to begin with.
  12. Try disabling that plugin. MD uses a lot of javascript and flash, disabling them will make it very difficult to play at all. As for the credit increase, try refreshing the page after a vote and check. There have been no incidents of credits not going beyond 2.
  13. Are you sure this wasn't just a coincidence in timing? You don't post your ap to the server.
  14. Weaken and regenerate abilities are working correctly. Can someone confirm it for protect and martyr?
  15. It wasn't intended to be inverted, obviously they are unexpected side effects. As Chewett said, it's a temporary phase and battles will be more interesting, try make the most of it. There are a hundred things being changed at the same time (I'm not exaggerating, there are more than 100 things at once). I am sorry for the inconvenience with battles, it is being worked on. There is so much more to MD than battles (or linearity of battles) that it is surprising for this to be an issue as such.
  16. He is correct, defend does harm, and weaken boosts the enemy. The effect-based abilities are all inverted for the time being.
  17. There is still a lot of development being done on the battle system. There are a number of bugs, and many parts that are still being completed. But as Kamisha said, reading the battle log is a good idea especially now that you have the opportunity
  18. It has been an year full of surprises and it would not have been so without you all. Thank you.
  19. Remaining upgrade requirements for each creature could be placed in a tooltip when you hover over the creature icon. I like the idea, but how often do you really need to look at their requirements? Age you know will change daily, so you wait a day/week/month. For battles you know the average you need. If you are talking about efficiency, then you shouldn't even be needing to look at what their requirements are anyway.
  20. [quote name='pamplemousse' timestamp='1289484783' post='71896'] *What is to stop a King from silencing all the individuals at once? A cool down, or something else? [/quote] There are a finite number of uses and the players must be in the same place at the person trying to subdue them. There is also a cooldown on the items. Yrthilian covered the rest.
  21. [quote name='DarkPriestess' timestamp='1289472700' post='71882'] So, on another note. Though I just woke up, I still don't have full connection with the enviroment around me. Has anything changed in the interface? Am I suppose to see a rebel button somewhere and I can't? Or it is only the King's interface that is/will be changed? [/quote] If you meet the requirements (certain amount of land loyalty), there will be a button on the citizenship page that lets you rebel.
  22. As a matter of fact, it does Though...it is still possible to say yes to it by accident
  23. The views of one alliance member do not necessarily coincide with the views of another. The action of disbanding an alliance would be a display of the rebel's will and power, but is not a requirement, it depends on the rebel cause. While two players might both be rebels, they might be fighting two different causes. Remember that an alliance follows the rules of the land the king, that is why one leaves it to become a rebel.
  24. I am aware of the issues, the effect-based abilities are under development, currently being reworked from the old system to the new system, and will hopefully be functioning as normal soon.
  25. Wouldn't a privilege had by all, be the norm?
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