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  1. Code it into a clickable with a picture overlaying the scene image, or edit the tags/title of the location (unlockable in wishshop). It's an interesting idea but the logistics would render it infeasible. If you think you have a really good idea for a object to be placed on the scene feel free to submit the suggestion to [council].
  2. An unconfirmed email will not make your account be considered as inactive. Being unconfirmed does affect game play but you can still do 80% or more of all activities. Anyway, verifying email is easy so I don't see why this would be a problem.
  3. Bug should be fixed now. The exploit CrazyMike et al. were using is unrelated to this one but has been fixed too.
  4. Visit the Golden Globe Gazebo in the MagicDuel Archives or Warrior Bust in the Tribunal if you don't know about achievements.
  5. No deadline, the images for the active day achievements as the announcement says.
  6. The process changed quite a bit because you can upload your own avatars and item images nowadays. If you are interested in doing other kinds of art like scenes/creatures/artefacts/etc you can send an email.
  7. I think the registration page says it all: "Gender: We don't care" Think of the picture on the side of the battle simply as a mannequin since that's all it is.
  8. Try update FireFox to 4.0, it might have the issue fixed.
  9. There has been a problem with some registrations recently. @Drudj: You should be able to log in anyway, contact live help if your MP/story mode is not set.
  10. Extra shop reset given to those that didn't get one yet, for those listed here.
  11. Rendril


    I vaguely remember getting Steam only to find the game's key had already been used. I saw the Witcher 2 preorder available on Steam and was half tempted to buy it for my bi-yearly session of pc gaming. Then I saw they were selling it for $45 and closed the browser tab while laughing. Later on I talked to a friend of mine who swears by Steam and decided to install it anyway simply because of some of the good deals they offer. Upon trying to install Steam, it told me that it could not continue because it needed 50000Gb (once again, closed the window while laughing) I beat it until it consen
  12. Please post your player id. There were no changes to any of those items or to the shop for quite a while, maybe you bought more than 2 of some item without realising?
  13. If the spell is casting correctly (the orange text appears) it is probably just a popup blocker. It is also possible the window is already open and you are noticing it reload.
  14. [quote name='adiomino' timestamp='1297745032' post='78876'] Darn.. Thanks cutler. I suppose i won't be able to turn in my avatars after all xDD [/quote] Gimp is free. Just search for other programs, I think paintshop is still around too. You can also get a trial version of photoshop that lasts 30 days which is free.
  15. Ignorance of the law does not exempt you from it. Everything that has been said here is pure speculation, this is your only option: send an email to the address shadowseeker posted and put forth your request. It is not unheard of that the alt status was reset, in the past the alts stats of all accounts were cleared, but I will tell you now that it is not going to happen soon or as a 'feature'. This goes for all players that get other players to log them in: It might not be illegal but you will become an alt and suffer the consequences. As such you will lose many options, some well known
  16. The images for the 2010 medals are not done yet.
  17. If this happens you should be able to go directly to http://magicduel.com/layout.php since you are logged in.
  18. I wouldn't consider it a bug, it makes sense if you think about how active days work. Maybe someday there will be an achievement for 100%+ activity
  19. Rendril

    Actual Sanity?

    Not only are we going to give up our freedom willingly, we are going to demand it. As Howard Beale said, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!". Thank you for sharing, Awiiya.
  20. @cutler: I got the reference, bigger letters mean you might need to use more
  21. The captcha was stripped down a lot to make it more readable, would it help if the letters were bigger?
  22. What is the id of the wish in question?
  23. It was from some changes being made to combat. The problem is gone
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