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  1. When your watch is set to MD time but you don't live in Romania.
  2. The uses are limited only by the imagination. Does a sword maker not used water to cool the heated blade? Wouldn't gardeners water the plants in their care? At the very least, you can drink it
  3. Rendril


    [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='11 June 2010 - 07:36 AM' timestamp='1276234587' post='61621'] Well, he should be able to do it..but the admin panel is broken. At least for me, and one other translator I asked, rendril. Any comments? [/quote] It's back up again, yours should be working too.
  4. Srbija igra u mom gradu, stadijum je 4km od kuce =D

  5. The same applies to many of my scripts, and clickables like the book of ancients, oak stories, hanging of mur etc. Having the option of making a clickable permanent would defeat the purpose of the auto-hide, who can justify their script being permanant without it having to be judged by Mur? I would rather have it auto-hide if the script's last use was 14 days ago, which in effect means nobody accessed in that time, of course "last use" needs to be more than merely viewing the clickable. I think allowing a cron to be implemented for each script would cause too much of a load
  6. I'm in favour of all over Cutler's suggestions. [quote name='cutler121'] 2) Keep track of quest progress by having MDscript send a PM when a quest leg is completed. [/quote] A mail() function would be great, perhaps limit it so that it can only mail the scripter, rather than giving the ability to mail anyone. [quote name='cutler121'] 3) Give and take items from within MDscript (mainly I am thinking about silver coins) to help implement a more robust MD economy. (But WP and other items would be nice as well) [/quote] I brought this up a while ago for both
  7. WP's can already be farmed by alts because of the broken pattern gazebo reward, but since they can't be transfered it is limited effect. 1 per year is sufficient, it would take extreme tenacity just to bring an alt to a year of age only to try get a WP on it. It is great it alts can be prevented from it, but there are some alts with roles and purpose that are going on 2 years already, and they deserve the WP as much as the main account.
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    Ren's Den

    The land of South Africa
  9. From the album: Ren's Den

    © © MagicDuel.com

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    From the album: Ren's Den

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    From the album: Ren's Den

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    From the album: Ren's Den

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    From the album: Ren's Den

  14. From the album: Ren's Den

    © © MagicDuel.com

  15. Glad I am not a giant walrus that just turned itself inside out

    1. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Did you know that walruses are the only other creature, besides humans, that masturbate?

      *is full of useless facts*

    2. The Great Pashweetie

      The Great Pashweetie

      wow... TMI

      *Is completely scared*

    3. Elthen Airis

      Elthen Airis

      Monkeys do too. lol.

  16. [quote name='No one' date='29 October 2009 - 01:51 PM' timestamp='1256817117' post='46046'] Can you explain a bit the difference between the 2 and how to set them (if there is a difference).[/quote] The types are specified like this: [access level for objects][access level for users] So toau = this object all users and aoau = all objects all users. I could be mistaken but this is how I understand their uses. toau will allow the storage to only be accessed from the object it was created on but will have the data available to all users that access it. aoau allows all objects to to shar
  17. @Mur: An alt check would be very useful but I think too invasive of a player's privacy. Not to mention it cannot guarentee accuracy. It would be too easy for the editor to make a script which stores a list of all participants and their alts. However, some might what to have a way of limiting alt use, how about a simple is_alt() fucntion (no parameters) it could still be used to compile a list but you won't know who the alt belongs to. If a mistake is made about a player being an alt, they can contact the editor and have an exception made for that particular ID? @Grido: You could use the s
  18. Mur, I'm not sure what happened to the braces *cough*ide-messes-up-my-braces*cough* I agree with this completely, always put the braces in your code blocks. You will appreciate it in the long run I'll add them in a few minutes. Also I will fix the storage use when the functions are updated. Kafuuka, you raise a very important point. The cleanup is sorely lacking for both keys and storage. Yes, the empty storage removes itself but things like "tests" with data in them stay behind, I think a storage list which shows the names of your storages would be useful (even if you just get them i
  19. Here is some sample code. Remember to remove the comments (some have script restricted words) This code will allow the user the recieve the "Noon Key" only at midday. [code] @vz = "rendrilrevant-";//the key prefix to use if(mds_has_rpcq_keys(@vz. "noon-key")){//check if the player is carrying the key already echo "The Sun smiles upon you, you are carrying the Noon Key"; } else { //check that the current time is between 11:30 and 12:30 if(time() > mktime(11, 30, 0, date("m") , date("j"), date("Y")) && time() < mktime(12, 30, 0, date("m") , date("j"), date("Y"))
  20. A random function is already available Limitation on the number of keys an item provides can be done within the current framework too, think about the store holding the number of keys, or which keys are allowed. When a key is given it would remove it from the store for example.
  21. [quote name='dst' date='26 October 2009 - 04:39 PM' timestamp='1256567982' post='45779'] Damn! Now I have to remember (or learn) how to code again (not only basic like if do..) ( [/quote] The more you know how to code, the quicker you will pick up on how to use the MD script I think the documentation will be easy for beginners to follow and the sample code will be available for reference.
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