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  1. There may have been a caching issue as well that has been fixed.
  2. Creatures don't randomly vanish. A good control test would be to check what Chewett said.
  3. Added a research point counter to the sidebar.
  4. Aware of this. It will get fixed.
  5. It is better not to scale them. The images would have to be made smaller than 45px anyway.
  6. Max width is 600px. 13 creature slots would need at least 975px, that's without any padding and no other elements.
  7. The biggest deterrent is how would you fit 13x13 creature blocks on the page?
  8. Added field for whether it is scriptable. Unsure about showing how many uses are left, seems abuseable.
  9. Everything in MD is connected. You will find that everything counts. How do you propose the MDShop gets changed?
  10. Skill bonuses in combat have gone awry, they need to be redesigned but there are other elements of combat that need attention. This is my interpretation of how combat was envisioned: Battles are fought with heat. Principles define the rules of combat. Creatures are the conduits for a player's will and experiences in battle. With those core elements one can see where combat may be lacking. These are some aspect of the game that may yet - and I feel should - be included in combat: -Group/team combat - more than 2 players taking part in a battle (perhaps someone can find Mur's post abou
  11. Thanks for pointing this out. They are now ordered by last edited date and you can also see when the last edit was.
  12. Loyalty return from the spell has been fixed.
  13. Message deletion was unrelated to the recent database change. Are you getting any errors?
  14. Ask yourself: why is it that the leader of an alliance is determined based on loyalty instead of being an elected representative? Answer that and and I believe you will understand why the leader has "buttons". How then can an alliance be destroyed? Well...can it, really?
  15. When you become an illusion you become someone else. When you turn back, the memories of who you were will be used to put you back (like your alliance). Some of the ordeals you take as an illusion are remembered and they leave scars on your original self. It is possible to mimic your previous self in an illusion, like being in the same alliance. When you get kicked it is not your actual self that gets kicked. As for this particular case the issue I see is the amount of time being spent as an illusion, those actions can catch up to you.
  16. Not a bug, it's working as intended. You need to shuffle the avatars to see more from the gallery.
  17. Still being updated. Should be resolved soon.
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