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  1. Yes, in fact it has been the site of many chases during HC.
  2. The same applies to many of my scripts, and clickables like the book of ancients, oak stories, hanging of mur etc. Having the option of making a clickable permanent would defeat the purpose of the auto-hide, who can justify their script being permanant without it having to be judged by Mur? I would rather have it auto-hide if the script's last use was 14 days ago, which in effect means nobody accessed in that time, of course "last use" needs to be more than merely viewing the clickable. I think allowing a cron to be implemented for each script would cause too much of a load
  3. How is this different to a normal auction? Those that can put forward the most money will of course win in the auction. It is not a flaw of the auction that you cannot afford bidding. I think it is a great initiative and should be savoured. That which possibly makes it seem unfair is the high prices the opening bids started at, this was of course a strategic move to eliminate opposition early on, but I feel it was too early too quickly. The minimum starting bid is 1 silver, I would have liked to see it start from that. I know this was a trial run, but I feel 3 items is too little, and the
  4. Rather than returning the image path, it could return the unique hash for the image and the coder can append it to make an image path. I think this would make the function more versatile. Script execution time is limited to 5 seconds (and memory use is limited too), even a badly coded script will not be able to run indefinitely. Perhaps limit the number of creature icons a script can gather in one session, like with avatars. 20 should be sufficient (1kb ?), pagination can be used when the coder needs more. If the concern is the memory waste from a bad script, consider the additional load
  5. [b]null[/b] mds_creature_icon(int|string $id, string $attributes); Will echo an image icon of the creature matching the ID if it is valid otherwise it will give a missing creature message. The image is echoed directly by the function, there is only a null value returned. Since it is a direct echo rather than a string, your HTML code will need ot be wraped around it. The paramter sent is the creature ID, not the CTC. It can be found under the creature in the creature menu. Example: HTML[code] <form method="post" action=""> Enter CTC to see the creature's day of birth<br /
  6. [quote name='phantasm' date='05 January 2010 - 08:07 PM' timestamp='1262714844' post='51917'] the only song types you can put into a embed file are mp3 files only [/quote] It depends on the browser and plugin support. I think midi, wav and mp3 are the default supported are.
  7. You are trying to play a YouTube (flv file), this is why I asked what type of file it was. YouTube has a small protection on their .flv's, so you need to add some more parameters. Change the width and height if you want the player to visible. [code] <embed width="0" height="0" allowscriptaccess="always" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://www.youtube.com/v/UH4HDn4v24I&amp;feature=player_embedded&amp;fs=1&amp;autoplay=1"></embed> [/code] On a side note, YouTube provides the code in the "Embed" box to the right of the video, I haven't tested it but
  8. Remember that the calendar shows a day at a time. I thnk it could have 3-5 events without looking cluttered. There would have to be 1500+ events just to get there.
  9. I woudl like to see MD-related dates in the calendar. Even if a land changes 10 kings in the next week, why not remmeber them? A simple noting of the event could be placed in the calendar, while full-length description would be located elsewhere, MD-archives, forum, clickables etc. Not every event needs to be noted, as Chewett said the problem lies in which events are to be selected. I think a public vote, or paying a wishpoint to add to the calendar would be suitable.
  10. What is the file type that you want to play? The below code should work for most, replace SONG_URL with your file's path, it should work in most browsers. [code]<embed src="SONG_URL.mp3" hidden="true" /> <noembed><bgsound src="SONG_URL.mp3" /></noembed>[/code]
  11. If the account was created long ago, it might have been deleted. Accounts inactive for more than 6 months were removed around last year July.
  12. It's inconsistent, but it should actually be ["tradevalue"], so ["tradev" . "alue"] ought to work. Age and tradevalue are the only fields that are of type float (numbers with decimals), since the age displays correctly, it is not a type conversion error. My guess is that the trade value for creatures traded prior to the trade value implementation, will be 0, perhaps until traded. Are you trying it with an old creature that was traded? If so, try it with a new creature that gets traded and see if the same thing happens.
  13. There is a lot of potential for abuse with this, I will not disclose it here lest it becomes widespread.
  14. There was an increase to the score required for stage 2 to start, the duration of the stage was increased as well (to 48 hours)
  15. It's due to the way the indexes are named. MD script turns all your text to lowercase, so when you have ["battlesWon"], the script reads ["battleswon"] (lower case) To solve this use any method of your choosing to uppercase the letter. You will find that indexes which didn't work were the ones with uppercase letters. The lowercasing is a hassle, but was added for security. It will possibly be remvoed in future. Edit: [quote name='Burns' date='01 January 2010 - 12:29 PM' timestamp='1262341765' post='51581'] okay, solved that so far... but tradevalue, even written as 'trade'.[b]strtolowe
  16. Mur was informed of this quite a while ago. It should only be a small check to add.
  17. I'm in favour of all over Cutler's suggestions. [quote name='cutler121'] 2) Keep track of quest progress by having MDscript send a PM when a quest leg is completed. [/quote] A mail() function would be great, perhaps limit it so that it can only mail the scripter, rather than giving the ability to mail anyone. [quote name='cutler121'] 3) Give and take items from within MDscript (mainly I am thinking about silver coins) to help implement a more robust MD economy. (But WP and other items would be nice as well) [/quote] I brought this up a while ago for both
  18. If we at least have a list here, we can use it if needed for future reference
  19. I saw it discussed in chat but the way I understood it was that he was fixing the bug (and determining its origin)
  20. The same happened to me. I wasn't aware that he asked us to PM him. I was not able to find the topic, could you link to it?
  21. Viewer has been updated to work with the new combat log system. Option to delete battles was added. Moderator/admin levels added as well (they will be more apparent in the next update) Some minor changes were made to the appearance. The battle viewer is still located on the signpost in the Marble Dale Park. Number of publishable battles is currently limited to 1, it will be changed in the next update.
  22. [quote name='blackriderrom' date='29 December 2009 - 08:06 PM' timestamp='1262109981' post='51357'] Would seem rather tedious to do (unless you keep them constantly plugged in) [/quote] Keep it plugged in for the duration of your stay at the university/work computer. The computers where I am clear their hardrives on each reset. It is more tedious to re-install a browser every reboot, rather than plug in a memory stick for me.
  23. If you have a memory stick/portable harddrive, install FF/Opera onto it and run the browser directly from there. I find it helps with caching too.
  24. Try to have Seamonkey identify itself as FireFox or some other compatible browser, if it can. Depending on whether Seamonkey can run the flash/javascript correctly, you might want to simply download another browser.
  25. We have the tools available to make a post office. MD script makes this an idea which can be realised without any intervention needed from Mur. @Grido: the Postman isn't around at all times, he has to deliver more than just mail
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