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  1. As a matter of fact, it does Though...it is still possible to say yes to it by accident
  2. The views of one alliance member do not necessarily coincide with the views of another. The action of disbanding an alliance would be a display of the rebel's will and power, but is not a requirement, it depends on the rebel cause. While two players might both be rebels, they might be fighting two different causes. Remember that an alliance follows the rules of the land the king, that is why one leaves it to become a rebel.
  3. I am aware of the issues, the effect-based abilities are under development, currently being reworked from the old system to the new system, and will hopefully be functioning as normal soon.
  4. Wouldn't a privilege had by all, be the norm?
  5. There was indeed a problem with the attackbonus aura, nice catch. attackbonus has been fixed. creatureboost should be working fine however.
  6. And what is proposed here is for both the player and the creatures matter in the battle. Udgard's argument was that very few creature types are used, that it is based purely on their targets (and I guess now maybe auras)
  7. No one, those targeting effects are an interesting idea. However, it is still making a creature's actual stats obsolete. The only place they matter right now is for a beginner MP3/4's. A creature might as well just have a stat that their ability is based on, like attack or power, and the amount gets disregarded because all it needs to know is how much you are giving it.
  8. A number of wishes had this error and have been fixed. The drachorn mutation is working too.
  9. [quote name='No one' timestamp='1288880731' post='71434'] I think I'm lost here . I do hope that you don't plan to use creature's stat to MULTIPLY with percentages of player's stats. [/quote] Yes, I suggested they get multiplied. The point was to preserve the usefulness of the creature, for example: while a creature might have 10 times the attack of another, it's targeting or aura might not make up for it.
  10. I'm not sure how well the formula would scale with stats above 1000. Numbers will probably need tweaking. Does anyone have some other ideas?
  11. There is a prototype page for the TC, but it is not ready for release yet. Ideas for the page are welcome.
  12. Age issue should be fixed now.
  13. I believe the drop down box is a feature provided by your browser. There is no reason for it to "reset" the password once you enter it using the drop down. Are you certain that the form is not submitted on the first press of return, and that subsequent presses actually send a blank field form?
  14. They are already more descriptive in the log. But since they under development, don't get too focused on it yet.
  15. It is the freeze. Ordering of the creatures and player stance matters.
  16. Looks like the freeze is stopping your auras (a frozen creature can't use it's auras), this is not a bug but might change in the future. The influences are still not showing all their effects.
  17. It has been fixed, the message won't appear for now. They will get some interesting combat rounds though (in fact everyone will) @Chewett: it started a few hours ago after an addition was made.
  18. [quote name='goldfinger earthicus' timestamp='1287397162' post='70570'] Its easy to train when you actually have creatures left to train with,but..after meatgrinders clobber me every time, i have nothing left to train with.My 20 creatures dont last long, and any rits i build up, get quickly demolished at will,including my ve which is sucked up by veterans attacking rits.when i try and get honor back, which is hard as i am -230, i run up against not trees, but maxed drachs,angiens,and store creatures. ,many of them tokened to the hilt. Its easy to say train when yoou have such creatures of
  19. Should be fixed now. Please confirm.
  20. Please see if this is still happening.
  21. Is this a recurring error? It should only have shown up briefly.
  22. The mirror ritual spell is working again, have fun
  23. I'm not sure how you are waiting for user input in mdscript, it if either when the script is run or it isn't, there is no in-between waiting for input. Like Burns said, is if-statements to detect which input was given. As for infinite loops, the script is only given a finite execution time. Imagine if 200 users had infinite loops running on the server
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