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  1. Simply gets a random number and outputs the quest info. [php] @vb = rand(1, 4); echo @content[@vb]; [/php] Gives/removes a key depending on certain event [php] @vz = "rendrilrevant-";//define key prefix //make sure user cannot retrigger the events if(!mds_has_rpcq_keys(@vz . "random-event-triggered")){ @vb = rand(1, 4);//generate random number from 1 to 4 inclusive if(@vb == 2)//event in case of 2 { mds_give_rpcq_keys(@vz . "second-event-key"); } else if(@vb == 3)//event in case of 3 { mds_remove_rpcq_keys(@vz . "third-event-key") } mds_give_rpcq_keys(@vz . "random-ev
  2. Add allowed ID's into the array, once the quest is finished it gives the "end key" to prevent a user from starting it again. Could be done using a storage but that would require a complex interface, in my opinion this is a simple and clean solution. [code] @vz = "rendrilrevant-";//define your key prefix @va = array(123451,1214,6326,23423,6342,23089);//array that holds ID's of those you will allow //check if user's ID is in the array and that they don't hold the end key if(in_array(uv('id'), @va) && (!mds_has_rpcq_keys(@vz . "end-key"))){ echo @content[1]; } else{ echo "You
  3. @Mur: An alt check would be very useful but I think too invasive of a player's privacy. Not to mention it cannot guarentee accuracy. It would be too easy for the editor to make a script which stores a list of all participants and their alts. However, some might what to have a way of limiting alt use, how about a simple is_alt() fucntion (no parameters) it could still be used to compile a list but you won't know who the alt belongs to. If a mistake is made about a player being an alt, they can contact the editor and have an exception made for that particular ID? @Grido: You could use the s
  4. It depends on the HTML structure you output. Putting it into a new <table> for example, will not give the table's cells the storyline-text class. Can you post the conent and how you are echo'ing it? Its fine if you omit the actual story content, put anything in there as long as you how what kind of HTML you are displaying. My suggestion is use either MD's default CSS or write up your own. Remember that @content[0] will always be placed on the page, regardless of whether you echo it or not. It will also appear [i]after[/i] your code output. To avoid this, do not give any @content[0
  5. A game of roll the dice against a gambler Content: [code] <br/>Roll the dice, winning is nice <!-- content separator --> [[name]] rolled<br />[[di1]] and [[di2]]<br />Total: [[sum]] [/code] [code] @vp = array(rand(1, 6), rand(1, 6));//create player's dice rolls @vg = array(rand(3, 6), rand(2, 6));//create gambler's dice rolls and give him a slight advantage @vs[0] = @vp[0] + @vp[1];//sum of player's rolls @vs[1] = @vg[0] + @vg[1];//sum of gamberl's rolls @vk = 0;//intialize player counter, could support more players in the game @tpl = array();//amke sur
  6. This code will allow the user the recieve the "Noon Key" only at midday. [code] @vz = "rendrilrevant-";//the key prefix to use if(mds_has_rpcq_keys(@vz. "noon-key")){//check if the player is carrying the key already echo "The Sun smiles upon you, you are carrying the Noon Key"; } else { //check that the current time is between 11:30 and 12:30 if(time() > mktime(11, 30, 0, date("m") , date("j"), date("Y")) && time() < mktime(12, 30, 0, date("m") , date("j"), date("Y"))) { mds_give_rpcq_keys(@vz . "noon-key"); echo "
  7. Presents player with two choices, picking one blocks them from accessing the other. There are many ways to do this, I used a single form with 2 input buttons. Could be made with a template and loops for some nice multi-tiered quests. Content: [code] <!-- content separator --> Two paths lie before you, going down one means you cannot retrace your steps and go down the other. <br />Which path will you take? <form method="post" action=""><br /><br /> <input type="submit" name="left" value="Go Left"/> <input type="submit" name="right" value="Go Rig
  8. Mur, I'm not sure what happened to the braces *cough*ide-messes-up-my-braces*cough* I agree with this completely, always put the braces in your code blocks. You will appreciate it in the long run I'll add them in a few minutes. Also I will fix the storage use when the functions are updated. Kafuuka, you raise a very important point. The cleanup is sorely lacking for both keys and storage. Yes, the empty storage removes itself but things like "tests" with data in them stay behind, I think a storage list which shows the names of your storages would be useful (even if you just get them i
  9. Here is some sample code. Remember to remove the comments (some have script restricted words) This code will allow the user the recieve the "Noon Key" only at midday. [code] @vz = "rendrilrevant-";//the key prefix to use if(mds_has_rpcq_keys(@vz. "noon-key")){//check if the player is carrying the key already echo "The Sun smiles upon you, you are carrying the Noon Key"; } else { //check that the current time is between 11:30 and 12:30 if(time() > mktime(11, 30, 0, date("m") , date("j"), date("Y")) && time() < mktime(12, 30, 0, date("m") , date("j"), date("Y"))
  10. A random function is already available Limitation on the number of keys an item provides can be done within the current framework too, think about the store holding the number of keys, or which keys are allowed. When a key is given it would remove it from the store for example.
