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  1. I have sifted through the logs to determine the outcome. As defined by the agreement, you are considered killed when you have an IN attack which you lost, your are considered to have killed when you have an OUT attack with a victory or win and have not yet been killed. Please correct me if I have misunderstood, or if I made a mistake in the logging. Allies: Knights of the Bell. Liberty Cless Metal Bunny Jtz Champion Handy Pockets AqlBeast Death Ring Defenders: Necrovion Sentinels, Children of the Eclipse Raven Ailith Pamplemousse Jester skinwalker fiju Guybrush Threepwood
  2. I also experienced this problem (after the announcement about the updates taking place) The scene flashes on and off, fixed by refreshing. Also noticed the scenes not loading at all, but players and chat remain, only happened twice so far refreshing seems to fix it after a while.
  3. [quote name='Fenrir Greycloth' date='14 September 2009 - 12:59 AM' timestamp='1252882743' post='41702'] That is not true in al cases. Tendril. [/quote] Which is why I said there is a reason behind it when they do not show
  4. [quote name='Prince Lewas' date='13 September 2009 - 07:43 PM' timestamp='1252863794' post='41695'] I absolutely agree with Strange... I think, it would be great to mark the arrows with the place where they points to. Marking with at least the coordinates of the place would be good enough [/quote] Arrows already show the name of the location they point to, there is a popup when you hover over them, if they don't show the name there is a reason behind it.
  5. Do you mean messages in game or on the forum? HTML in messages wouldn't affect server load since it is simple text being sent (your browser renders it) Messages should be sanitized but it would be nice to have text formatting (changing words to bold, italics etc) something similar to BB-Codes. I haven't noticed this happening in game though.
  6. Rendril

    Md 3D

    I agree, the images are not the heaviest consumers of reasources but they still add up to many gigabytes that could be used elsewhere. The biggest impact will be for each user. Yes the browsers cache well (usually if tuned correctly) but they have periodic clearing, this serves as a stable library of sorts. The scene images alone take more than 100kb, I have times when I get 5mb for a week, that equates to being able to load about 50 scenes in total. I'm sure others could benefit too. Remember that images would only be the beginning and can lead from there with more storing. It's a simple s
  7. Rendril

    Md 3D

    Having the static image in front of you will not reveal any hidden features. I'm not saying to download the flash files (although that would speed things up even more) but just changing where they load their content from. Those who know how to find the hidden parts can find them whether they are make readily downloadable or not, they are hardly impeded by the current system. What I am talking about is saving the images themselves that everybody can already navigate through as it is.
  8. Rendril

    Md 3D

    But the images can already be viewed. The content that needs to be hidden would not made available for download until it is released. We all already have the files downloaded by our browsers as it is, it is not exactly "hidden".
  9. Rendril

    Md 3D

    I fully support the client idea, however, it is far from an easy implementation. I think there is a simpler approach, but one that yields the same advantages: a form of advanced caching. Allow players to download the MD content (that which is readily available such as scene, creature, player, alliance etc, images) and store it on their computers, then give a field for them to specify where to load the files from. If new content is released, it will look it up in the stored vault and if not found, download it from the site. Our browsers already do this caching, but not on such a permanant
  10. Have you checked that images are not disabled?
  11. A worthy cause indeed. You have my vote.
  12. I found that heat doesn't display well in Opera, have you tried using FireFox? It can also happen that you lose the heat in the time it takes the page loads.
  13. If there's a lot on your mind it's there to help you forget, To relax, rewind and leave behind the regret, The first sip makes you well before you know it's time, And you're saying to hell with the salt, lemon and lime, Salt, lemon and lime time! Con tequila, floor =D

  14. I have been wondering about the secret for so long. Now I see. Now I know!

  15. They do not reward enemies yet allow them to take part in their quests? If it said "Complete this quest and the reward is this and this" it is in effect an agreement between the quest giver and taker that performing the quest would result in the reward. Yes it is up to the RPC whether they will give the reward for the quest but without some guide line as to what would eliminate you from the reward anything could be argued. For example, "Your post had an even number of letters thus you will not be rewarded". Perhaps it was an implicit premise that the reward would not be given for being a
  16. Fenrir, I disagree. Children can be very useful when fighting, it just depends on how hard you throw them. You can also bludgeon the creature
  17. Bah, I'm successfully out of time right now. I'll have to ponder it another time. I'm not sure what you mean by
  18. Continuation of Eldrad's Pirate Riddle: Whew, I hope that make sense PS My first riddle remains unsolved. I know that Sacosphilz got it but he didn't actually post it.
  19. @Metal Bunny's paragraph riddle Riddle me this: What has a voice, goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs in the afternoon, and on three legs in the evening?
  20. @Eldrad's 100 Pirates Riddle
  21. @Sacosphilz I know what you meant, I didn't think you didn't like it, I just thought I'd give you another one to keep you busy. As for your solution, it is the correct method by the wrong answer. Otherwise, with the correct follow through you got it.
  22. I see two possible answers: Sorry if I don't use the spoiler bar correctly, I'm new to this.
  23. Perhaps this one will tickle your fancy more? Also a simple riddle, this time more math orientated: An ordinary deck of playing cards contains 52 cards divided into 4 suits, diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades. Each suit contains 13 cards of the following denominations from smallest value to greatest: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J (jack), Q (queen), K (king), and A (ace). The game of poker is played with an ordinary deck of playing cards in which a player will have a five-card hand. There is a certain five-card holding called two pairs. It contains 2 cards of one denomination, 2 cards of a
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