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  1. I didn't even notice the ad at the top until I voted. They don't bother me at all but Like Shadowseeker said, I find their content odd at times.
  2. Scripts now require a location to be specified that they can be run from. Syntax is:[code] (locations coords)[/code] Where coords would be the user location, for example: [code](locations 1_0x0_1)[/code] This would limit the script to only being run fom the Gazebo of Equilibrium. Please note that string quotes are not used for the coords, that is, no " or '. Additional locations can be allowed to access a by seperating them with a comma, no spaces in between. For example: [code](locations 1_0x0_1,1_1x1_1,0_0x0_0)[/code] A maximum of 12 locations are allowed to be given access to
  3. [b]uv('location')[/b] has been added. Returns a string representing the current location of the player accessing the script.
  4. [quote name='Kamisha'] Um... this has happened before and nobody invited the guest of honor. Needless to say it was rather dead. [/quote] [quote name='Handy Pockets' date='29 March 2010 - 05:16 AM' timestamp='1269832568' post='57109'] ... Awiiya's Retirement Party Great Hall of the Sun [b]Friday[/b] Day [b]92[/b], Year 5 ... [/quote] Today is Moday, day 87 I think it is safe to say the guest of honor is invited.
  5. Signup for bigpoint is here: http://devlounge.bigpoint.com/signup/ Not sure about mmohut, perhaps it is done through the forum? http://mmohut.com/forums/shameless-promotion/ I looks like some of them went out of their way to not get signups
  6. It's due to the update from last night, MD was upgraded to the newest php which removed some functions, most noteably: the one that parses mds Fortuantely, it seems existing scripts run fine with the issue is only on editing. [quote name='cutler121' date='28 March 2010 - 06:29 PM' timestamp='1269793796' post='57051'] Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.rpcqdocwrite.php on line 19 it looks like magicdue is spelled incorrectly above which might have happened when Mur had the server problems earlier today. [/quote] It is usual for a
  7. You can write it down for your own use but posting it here would be a spoiler. Remember that just having it in the open for others to see would be handing it out on a platter for no work. Of course, it is information, you could try trade it or make a quest for them to learn it from you for example
  8. A site that lists MD but which is not in the MD advert links http://www.topbrowsergames.net/ MD is 18th place on it, with a total vote of 1 Some other sites not listing MD http://www.freebrowsergamer.com/ [s]http://mmohut.com[/s] Atrumist already mentioned this one http://mmorpgspider.com http://www.playbbg.com/ http://www.browsergameslist.com/ This is a site not dedicated to browser games in particular, but it is massive enough to warrant MD being on it (millions of users) http://us.bigpoint.com
  9. Post #5, have fun next poster.
  10. It could be a caching issue, have you tried clearing it?
  11. You will notice that the lettering on the shelves does not cover the entire alphabet. If there is a movement for a solution to counter this, I will make the changes. Some ideas so far are: -Put the letters in accordint to the current shelf layout and fill out the rest of the letters randomly, labelling them in the clickable heaading. -Divide the alphabet into 5 blocks, 1 for each shelf, with the letters following alphabetic order, and assigning them in that order to the shelf, either clockwise or counter clockwise. -Assign letters completely randomly, or even generate the shelves randoml
  12. [quote name='Aeoshattr' date='08 February 2010 - 08:45 AM' timestamp='1265611550' post='54057'] And what about resources, the items needed for crafting? don't you have to 'browse' for those? [/quote] As I said, post on the forum, ask around, put up fliers, search items pages. The owners list is hardly the only method avaiable for finding items, it is handy though, but due to extortionate prices, it might as well not be there since nothing gets sold as a result. I can add an mdscript to some clickables that serves the fucntion of an advertising board if someone wants it.
  13. Try different browsers, or a differnt version of the one you currently have. Did you recenetly install any new software (perhaps new flash plugin or anti-virus?) try remove it and see if it changes anything. Clear your cache/history (the cache uis sometiems kept even after a re-install)
  14. This still leaves the same problem, how to reduce a tax on less than 10 bronze.
  15. As Rhaegar said, it was just a random idea, but I'll humour you [quote name='Chewett' date='07 February 2010 - 11:56 PM' timestamp='1265579775' post='54015'] So how do you tax trades? unless you revamp the system, how would you make people pay these taxes? unless you work it from every X coins traded you have to pay some, it wont work since how does the system know every time you "trade"? [/quote] 2 ways: Either each transfer of silver has the tax percentage withdrawn, therefore the receiver gains a perentage less (as with age on creatures) Or you pay VAT (value added tax), in othe
  16. At the risk of going off-topic, what if there was a tax on silver transfer? Lets say 10% gets given to a charity/random newbie/treasury/worthy cause.
  17. There is no list of "creature owners", yet there are many ways to find the creatures you seek. I believe a near-complete catalogue of what items exist (and for some of them, the owners will still be the same) could be assembled from the lists we made for Udgard's quest (if he hasn't already done so) so a rough idea could be given of what items are avaiable. Not to mention, a player's items are visible when viewing their arena/doc page, this in fact means they can't lie about having an item. The forum has a market section for a reason, one could easily post that they are looking for a certa
  18. Grido, you're on the right track. You are only missing the persistent storage. Indiscriminantly count visitors: [code]//get vistor count from storage retrieve(@vv); //check to see if the counter has previously been set if(isset(@vv) && (@vv > 0)){ //increase counter by 1 ++@vv ; }else{ //initiliaze counter (initialize to 0 if you don't want to count your first view of the clickable) @vv = 1; } //save the counter to storage @store(@vv); //output the information you want echo "There have been " . @vv . " visitors here";[/code] Here's an example of
  19. Let me see if I understand this. You are hoarding the items, so that they do not get hoarded? Regardless of whether you actaully believe this logic, you keep directing what is complaint of [i]general[/i] item hoarding to your [i]specific[/i] case. I am most certain that this reasoning does not apply to the other hoarders.
  20. Row 0 column 0 (or row 1 column 1, depending where you start counting)
  21. See if another browser has the problem as well. In the extreme case of this persisting, you could block the image.
  22. I was under the impression that unless specific to the thread/section, the forum is not for roleplay.
  23. Unholy pope has been sold (well, more like given away ) Offers have been updated.
  24. Master of Puppets(Joker) age 320 - current bid: 7 silver Pimped Grasan age 35 - current bid: 4 silver Pimped Grasan age 35 - current bid: 5 silver [s]Unholy Pope age 203[/s] sold Ages as of Year 5, Day 28 Highest acceptable offers get the trade. PM/post your offers.
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