  11. [quote name='dst' date='26 October 2009 - 04:39 PM' timestamp='1256567982' post='45779'] Damn! Now I have to remember (or learn) how to code again (not only basic like if do..) ( [/quote] The more you know how to code, the quicker you will pick up on how to use the MD script I think the documentation will be easy for beginners to follow and the sample code will be available for reference.
  12. Since it is a tribute to Knator Commander, is there any request to use a knator in the rituals?
  13. I would like to join. In addition to No one's questions, will increases from the MD shop be allowed?
  14. Phantom Orchid, we already had the intention of archiving such knowledge. We are still in the process of reorganising the alliance. Most members are under demanding schedules in RL and we lost some key members of the alliance. Give us some time to get things running again Grido, I think the element sections you are refering to are part of the quest Yrthilian is working on.
  15. It is a good idea but there are inaccuracies in what you have written. As for learning how MD works, there is a basic "How to play MD" given in the tutorial, but the finesses of the game are meant to be discovered on your own. Yes, there are many ways to do this, you can ask around and get help. But the point is that if you want to find something, you must get a shovel dig for it, not have it given to you on a platter from the forum.
  16. PHP has a mail to function which can do this. It can easily take whatever is in the message (or multiple messages) and email it to you. I have never seen PM's getting lost. Instead, both the default window and the cloud display only the last 80 messages. I'm guessing the SELECT has a limit of 80, this could be solved by paginating.
  17. I think the stat modifiers are a great idea. The reason for the imballance is that the increases are not proportional. Giving a static increase to the stat causes this imballance, for example if 2 students have a test and frist student scores 100% while the other scores 50%, and the teacher decides to give and increase onto the mark by 20, first student gets 120% and second has 70% but the proportional increase for student 2 was higher and he benefited more. I would like a proportional stat modifier but rather than implementing new modifiers for the creatures, just use the given stats as
  18. Czez, I see the usefulness in anonymity when gifting an item and I feel the mail system can accommodate the notification as it is. If the mail were to be sent from your account but with a different name or perhaps a category added, you could see it in the outgoing messages and surpress it, thus preventing the receiver from seeing who sent it. The idea for transfering many items at a time has already been brought up, it did not occur to me that I needed to include it in my suggestion. Certainly, with mass transfer of coins getting flooded by mails would be a problem, so I would hope the ma
  19. You are of course entitled to your opinion. I would like to know exactly what powers were removed. I know there was the teleportation to Golemus, which as king (regardless of being and RPC or not) it is understandable for Yrhilian to be able to revoke, but were there other powers taken away?
  20. [quote name='Pipstickz' date='01 October 2009 - 05:29 AM' timestamp='1254367787' post='43326'] Oh, and Rendril again: It wasn't entirely RP, as Yrth took some of Grido's spells. Then there's also Khal the White, which COULD be an RP thing, but then he does control the actual account, as far as I know. [/quote] He, as king, stripped his subject of his powers and exiled him. How is this not RP? I agree, the manipulation of the account is stretching it, but it is being used as a method to resolve an in-game issue, in and in-game fashion.
  21. [quote name='Pipstickz' date='01 October 2009 - 05:17 AM' timestamp='1254367042' post='43318'] Because it brings people like you who bring up definitions of the word, which is not what this is about. This isn't your English king, this is MD. And to Renril: Lots of things are based on public opinion in MD. Lifeline's banned accounts (In my opinion, a slightly less blown-up, but bigger issue than this) were decided by vote, new features are decided by vote...Mur wants his players happy and entertained xD [/quote] The events differ greatly. Grido's exile was an RP and in-game matter, Lifel
  22. [quote name='Grido' date='01 October 2009 - 03:09 AM' timestamp='1254359383' post='43289'] I'm just asking, specifically to the bold bits, but you know, any bit, which bit describes the situation yrth is in? There is a large proportion of "his" people objecting to his rule, [s][b]ruling is cemented[/b][/s][b], [/b][s][b]stable[/b][/s], and there are complaints about his abilitie to rule as well, bad decisions etc. [s][b]undeniable ability of the King to rule[/b][/s] So...yeah, how is he a king again?[b] [/b] [/quote] It appears to me that this is an in-game issue which you are trying to s
  23. I noticed that the game doesn't notify you when you receive an item, or who it was from. I think it would be useful to have a log of sorts, which displayed items your character has given or received, perhaps something akin to the public log, which could even act as a history of the player. However, this would require substantial coding and would ask for an entire new section devoted for it. I suggest using a system already in place, the mailing system (I think this is already used for alliance invitations) Have a message sent to the receiver saying "You received <item name> from &l
  24. Try reading how to play it...
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