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  1. Known issue, it will be fixed.
  2. Yes it is possible for your research to be added as a new clue.
  3. [quote name='Mighty Pirate' timestamp='1318066829' post='93540']I got "Work in progress" when I unlocked a second level clue.[/quote] That would be because work was in progress. [quote name='DarkPriestess' timestamp='1318298386' post='93831']Same here. Will those that are still in progress and be obtained be automatically added in our library once they are submitted? Or we will have to spend another research clue to get it again?[/quote] Are you saying the clues were not added to your library?
  4. The issue with unlocking the second research depth has been fixed.
  5. You are not submitting an essay, writing 1k characters for a submission should hint to you that you have gone beyond the scope of describing the clue. Keep the research in line with the clue you are exploring, having a thesis is not going to nett you additional clues. Get creative if you are desperately in need of more space.
  6. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1317315362' post='92860'] Dst's situation had, and has, nothing to do with Phantom Orchid's. [/quote] What is under question is not the alleged crimes but your handling of them.
  7. There is specifically no gender selection when you sign up. In the context of the game 'him' can refer to both male and female.
  8. Research level 2 achievements have be released today. As it stands each level has its own achievement(s) to unlock it.
  9. In light of this announcement I too must question your judgment, Grido. By your own account another LHO received a punishment yet said punishment remains undisclosed despite inquiries I did not subpoena the information out of good faith, was this a mistake? I echo Tarquinus' statements.
  10. @Rhaegar Targaryen: The reward for submitting good research is that you can have it unlock a clue (and therefore its associated privileges). [quote name='duxie' timestamp='1317120528' post='92613'] [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]yeah, well... but if you want to get a spelldoc (or other available reward which is considerably worth to the person), you will [u]need[/u] to use the 1/10 of WP just for that, and it will already make the "thinking" thingie worthless as you will get the clue too...[/font][/size] [/quote] No, both ways lead to the clue contents being unlocked.(such as sp
  11. Accessing the index of an array does not reserve memory for it, however, it is good practice to perform a check that it exists anyway. Something like this: [code] if(isset(@storage['some_key'] )) { @va = @storage['some_key']; } [/code] Note: you can do the check without isset() but it will throw a notice level warning, in the case of MD script it doesn't matter though because it gets squelched.
  12. It's strange that Safari let you install the toolbar at all. The toolbar is only supposed to run on IE, FF and Chrome. I assume you mean that you have triued reinstalling Safari? Perhaps disable the toolbar (not uninstall) If reinstalling the browser and uninstalling/disabling the toolbar didn't solve the issue, the problem is probably not from the toolbar.
  13. Have you opened a case or contacted the council about it? It seems that neither dst nor Vicarious can take a joke.
  14. Is the memory being exceeded just by loading the variable? If not, write a small segmented output to retrieve the data.
  15. Default has been set to emailing when not online.
  16. Both levels share the same targets and abilities. What is there to be forgotten?
  17. It's not a bug, your account has had 2 [b]active[/b] days but is only 1 day old.
  18. Wishpoints represent wishes. In theory you could get any kind of wish granted for it if you go about it the right way, in practice they will be used in the wish shop and when making items.
  19. What is the message it gives?
  20. They are under no obligation to post their submissions, it's entirely voluntary on their part. Might be suspicious, perhaps, but it takes more than a suspicion for a ruling to be made.
  21. Tests show the correct rituals being used. Are you sure your defense rituals have not been defeated or that there is not some spell cast?
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